10 Singers who support animal rights extremists

Last week I put together our wedding reception playlist.

The D.J. requested that I include a “Do Not Play” list of the artists that Aaron and I wouldn’t want to hear on our big day.

Both Aaron and I make our living  producing safe and wholesome meat products, whether that’s on my family farm or in Aaron’s family restaurant.

Our wedding reception playlist is no place for artists who oppose family businesses like ours by working with animal rights extremist groups!

These artists are on our “Do Not Play” list because they support organizations that are trying to put family farmers like us out of business.

Carrie Underwood

Carrie is a huge supporter of the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), a lobbying organization that tricks animal lovers into donating money they think will help animal shelters when in fact, HSUS does not operate a single shelter!

Carrie has made personal donations as well as releasing songs with proceeds going to HSUS.

Kellie Pickler

Pickler is an example of the power of propaganda videos from extremist groups like People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). She told People Magazine that she decided to become a vegetarian after “googling” information about how animals are treated on farms.

Its a shame that Pickler would do something as drastic as becoming vegetarian without getting the truth from a farmer!

Shania Twain

Though Shania Twain has fallen from the limelight in recent years, she was PETA’s first “Sexiest Vegetarian Alive.” Even though her love songs were very popular when we were kids, you won’t hear a single one at our wedding reception!

Emmylou Harris

This vegetarian country legend has been a long time supporter of PETA’s spay and neuter campaigns. PETA famously quotes Harris as saying, “I’m a proud member of some great organizations. One is the Grand Ole Opry—another is PETA.”

Emmylou sure knows how to make this Kentucky farm girl blue. Its a shame to see a country legend support an organization that opposes country music’s agricultural heritage.

Colbie Caillat

Caillat is a supporter of Farm Santuary, an animal rights extremist group that works to eliminate family farms and put farm animals in “sanctuaries.” The singer actively helped both Farm Sanctuary and HSUS on a ballot initiative in Ohio (a state that she does not reside in) that would have allowed these extremist groups to have a say in how farm animals are treated.

Justin Bieber

Bieber recently recorded a public service announcement for PETA promoting adoption of shelter pets.

Bieber’s work with PETA is shocking since he has often remained neutral when it comes to current issues. Its even more concerning to think that there are thousands of teenage girls struck with “Bieber Fever” who could be influenced by his association with this extremist group.

Leona Lewis

The British singer has long been a vegetarian but in 2009 became a vegan and has her own vegan clothing line. She’s an active PETA supporter and is outspoken about her dislike of modern farming practices both in her native country and in the U.S.

P!NK (Alecia Moore)

Known by her stage name P!NK, Alecia Moore has a reputation for being outspoken. Its no surprise that she works with PETA regularly in their outlandish protests. Most notably, P!NK has helped with PETA’s campaigns against hunting, fur wearing and circuses.

Ruben Studdard

What is it about American Idols? Ruben credits his over 100 pound weight loss to adopting a vegetarian diet and exercising. Unfortunately, no one explained to Ruben that he could have kept enjoying lean and healthy meats while exercising and lost just as much weight!

Sean Kingston

Rapper Sean Kingston and his dog star in a PETA public service announcement opposing the use of dog chains.

A little online searching yielded mixed reviews on Kingston’s diet choices but even if he’s a loyal meat eater he’s lending his talents to an organization that advocates against every form of livestock production.

How many of these artists are on your iPod?

How many of their albums have you bought for your kids?

How many times have you given your hard earned money to these celebrities who lend their talents to the organizations trying to put family farms out of business?

Does it make any difference to Carrie Underwood that she’s not on my wedding playlist? Of course not.

But whenever someone suggests that we play her recent hit “Momma’s Song” at the reception I have the chance to explain to them why I would never consider it!

I get to use something as simple as my wedding playlist to teach people the truth about animal rights extremist groups.

Finding an unexpected opportunity to advocate for family farmers, now that makes a difference!


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  1. Great List! Celeste you continue to impress me on how you are able to incorporate your wedding plans into advocating for the industry. Keep up the good work :)

  2. I had no idea that Colbie Calliat and Shania Twain were extremist fans – great post and good luck with your wedding planning! Don’t sweat the small stuff!

  3. Great info! I didn’t know any of this! Thanks for workin’ hard to advocate for agriculture! :)

  4. Thanks for the heads up Ray!
    I did a little searching and found what you were talking about. Its called Tickets-for-Charity and artists or can release tickets to be purchased through the site with a portion of those sales going to charity. When you buy tickets you can pick which charity you want your donation to go to, however, Katy Perry’s tour lists HSUS as a “Featured Charity.”

  5. Thanks for the list and interesting info! I was aware of most of them but learn some new bits too. Kelly Pickler commented on a tweet of mine, about a year ago. She stated the reason she didn’t eat meat was b/c it was ‘rotten fresh’. I quickly informed her that the beef and pork we produce is safe and healthy. I plan to never support her by listen to anything of hers!

  6. This doesn’t surprise me. I’m sure there are many, many more
    ‘celebrity’ types that can be added to the list. I will continue to write for farmers who toil to put food on our tables and I will continue to promote agriculture and livestock producers who feed the world – and I will enjoy a prime rib from our home-raised steers, my absolute favorite.

  7. And, oh yes, I will continue to sing about the hard working cowboys who tend those cattle that help feed the world.

  8. Darryl Worley can appear in your list of songs, as well as the late Chris LeDoux (suggest “Look At You Girl”!). Don’t overlook the Zac Brown Band for the reception, Montgomery Gentry and Reba – none will likely be at a PeTA function any time soon!

  9. Great suggestions Jan!
    If I see Reba at a PETA function I’ll have bigger problems because our pigs will have flown away!

  10. It’s nice to know that not ALL country singers are uneducated hillbillies that don’t know how to take care of themselves and their bodies. I didn’t know it was a crime for someone to promote healthy eating, humane treatment of animals and an education that promotes a healthier diet than cholesterol-laden meat and dairy products. I understand the business aspect of your argument considering it’s the industry that (literally and figuratively) puts food on your table, but just because people choose to march to a different beat and live different (and factually healthier) lives doesn’t mean they’re bad people. Good for them for not rotting their bodies with pig corpse. YEEHAW.

  11. This was linked by a fb friend of mine and dear god am I glad that I’m not one of your wedding guests if you plan to spend the reception explaining your political views. You’re upset that Ruben Studdard simply said he had success losing weight on a vegetarian diet? Really? I read his interview and nowhere in it did he say “Everyone should go vegetarian! Meat is murder!” or even really DISCUSS meat. All he said was that it worked for him and there are a surprising amount of vegetarian options, which there are. Being a vegetarian or opposing fur (and so on) doesn’t automatically mean that someone is opposed to you making a living.

  12. And what in the world is wrong with encouraging people to adopt pets? Are you against people who advocate adopting children, too?

  13. Mandy- First of all, I think we disagree on what constitutes as healthy eating. My dietician says that meat is the most efficient source of protein, zinc, iron and B vitamins for the body. That being said, there are people who eat too much meat and that can be detrimental to their health. At the same time, not eating enough meat is also be unhealthy. (Here’s some additional info for you on the nutritional value of meat in your diet.)

    Secondly, I am opposed to what PETA, HSUS and Farm Sanctuary stand for as a whole. While they do advocate for adopting pets, they also work to pass legislation to eliminate meat consumption and put family farmers out of business.

    By working with these organizations, the artists I mentioned above are not just supporting adopting pets but also a world without family farmers to provide us with a safe and affordable food supply.

  14. JAG- I’m not upset that Ruben Studdard had success losing weight.

    I think its a shame that he gave up enjoying lean and healthy meat products along the way.

    The reason I added Ruben Studdard to the list is because he supports PETA. Even if Ruben isn’t personally opposed to family farmers, his support of PETA sends the message that he is.

  15. Thanks for the list! I will share this with my 15 year-old daughter. She is a fan of Pink, but this may change her view!

  16. Thanks for this post. I don’t know of very many who oppose adopting animals, and people can be vegetarians if they want, though so many science-based publications show that lean meat is by far the best-suited complete protein for your body. I think I do get what some have missed here. If these ‘artists’ don’t have better sense than to do whatever they do through PETA, HSUS, and other groups who use things like ‘adoption’ to cover for their anti-meat, anti-agriculture agenda, they are clearly naive, misguided, or worse. I’m all for freedom, and I want mine, but whoever you are, don’t support a group who’s agenda-driven mission is to mislead the public and destroy an industry, based on hype rather than fact.

  17. Celeste, you’ve made several good arguments, and you are defending them well. I think the point that many people, including these famous musicians you’ve mentioned, miss is that the agricultural community supports animal shelters and promotes the proper care and treatment of all animals. I saw an interview that Justin Bieber did recently, and he spoke about his passion for helping animal shelters. Perhaps he just does not understand that while organizations like PETA do support some animal shelters, their main goal is lobby against animal agriculture. Hopefully, with the help of articles like yours, they will learn the truth!

  18. I love Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert, they’ve both got some really good songs and pretty sure they aren’t going to be supporting PETA or HSUS anytime soon. There are some great songs on Miranda’s album Revolution that haven’t been released to radio but are still awesome, just like her. :)

  19. Celeste, thank you for taking the time to research what music artist’s are supporters of ( Radical Groups) such as HSUS and PETA. I would also like to say that Iam proud of the fact that I can call you my friend and how EXCELLENT a job you do with your website on informing not only the Producers in Agriculture but also the Consumer. Keep up the great work!! To the few people who have been offended by what Celeste has done with this ( Anti Farm Music Playlist) Eating meat is healthy, there is no better source of protien and ammino acids than in wholesome meat products. I do agree with Celeste that meat in large quanties isn’t the best for your health.. but this goes along with anything( Moderation is the key) and in todays society that seems to be hard to do when everyone is about large and fast portions of everything. If you happen to not eat meat that is fine with me at least you support vegetable production, this is your choice and is what makes America GREAT!! It is groups such as HSUS that try to destroy animal agriculture and if you research more you will find that they are againist owning pets as well. Im a third generation farmer/ cattle breeder on my faimlies land and if you don’t count the property we own now, Iam steeped in hundreds of years of Agriculturalists and Im not letting any group be it HSUS or PETA run down my faimlies operation or any other for that matter. So if you do have a problem with eating meat , so be it, its your choice and thats fine. If you realy want to save multiple lives though, eat meat and build up the iron in your blood and go donate to the Red Cross.

  20. There’s actually no need for meat in your diet, and there are far healthier places to get protein that don’t involve cholesterol and saturated fat. I don’t support PETA either but I’m also not going to try and convince myself that eating fatty flesh is healthy. It’s just not, and any doctor that believes meat is an essential part of your diet, even in moderation, is not a doctor I would ever want to see. Not only do people lose weight when they stop eating meat, but their cholesterol levels drop to healthy numbers, their blood pressure regulates itself to healthier levels, their bodily functions are typically more regular, they have more energy, and they feel better and provide their bodies with nutrition that used to pass right through when they were too busy digesting a burger and all the calories and unhealthy fats in it. Everyone says to eat meat in moderation; I don’t hear many people telling me to eat broccoli, carrots, strawberries, blueberries, or other natural foods in moderation. If anything, I’m told to eat more of these to prevent certain cancers and illnesses. But meat, candy, processed foods, and everything else you should give up to PREVENT cancer, heart disease, or any of the other illnesses taking over the US? Yep, gotta moderate.

  21. Hopefully this does not draw ire from any side here, but I am wondering if anyone is willing to ask Justin Beiber whether or not he realizes what he has done. I honestly cannot imagine that he understood what PETA represents! I could be wrong here, but I am just wondering about that aspect of it. He’s pretty young and may not know. We don’t own any of his CDs or anything.. just thought I’d put that out there.


  22. Justin Blieber ought to spend a day at PeTA’s shelter and watch them euthanize over 90% of the animals they take in rather than adopt them. Of course, he might not see that because they often euthanize them in the van after they pick them up, dump them in the nearest dumptster they can find.

  23. Mandy, in agriculture we are faced with the incredible task of supplying the entire world with a bounty of food. The hardworking farmers in America and throughout the world work so that consumers like yourself can have a cornucopia of food choices. I think you raise some valid points but encourage you to redefine what you call “natural food”. You suggest that the only natural foods are strawberries, carrots and other fruit and veg. I have a sneaking suspicion if you spent time exploring and researching your food that you would realize that nearly every food item that you eat today is quite dissimilar to its genetic “cousins” of yesteryear and has had thousands of years to morph into the shape, color and flavor that it is today, thus dispelling your notion of “natural”. Really, what is natural? Is natural organic? (I caution against this too; I’ll take my synthetic pesticides any day because I trust our USDA to test and regulate the crop protection tools that are marketed in America.)
    Further, including meat/animal based protein is natural. I had the pleasure of spending sometime in the Australian outback “hunting and gathering” my own food and was mesmerized by the incredibly nutrient and protein-rich witchetty grub that turns the completely undigestible fiber of trees into an absolute diet gem! I have a feeling it hasn’t changed an awful lot over the last 40,000 years, but that’s just a hunch.

    Another point of interest, do you take a multi-vitamin? Doctors will recommend that those on a vegetarian diet, in particular, take a multi-vitamin.

    One further morsel, when I contracted malaria in Africa my doctor encouraged me to eat as much red meat as possible to help build red blood cells. It took my vegetarian friends nearly 3 times as long to rebound from their bouts with the blood parasite… I will take my chances with my flesh-tearing cuspids.

    Everything in moderation, even moderation….

  24. I know that there are other “natural” food sources other than what I mentioned, but I really just believe it’s much healthier to eat fruits, vegetables and whole grains as opposed to meat or dairy. I don’t believe it is an overall healthier choice than those foods, and I’d like people to recognize or acknowledge that whether they eat meat or not. At least know that it’s not “necessary” like we’re conditioned to believe it is. And yes, I take a daily mutivitamin, calcium and vitamin D. But I never said I was a vegetarian. :) (although I am about 80% vegetarian. I occasionally indulge in meat and still eat dairy).

  25. also I’m not a “PETA supporter,” I loathe the organization, so let’s not label me as one of those on the Twitters. I don’t choose to go mostly vegetarian because of animal rights (although you can’t deny that not murdering animals is a bad thing), I do it for the health benefits.

  26. I am not a vegetarian because I am basically lazy. In order to be a healthy vegetarian, you have to pay too much attention to what types of food you are eating in order to make sure that you get the right balance of nutrients in your diet. By eating a diet with meat, dairy, fruits and vegetables, I can have a balanced diet with very little effort on my part. I figure that drinking pop and high sugar drinks, are worse for me than any meat or dairy products that I consume.

  27. Look. I am 16 years old and absolutely love alot of these artists song. I also am herdsman on me and my familys farm and I can send u video after video after video on how good we treat our animals. Thank you to whoever made this list I totally loathe Pink, but I love Carrie Was sad to see her on here. In conclusion PETA and hsus can kiss my you know wut. Thank you again.

  28. Thanks, Celeste, for the info. I probably won’t change the station if some of these people come on the radio, but I won’t be buying anymore of their albums. Too many people are sucked in by the bleeding heart ads that these organizations use and don’t bother to research them to find where the money is actually going. It is a matter of public record that very little is spent by PETA, HSUS, and others like them to actually help animal shelters. I’m all for freedom of choice, but that choice needs to be an educated one based on facts rather than knee jerk reaction to pictures of abused or neglected animals. Another line of research you might be interested in is Authors who support these groups. I know of one for sure whose books I will know longer buy because HSUS is her favorite charity. From one non vegetarian farm girl to another, keep up the good work.

  29. I was so excited to read this. I say good for you for supporti.g the farmers in the world. I will definetly share this info especially with my 4-h club.

  30. Thanks for this list. Being an old 1960s hippie, I don’t listen to most of these performers but I was very sad to learn of Emmy Lou Harris’ support of PETA several years ago. I haven’t purchased any of her music since even though she is very talented. If anyone questions the source of information on PETA’s killing ways – as a registered “shelter” with the Commonwealth of Virginia they are required to report intakes & adoptions every year.

  31. This comment is especially for Mandy, but for anyone else who believes that ‘meat’ is harmful. My father-in-law, who is in his 70’s, came to help us work on our house and was here for about a month straight. We have home raised beef, pork and chicken here. Although my mother-in-law was worried about his diet, we did not change our eating habits because he was here. He had sausage, bacon, eggs and beef on a regular basis. Interesting thing was, that when he returned home, he went for his regular check-up and his cholesterol level was actually lower than it had been when he left.
    I will continue to eat my home-raised meats and eggs. I believe I am just as healthy as anyone who is a vegetarian or vegan, probably healthier.
    I knew Carrie Underwood was a HSUS fan, don’t buy her music, not surprised at Shania, but disappointed with her and Kelly Pickler. I wonder how many of these people are being fed information from their publicist and don’t bother to actually research the organizations that they are backing. Wish we could ask them, but I’m sure they would have some lame excuse. LOL

  32. Celeste

    Excellent post idea and information! I don’t listen to a lot of county music anymore, but anytime I hear the beginnings to Carrie Underwood or see her on TV the channel is quickly changed.

    I think we could come up with a top 10 for movie stars real easy too.

  33. I did not grow up on a ranch and when we moved to take over the running of my husband’s family ranch there was no way I was eating the animals that I saw on a daily basis. For the first year we lived on the ranch very little meat was cooked in our house, much to my husband’s dismay. That has since changed and I fix meat nightly for dinner again. Looking back on that first year I realize that I had little energy, gained weight and did not eat a healthy balanced diet. The inclusion of lean meat in a daily diet allows you to live a healthy life in my opinion. What is important to take away from this discussion is that whether you are a vegan or a carnivore you are supporting agriculture, family farms and ranches. This is what groups like PETA and HSUS are wanting to put an end to. Not sure what they think they are going to eat if there is no one left to grow even vegetables, but that is the problem with many of these groups and their supporters there is no thought process to any of it.

  34. Thank you for this post. It goes to show that in very small ways each day we can help to educate and inform the public about where there food comes from and help them to make informed decisions. HSUS and PETA are very powerful organizations who hide behind their real agenda. I encourage everyone to research who you give you hard earned $$ to. Charities need our support but for the right reasons.

  35. Being 80% vegetarian is like being a little bit pregnant.

    We raise our own beef and eggs. People often ask how we can eat or kill a cow we have fed, cared for etc. Its because I KNOW we have given them the very best care we can and raised them in a low stress environment. When we take them to the processor I know they will be humanely handled. I’m happy to cook what I grow, just like I am to eat the salad I grow. Problem is a lot of people can’t. They must buy food. Beef (and other meats) are a source of complete protein. Not the same as veggies. On one hand we have people crying over hunger and on the other over farms growing food. For all those who rely on the safe, efficient and productive food system to supply meat and veggies at a low cost there is no logic in veganism. For those in 3rd world countried who are starving there is no excuse for organizations like PETA and HSUS who seek to destroy the American food supply affordability. What better way to reach the masses than through the “stars”. The country music audience has typically been unreachable until the more recent group of singers. So they slowly infiltrate and play on the emotions of captive audiences. Even if listeners don’t go vegan they may give money for those political agendas.

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  41. My grandmother lived to be just shy of 99 years old – ate red meat, eggs, dairy products all of her life. We grew up on the milk dipped from the bulk tank. You can incorporate meat into a diet with plenty of veggies and fruits – buy everything from your local farmers and not only save money, but be assured of the quality. When they feed their own families with what they produce, you KNOW it’s good!

    For folks like “Mandy”, equating humane processing of a meat animal with murder is precisely the route PETA and HSUS want Americans to take.

    I am proud to be a farmer’s daughter, a farmer’s wife, and work to promote our way of life and products every chance I get.

  42. Mandy – I was a vegetarian for 6 years and I gained over 60 pounds. My body simply does not process grains very well. Not “everyone” loses weight on a vegetarian diet and a vegetarian diet is not the healthiest diet for “everyone.”

    I have no problem with anyone being vegetarian but I have a big problem with vegetarians who think their way is the only way.

  43. Way to go! Animal rights organizations are jerks for thinking that animals deserve to live until they die on their own. We humans should get to decide when we want them to die for our needs and wants! PETA is an extremist organization that wants to get rid of factory farms! But how else can we make money off of the death of animals? Don’t these silly groups care about real issues, like the survival of our precious industry? They actually think they’re standing up for something worthwhile? Animals are worthless and don’t deserve the right to live. Ask any pet owner. Pet owners who support us would all gladly give up their dogs and cats for us to butcher, since they’ve been shown to have the same levels of intellect, loyalty, and affection as the pigs and chickens we slaughter every day. Shame on anyone who supports any group that wants animals to be allowed to live.

  44. Martin- I’m assuming you’re being sarcastic.
    I, personally, have no moral issue with eating meat. I do believe that farm animals deserve to be properly cared for during their lives and I believe they receive that level of care on my family’s farm. Organizations like PETA, HSUS, Mercy for Animals, etc… are trying to eliminate animal agriculture, meat eating as a whole and put family farmers out of business. They recruit celebrities to support them by disguising themselves as groups who run pet shelters. This post is intended to shed light on the many celebrities who are supporting these groups and therefore supporting an end to family farming and our right to enjoy meat as part of our diet.

  45. Franzi – I’m sorry you feel that way. I was just trying to share my views and feelings on an issue that I find very important.

  46. Celeste, good for you! I watched the Grammies last night and changed the channel when Carrie Underwood got on stage. I will not support her or listen to her either. Keep up the good work on the farm and we will do our part to support and purchase local farm products at our stores.

  47. You’re lucky I’m not the DJ; I am a proud vegan and supporter of PETA as well as Mercy for Animals. To answer the question, none of those artists are on my iPod, but I do have the only thing every farmer fears more than pro-animal rights music; pro-animal rights PUNK music! (Though there are also indie bands) That is what your playlist would be filled with, as you didn’t say anything about those artists, if you had even heard of them! This would be part of your playlist:
    1. Jejune-Coping With Senility
    2. MDC-Chicken Squawk
    3. MC Lars-No Logo (ok, that one isnt pro animal rights, but it does make normal and greedy people angry, because the song is 100% true)
    4. The entire Fugazi discography
    5. NOFX-Franco Un-American
    6. Texas is the Reason-Blue Boy
    7. Fugazi-Life and Limb
    8. Contravene-In the Name of Convienence
    9. The entire Ghost Mice discography
    10. Tegan and Sara-The Con
    11. A bunch of loud instrumental electronic music, just to annoy everyone
    12. Ohio Civil War-Animal Rights
    13. Meg and Dia-Monster
    14. The entire Ted Leo discography
    Then, I would say “What? You didn’t say anything about these? You just said those ten.”

  48. When it comes to PETA I hate them more than the next anti-peta person but some of ye comments are way off base,there is alot wrong with fur being worn by humans,and Farm Sanctuary is NOT an extremist group,they take in farm animals that have been abused,nothing wrong with that,I am against humans wearing fur,animals being tested on for cures of which today have still yet to be found,1,000’s of innocent animals including cats,dogs,puppies and kittens are used in the most horrific tests,some are even vivisected on while still being awake,google the cat Double Trouble,she is a prime example of wot humans do today to cats and dogs in research labs,I am a vegetarian and am married to a corpse cruncher though I have tried to make him change,I have seen and heard the horrific cries of cows who are about to be slaughtered and do NOT tell me slaughter houses are humane,far from it,at least I know I will live longer than a corpse cruncher,I can go to sleep at night knowing I didnt eat a being that used to breathe,feel pain,joy and sorrow,walked on 4 or 2 legs,humans are taught to be corpse crunchers,they were not born that way!

  49. BTW,the big 3 Peta,HSUS and ASPCA kill more companion animals that they adopt out,Peta’s kill rate for 2012 was 97%,they are in it for money,they dont give agood gawd dam about our animals,Wayne Pacelle for the HSUS scewed up by making Michael Vick a spokesperson for them.

  50. Having grown up on a farm, I know what goes into raising good animals to eat, or to produce eggs or milk.
    In fact, as I am eating a juicey steak right now.

  51. Nathan – Based on your comment, it is safe to say I would not have hired you to be my wedding D.J. A wedding is a celebration of the life a couple plans to build together. Since my husband and I planned to and still do make a living in the agriculture and restaurant worlds, there was no way we would be playing music by these artists (or the ones you listed) at our reception.

    Irish Cornaire – It sounds like we will have to agree to disagree. I value meat as a healthy and nutritious part of my diet, wearing fur (or in my case, most often leather), as well as medical advancements that can come from animal testing.

  52. Thankfully, none are on my iPod!

    I do appreciate the fact we can make our own choices about what we eat but do not appreciate trying to force others’ decisions through guilt. Thanks for spreading awareness!

  53. Thank you. These are the artists I WILL BE PLAYING on my big day. :) Animal rights shall prevail over the senselessness of your business.

  54. Sara – We’ll just have to agree to disagree on that one. I personally believe that the most people value and enjoy meat as a healthy part of their diet.

  55. What a completly biased web page…..Why eat meat when you can live healthier and happier being vegan…It’s old news that factory farming is not only cruel but very bad fort he environment and our health….

    Shame on you, you have blood on your hands, disgusting!

    One day people will look open you as the evil you are….

    You don’t work you exploit and allow murder….

    Please don’t say the animals are cared for….When you truly care about someone you don’t have them killed at the end of ot…..Take you double standard, back wards views elsewhere

  56. This is the silliest thing i have ever read. SERIOUSLY???? We should boycott a man who chose HEALTH and HARD WORK to reverse a lifetime of weight gain, because he did it as a vegetarian??? The man lost over 100 pounds!!! He should be a hero and a role model for the epidemic of obesity!! Do you know how hard it is lose over ONE HUNDRED pounds??!!! I don’t care HOW he did it, I am PROUD of him, and choose to EXALT him!!! IS the woman who wrote this post qualified to JUDGE him??? Is her next diatribe going to condemn him for the the particular exercises he did?? Are HIS early mornings and tears of pain acceptable to HER lifestyle???
    Let’s move on….
    How about the so-called ‘author’ of this HATE list. Why don’t we just leave her targets, the musicians, out of it?? Why doesn’t she just boycott the OTHER FARMERS who grow VEGETABLES??? SOY?? BEANS??? Those agriculturists who grow NUTS???? Are those hard working individuals with their OWN farms to be eviscerated because THEIR crop provides protein? Should no one else in America, other than meat farmers, produce sources of protein?
    And from what I know of people who run sanctuaries for aged and abused animals, I seriously doubt that the LAST thing on their daily list of “things to do” includes hunting down farmers to steal animals from. These sanctuaries are HARD pressed for money and space to house the animals that they already care for. These people only pray for the funds and land that keep them scraping together dimes to give these animals a modicum of comfort in their final days, or months, or years. These sanctuaries are not scouring farms and stealing animals!!! They are scraping by to provide a respectful graduation for animals who HAVE served, and HAVE worked hard, and may be the RARE recipient of a clean pasture instead of a glue factory or slaughter house.
    I am not a hard core music fan. I am not defending this as a musician. I am merely baffled by the confusion of compassion and the misdirected attack. FINE! I am all for attacking real criminals and citizens of ‘doubtful morals.’ I want to ask the author of this article who her favorite sports teams are. Are any of those athletes, or the teams or the shirts and hats that are worn, guilty of rape? guilty of abusing their spouses or mates? of robbery? of torturing and maiming dogs? Why doesn’t the author of this site address those bonafide CRIMINALS???
    Look, I’m not a Justin Bieber fan. It’s fine with me if this woman or anyone doesn’t like him. But I, personally, am not a fan of his because he wrote in ANN FRANK’S house guestbook that it was a “shame that she wasn’t a Bie-lieber.” Let’s ALL join together and boycott him for THAT. That makes more sense.
    Are we to boycott Pink or anyone else because they oppose wearing fur? Or because they they oppose the mistreatment of animals in circuses? or because they think that a dog who is chained to a tree 24 hours a day MAY be abusive??
    There are REAL criminals and predators and sociopaths out there — why sit back on ANYONE’s one home computer keyboard — farmer or musician, bank employee or fireman, truck driver or welder, veterinarian or mechanic, homemaker or CEO — and chew apart hard working AMERICANS for their dietary and humanitarian preferences??
    I KNOW that the HSUS is different from state and local shelter advocates — isn’t time better spent exposing THAT, rather than picking on a non-effect target??? Do you REALLLLLLY think that NOT playing Carrie Underwood songs at a wedding will hurt the HSUS??? NO — let’s be reasonable and address the REAL issue with the HSUS — ‘NOT’ playing selected songs at individual weddings or bar mitzvahs or proms REALLY won’t make a DIFFERENCE .
    Artists in any capacity are ripe for criticism. Fine. But please, as an artist myself, an actor, I spend every day ‘working’, auditioning, or in lay terms “interviewing for a job.” EVERY day, and usually MULTIPLE times a day. OK, so a farmer’s wife feels justified to vilify musicians, fine. But guess what? Artists of all kinds live a life that few people could stomach, endure, or God forbid, succeed at. I would love for her to spend a day in MY home. We wake early, we work, we endure. Yes, I live in Hollywood. But guess what? I was born in Kansas. I grew up in Nebraska. I, as a Christian young woman, succeeded as a model not only in Paris, but England, Japan, Germany, and yes, New York City. I have spent 25 successful years as an actress in New York and Los Angeles. But guess what? I made corn bread today in a cast iron pan. I dehydrated chicken today for my dogs to eat as healthy treats. I went to the gym. I volunteered at an illiteracy center to help ADULTS learn to read and write.
    HELLO — woman who wrote this article — wake up — there is a WORLD of people, you and I included, who want a better place to live, laugh and raise children. A world that survives climate abuse, that loves animals, that prefers educated action over small-minded accusations.

  57. Rebecca – I don’t really think you understood the point of this post, or of my blog as a whole.
    I will not argue that there are what you refer to as “REAL criminals and predators and sociopaths out there.” This blog simply isn’t about those issues.
    On this blog, I focus on sharing my story growing up on a family farm and my opinions about the organizations who oppose family farmers’ right to raise safe, healthy and affordable meat.
    This particular post is a list of artists who work with animal rights extremists like PETA and the Humane Society of the United States. In my opinion, there is absolutely no justifiable reason to work with these organizations.

  58. Taking care of the abused, discarded animals people like you create is extremism? They’re helping clean up your mess. Grow up.

  59. When did PETA and the HSUS ever say they were against family farming? They are against ANIMAL EXPLOITATION, ABUSE, and SLAUGHTER. There’s a HUGE difference! You can still work in agriculture, own a farm and produce food WITHOUT harming anyone or taking any lives. It’s called growing produce! PETA and HSUS promote eating lots of grains, legumes, fruits, and veggies, so they are not attacking ALL family farms, just the ones that make blood money by slaughtering innocent creatures for their own greed. This article not only makes you sound ignorant but extremely selfish because the only reason you oppose these groups is to protect your own self interests. Smh!

  60. Thanks for the info. Now I know what singers to buy and support. You farmers should be shut down for how you treat animals. How would you like to be in their place! Be glad your not on that end of things. You people are cruel and repullsive to the rest of us.

  61. Daniela – My family farm raises livestock. Therefore, they are against family farmers like me. I do want to protect my family’s farm (who wouldn’t want to protect their business?) but at the same time, I am very concerned with protecting my right to eat meat as a healthy and nutritious part of my diet.

    Jay – I encourage you to read some of my other posts about how animals are treated on my family’s farm. We work diligently to make sure that our animals are treated humanely at all times.

  62. I get what you’re saying about family farms (I’m from a ranch family myself), but what I think a lot of those celebrities and people are protesting is not the family farm, but the corporate slaughter houses. They’re not pretty. They’re not ethical. And they’re certainly not healthy.

    There is a kind way and a cruel way to go about getting your meat, and the way most of us go about getting it is through the more convenient way…which is also the cruelest way.

    And not all change has to be bad or detrimental to your business. In Finland the country helped their dairy producers switch to growing berries. Boycotting meat, isn’t necessarily a death sentence for family farms/ranches, it can be an opportunity to explore a new business or improve the way they already function.

    But of course, if you’re always worried about the family business and how to survive, then you’re not going to be able to think about how others are suffering (factory farmed critters). Vegetarianism doesn’t have to be an us vs. them situation. We can all help each other live healthy, happy, and prosperous lives.

  63. P.S. Although I know a lot of people don’t agree with Celeste’s post, I think it’s really cool that she allowed both positive and negative comments to be posted. Some people would have just censored them.

  64. Wendy – Have you ever been to a large slaughter house? I have. In fact I’ve toured two different ones, a pork and beef plant. I was amazed by how efficient they were and how peaceful the animals were at the time that they were slaughtered. They really never know what is about to happen to them. Seeing that first hand gave me a great sense of peace about how our cattle are someday harvested. I HIGHLY recommend you watch this video to see a tour of a modern beef packing plant: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VMqYYXswono It explains how the slaughter process is designed to be as humane as possible and actually shows cattle being stunned in exactly the same method I saw while touring these plants.
    Also, I’m not sure where you’re located but around here most of the land used for grazing cattle is not suitable for other agricultural practices. In my area, its hills and clay soil that is too low quality to grow crops.
    I try to keep the dialogue open in the comments as long as its polite and I’m glad you appreciate that. I do censor posts that use profanity or vulgarity.

  65. Yes, I have. I grew up around feed lots and slaughter houses in Nebraska, although our family ranch is located in Wyoming. All I can say, is the things I have seen have been less than pleasant. Especially when it comes to the feed lots…although branding time isn’t too pleasant either (thankfully we don’t use ours anymore).

    But thank you for the link to the video. I do agree that a lot of what people see in videos (especially when coming from a vegan perspective) is showing the worst. However, cruelty does in fact happen in certain areas and it shouldn’t.

    I’ve seen a few documentaries with Dr. Temple Grandin and I’m glad that improvements are trying to be made. The cattle in that video definitely seemed to be treated better than those in other documentaries. And kudos to you for doing due diligence and checking the ones out in your area. Very few people get that chance.

    I don’t know, I guess there’s more to a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle than just their opposition to slaughtering cattle. I actually seem to hear worse things about the dairy industry than the meat industry (human health and how the animals are treated). And while everyone chooses for themselves, it’s definitely good to get both sides of the story!

    Although, I will say I think vegetarians are a long ways away from threatening the meat industry. There are far more meat eaters than veggie people.

  66. Did you know that eliminating meat from your diet reduces your risk of cancer and heart disease by 30%?

    But go ahead and keep selling it to people. Have a cigarette too. How about some crystal meth, too!

    But thanks for the list of compassionate, enlightened artists. I didn’t know some of them were vegetarians but I’ll make sure to spend some money on iTunes supporting them now.

    Happy New Year!

  67. Good grief – I thought this blog was a JOKE when I first came upon it. So much anger and hatred towards those who only want to love all sentient beings. And I want to thank you for all those names of animal-loving musicians who I didn’t realize were as such and now I shall focus my $$$ on supporting them BECAUSE of their beliefs :-)) A vegan diet isn’t only about transitioning to a healthier physical body; it’s also about the love and compassion these individuals feel toward non-human species. Sometimes you need to stop and rethink your choices. It’s a different world and animals don’t graze on pastoral fields and live a stress-free life today. Google how many livestock are bred and imprisoned on feed lots. Google slaughterhouses. Google anal and vaginal electrocution of animals on fur farms. Have you no compassion at all? In the end it really does come down to your own ethics and your humane beliefs. With regards to what you eat, for those who insist on eating meat – with such “angry and vengeful determination they shall continue to do so even if it kills them”!! – well, it’s your heart attack. And a multitude of other diseases. That attitude will make you your own worst enemy. Open your mind and your heart will follow.

  68. These people sound like the “To Be Played” list at any function I would be proud to be at! These people are heros!

  69. Great list – I will hop on iTunes now and buy songs from all of these artists right away because I think it is the right thing to do to support animal rights organizations.

  70. Why focus on PETA, there are so many wonderful organizations to educate people toward compassion. Farm Sanctuary for one. By the way, the non-human animal is not ‘meat’ they are a beings on this planet with their own rights, whether or not you honor this. Man/Woman have made the decision of dominion. Get educated and find another way to make a living besides taking the lives of other species. Evolve! Be love! It’s happening.

  71. Shame on you! Don’t shame these artists because they stand for something you dont. They are the only ones making a difference. Killers like u are a dime a dozen.

  72. Thank you Celeste, it is a shame that these people who support these groups, i.e. Peta, Hsus and the rest of the nut jobs don’t realize the cruelty and profit margin of these groups. While i dont wish to hear of anything being abused, ever. I would really love a knife and fork for this juicy sirloin i’m about to devour with my canine teeth that my body grew through evolution so i can tear meat from bones. Thank you for unmasking the hypocracy of some

  73. “Safe and wholesome” products. I cannot believe you printed this. I love country music but am constantly stunned by how many artists get off on the “inbred incestuous hillbilly” thing. The USA is the riches and most progressive country on the planet and should realisemeat is no longer necessary. I live in Ireland where people think there is something wrong with me for not eating meat. You should be above this and slaughteringanimals is no way earn a living, get a real non-cruelty job. Thanks for the list, I learned something.

  74. i Love that artists are lobbying and supporting for animal rights. I know what artists I will be supporting more avidly in 2019. I don’t have a lot of money or time, but as a vegan I try to put my money and my time where it counts.

    Even some actors who have stood up for animal rights have been deemed unworthy of a lot of coverage. It is shameful that todays society fails to understand how archaic and cruel the meat and clothing industry is. It is as if vegans and vegetarians, Anybody who takes a stand for animal rights, are being judged because they have an opinion.

    Society would rather follow clowns like the kardashians, pop sensations, … it is not right… wake up people.

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  81. so being against wearing fur and abusing animals in circuses for sick “entertainment” is extremist?

  82. So being against animal cruelty and promoting adoption is extremist? As for the meat consumption, this planet can’t afford any longer our mass production of meat. Billion of animals are slaughtered every year to feed people who do not need to eat meat every single day, from breakfast to dinner. Animal farming accounts for 77% of global farming land, including land used to grow crops for animal feed. Animal farming causes deforestation and soil pollution. There is nothing wrong in changing to way we eat, on the contrary, we desperately need it. That doesn’t mean farmers will be out of job, we still need to grow food for humans (vegetables, legumes, cereals, etc).

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