5 Non-profits to leave out of your holiday donations

Around the holidays we often take a moment to count our blessings and share with those who are less fortunate.

If you want your holiday donations to help shelter animals, donate locally instead of falling for the tricks of these national organizations.

There is nothing that breaks my heart more than to find out that someone’s heartfelt donation didn’t actually go to accomplish what the donor thought it would.

Unfortunately, there are several organizations in our world who prey on the good intentions of generous people and falsely advertise what the donations they receive are used for.

I’ve compiled a list of 5 organizations that oppose what my family does for a living: provide your family with a safe, healthy and affordable food supply.

I hope you’ll leave these organizations out of your holiday donations!

5 Non-profits to leave out of your holiday donations

1. The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS)

I’ve written about HSUS before because I honestly feel that they are the most misleading non-profit out there.

Since their name is “humane society,” many donors falsely assume that their donations are distributed among animal shelters nationwide. In reality, HSUS does not operate or fund a single animal shelter.

In fact, only 0.45% of their more than $99 million annual operating budget goes to animal shelters.

If you’d like your holiday donations to help shelter animals, I’d recommend donating directly to your local animal shelter!

2. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)

PETA is open and honest about what they are against: anything that gives animals less rights than humans.

Please realize, I am not saying that animal abuse is acceptable. I’ve written before about how disgusted I am by the despicable people who abuse animals and allow animal abuse to continue.

The problem with PETA is that they think that anything short of allowing animals to roam free is considered animal abuse.

Therefore, in PETA’s opinion animal abuse includes: raising animals on family farms , eating meat, wearing fur, breeding purebred animals such as dogs and cats, rodeos and the use of household mouse poisons and pesticides.

Unless you agree with all of those opinions, you should reconsider your donation to PETA.

3. American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA)

If you’ve ever seen one of ASPCA’s famous commericals featuring Sarah McLachlan, chances are you thought ASPCA was an organization focused on helping companion animals such as cats and dogs.

In reality, ASPCA uses some of their donations to aid other animal rights extremists groups who oppose meat consumption and family farmers.

One of the issues ASPCA has been most vocal about opposing is a family farmer’s right to give antibiotics to our sick animals.

Growing up on a farm, I’ve seen first hand how much discomfort our calves can have from  simple respiratory infections (what we humans call a “cold”). I’m proud of the fact that my family rushes to make sure that our cattle are given the proper medications to treat these illnesses as soon as possible so that they don’t suffer.

I don’t understand why ASPCA supports legislation that would make it illegal to give sick farm animals medications!

Why would anyone want to force an animal to suffer through an infection that one simple medication could heal?

Furthermore, if for some reason you don’t want to eat meat from the animals that were given medication when they were sick, you don’t have to! There are already food labels (such as Certified Organic) that distinguish which meat products came from animals who were never given antibiotics.

On a more local note, the ASPCA’s national website features a page specifically dedicated to contacting the Kentucky Livestock Care Standards Commission about the aspects of their proposed animal care standards opposed by ASPCA!

Not exactly what you’d expect from a group that’s focused on helping puppies and kittens, is it?

4. Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM)

Though the name makes them sound like a reputable and non-biased source for health information, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

The PCRM uses this misnomer to make blanket statements about health and nutrition with little or no factual evidence to back them.

PCRM advocates against meat, milk and egg consumption and the use of animals in medical research.

In fact, PRCM actually works to discourage people from supporting well respected health charities like the American Heart Association, the American Cancer Society, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, the American Foundation for AIDS Research and the American Red Cross because these groups do not oppose medical research on animals.

5. Sierra Club

Many people support the Sierra Club because they think their donations will be used to protect the natural beauty of mountain landscapes and endangered wildlife.

They may be surprised to learn that the Sierra Club is actively working to eliminate modern food technologies such as the use of genetically modified organisms in food production.

In 1999, the Sierra Club united with Greenpeace to sue the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for approving genetically modified crops.

They also petitioned the EPA strictly regulate genetically modified corn known as “Bt corn” because they said it would kill the Monarch butterfly. In reality, “Bt” stands for bacillus thuringiensis, a naturally occurring toxin that kills one of corn’s most devastating pests, the European corn boer, but has no affect on Monarchs.

After both the EPA and United States Department of Agriculture launched their own investigations and concluded that Bt corn posed no risk to Monarch butterflies, the Sierra Club continued to insist that it did and to this day promotes that false claim.

In recent years, the Sierra Club has started to work closely with other animal rights extremist organizations such as the PCRM and PETA.

They have added anti-farming goals to their mission and have filed suites against the opening of several dairy and swine operations because they do not support the modern farming practices being used.

So what organizations should you donate to this holiday season?

My advice is to give locally, whether that means you local animal shelter, food bank or free clinic.

By giving locally you have the opportunity to talk face to face with the organization’s employees and can gather as much information as you want about how your donations will be used.

In today’s tough economic times, knowing that your donations are actually helping those in need is more important than ever.


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  1. Ruby- The point of this post was to discuss how these organizations use your donations. I hope the ASPCA is using your donations in ways you approve of.
    As far as GMO’s go, I am in favor of GMO food because they make safe, nutritious food affordable for many people who would otherwise not be able to afford it. What is great about the U.S. is that we have such a diverse food system that if you don’t want GMO’s in your food, you can purchase food that was not genetically modified such as “certified organic” produce.

  2. Ruby – I must again remind you that if you don’t want to purchase food that came from genetically modified plants, you don’t have to. Additionally, the FDA and USDA have both proven that GMO’s are safe to eat.

  3. Ruby, most of the food we eat today is genetically modified. Without genetic modification, we wouldn’t have sweet corn or crops with the ability to with withstand drought. Genetic modification started many years ago, formally with the likes of Gregor Mendel. Genetically modified food is just as nutritous as non-genetically modified food, in some cases, it is MORE nutritious.

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  6. I see a lot of ignorance and blind statements made By the sheeple of American media…if you’re too good for gmo foods don’t buy them! You’re trying to halt the movements science makes to improve the world we live in. open up your mind you don’t live on the prairie anymore we’ve been to the moon, we’ve cured diseases, and we don’t need to eat tiny sick foods anymore.

  7. First of all, thank you for the great info!

    And second, I do agree with the if you don’t want to eat the GMO products then don’t buy them. It’s your choice! But what you may not know, is GMOs were started to make more food, yet we are not feeding the hungry with them. When a GMO crop is planted, the soil becomes infertile, meaning you cannot grow anything else there. I personally believe genetically modified foods are fine if they are just one crop mixed with another. However, they have started adding chemicals and pesticides inside the seeds. These are to keep bugs off of them. The farmers have to wear hazmat suits to handle them. They could have any type of effect on the body. I personally wouldn’t want to eat anything that would have to be handled by someone wearing protection.
    I guess, they some versions of GMO are improving the planet, and some are destroying it.

  8. Beth – I think you may be referring to “bt corn,” a GMO corn that contains the naturally occurring pesticide bacteria bacillus thuringiensis. Also, the photos you may have seen of folks in a crop field wearing protective clothing are often from a research trial where they are trying to protect the crops from any pathogens the people may be carrying. My mom has worked with crop research for years so I’ve seen her and her coworkers suit up just to make sure they aren’t contaminating the research trial.

  9. GMO FOODS ARE NOT SAFE BY ANY MEANS!! THEY ARE KILLING US!! The pesticides and herbicides that are sprayed on these hybrid seeds are killing us that is!! Causing cancer and other diseases!! They are modifying the seeds (mostly corn and soybean ) to become more resistant to disease and promote faster/stronger germination so the farmers will have higher yields thus more profits! With that said the crops are sprayed with a stronger concentrate of pesticides and herbicides as the crop can tolerate more therefore needing more to keep disease away. (Which is where the problem is…) and our government has our farmers by the throat as they have no choice but to continue to buy these hybrid seeds to survive! There are not a whole lot of options out there to eat GMO free!! Over 95% of the foods we eat has GMO content of some sort! Unless we want to go solely organic ( which is expensive) and eat like our ancestors (ie cavemen) then we are screwed! The animals eat the GMO sprayed corn… we eat the animals…. we still get poisoned!! Antibiotics given to the animal for illness’ are the least of our worries! GMO foods are not nutritious and are Not helping the planet!!

  10. GMO is not good. Manipulating the genetics of the food we eat without knowing the long-term effects is dangerous. Monsanto is behind the alteration of soy plant DNA to be immune from the effects of Roundup. The entire fields are now sprayed with Roundup and the plant is not affected. So we the consumer ends up with a plant DNA altered to survive poison and you also get a dose of glyphosate (Roundup active ingredient) in every bite! As much as 90% of the soy for sale in all it’s forms in America is affected.

    To compensate for the additional cost of organic food, EAT LESS! With obesity affecting 35% of Americans, we definitely need to cut our portion size. At the very least, BUY LOCAL MEAT AND PRODUCE OR GROW YOUR OWN!

  11. Thank you Celeste! A farm girl who is willing to tell the money grubbing Charities (cough cough) to stick it where the sun don’t shine. To all the folks above: by the way corn cross pollinates very easyly and what you have been fed as organic or none GMO corn products has probably been cross polinated by GMO corn for years by wind and nature. Feeling sick now?

  12. How did this all go from what charities really do with your money to GMOs??????
    C’mon people… Animals don’t control what goes in their mouth when being fed by us, you can. Figure the GMO thing out on your own and let’s get back to the point, this is infuriating to think so many people donate with high hopes and the money goes where???? Unbelievable!! Local shelters seems like the place to go to really make a difference. Thank you for this info!!!!

  13. St. Jude is reputable? Google St. Jude raccoon coon hunt. This organization wanted to hold a fundraiser where coon hounds killed raccoons for charity. Not only that, they scheduled it during the season when raccoons were in litters, young.

    The fundraiser was to be held to show coon hounds how to rip apart live raccoons. http://www.all-creatures.org/adow/pr-20150412.html

    They have been holding this massacre for almost 40 years.

    Get your facts straight, Celeste.

  14. Well, I got about three down on your list, when I stopped! I will continue to be a supporting member of the Sierra Club, and I will keep donating to the ASPCA!

    You are obviously one of those “Farmers” who I would be sure not to purchase ANY farm products from. For a farmer, I can’t understand your ignorance of GMO’s and the use of antibiotics! Your information is worthless!

  15. Well said Ken. As far as antibiotic administration goes, it is fine to treat an ill animal with it just like you would an ill human. However, to mix with feed to serve as a “preventative” to substitute for healthier living conditions or to assist with growth rates is just plain wrong (not to mention ill advised for the consumers of the food). So please don’t make misleading statements about being condemned for using antibiotics to treat sick animals as that is just plain false, which calls into question all the info you provided in this article.

  16. Well as for GMOs, im not too worried about it myself, cuz I have big organic garden and we live off it all winter. Anyways back to donations, lets say PETA, they have exposed so many horrifying things that humans do to animals, its disgusting, what i recently found out about through PETA is that china is killing dogs for leather products that are sent to the United States! Its disturbing, i was sick to my stomach when i saw it. Its also documented in other news articles. Think about it, is there a lot of cattle in china? We dont know what our boots,or sneakers,coats,gloves, purses, anything made in china is made out of.

  17. Good page and article(s). Certainly interesting posts! I appreciate the interesting observation about our “non-profits.” Another way to look at where you should send your donations is just to “google” a question as to how much the CEO of your organization is paid. You might be surprised when you look at Goodwill vs the Salvation Army. You will be shocked. The same thing will be true when you look at the ASPCA and the HSUS. The fact that you all fixated on GMO’s and the fact that Celeste was a farmer kind of got off the topic. Her assessment of keeping your donations local is spot on—you can see where your money is being used.

  18. Good info in this post! It made me want to donate to all 5 organizations you spoke of! They promote vegans and gmo free food! I will def be signing up!

  19. I do not own pets due to the fact, they require proper care and attention just like my children and husband – do. My loyalty- dedication towards loving and nurturing my real human family. Some will say their pets are family – I am not disputing that. However, until you have children of your own — the love is completely different than that which is shared with an animal. Also, I am not a supporter of most animal organizations who profess to have welfare concerns for treatment of animals — they usually are only interested in donations. PETA really raking the money in and suckering the public–eventually people will wake up!!

  20. Financial Waste
    Despite having $115 million in contributions in 2013, the ASPCA only found homes for 3,400 dogs and cats, according to its annual report. That’s a cost of $34,000 per animal adopted.
    The ASPCA is not your local pet shelter. Despite its name the ASPCA is not affiliated with local SPCAs and gives little of its money to them. In 2013, the ASPCA only gave $4.9 million to support animal shelters, a mere 4% of its annual budget

  21. It’s about the money, not the animals. The independent watchdog CharityWatch finds that ASPCA spends up to 35 percent of its budget on overhead, and 38 percent for fund raising, giving the organization a middling “C+” rating. Charity Navigator calculates that ASPCA spent a whopping $52 million on fundraising in 2012. CEO Edwin Sayres was getting nearly $600,000 in compensation annually when he left in 2013.

  22. Every single one of these organizations have extremely well-paid CEO’s, and they do NOT use your donations for what you think. That’s the point of the article. Before you donate your hard-earned money, take the time to find out about the organization—find out how much they pay their CEO, find out what percentage of your gifts actually goes to help. Some of them, like the HSUS are even more despicable than others. Take your time—it’s your money. Find out first.

  23. I am so glad for the advice I just purchased books from Barnes and Nobles website when the donation blog for ASPCA popped up. I immediately thought to donate but hesitated long enough to find your blog. Thank you I will donate locally.

  24. Celeste,
    Thank you for your opinions regarding charitable organizations, as we are looking for such information to guide our donations. However, your statement that you give antibiotics to your calves with “colds”, as you would a human, to cure them, is erroneous. In humans, what is known as a “cold”, is caused by a virus, and antibiotics are completely ineffective against a virus. There do exist antiviral medications, but are usually only administered to humans under extreme duress. Over-administration of antibiotics and other abuses, to both humans and animals, has been blamed for the rapid rise of antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

  25. Gee, Celeste, thanks so much for assuring us that the FDA and the USDA have both determined that GMOs are safe (not). Many of us have come to understand that these government agencies are all in the pockets of corporate America, which any thinking person knows is concerned only with protecting its astronomical profits–rendering them nothing more than foxes guarding the henhouse. If you want to convince educated people about your ideas, you’re going to need to come up with a better angle than that one.

  26. I agree that I want to donate to organizations that put the majority of the money directly towards the cause. Less overhead and less back alley re-gifting is a good thing in my book.
    I find it silly anyone can claim that GMOs are all bad. They probably do contribute to the rise in the number of people who find themselves gluten intolerant for instance. Some people will find their body has not evolved well enough to digest the altered genetics, but the food itself is safe. It will not poison you, it is not less nutritious, some sub par digestive enzymes simply can’t break down the altered genetic structure of the GMO. But the benefits vastly outweigh that drawback. Not only do GMOs produce a higher yielding plant that requires less water and fertilizer, it also requires less CHEMICALS!!! If today’s crops were not modified to be resistant to bugs the amount of pesticides that would need to be used would be unreal! Side note: pesticides kill good bugs and bad bugs alike – we don’t want to exterminate the bees so less pesticides is a good thing. As far as the seed coating goes, yes you need to take care when handling it (a hazmat suit is an extreme exaggeration) like washing your hands when done handling it, but you rinse the dish soap off your dishes before you eat off them too don’t you? Our bodies are not created to digest things the same as plants do and the fertilizers and chemicals used on plants are intended for plant structure “digestion”. I personally think the GMO food scare was started by the non-GMO food growers. Look at who benefits the most from all of the false media and scare tactics, look at how much demand and profit was generated. If you think most farmers are generating astronomical profits, check the commodity markets, low as they have been in years with very little hope of rising much in the next few years.
    Saying you want a drug free animal is like agreeing that vaccinations are bad for children. You would need to eat 3,400 pounds of beef to equal the amount of hormones found in the daily dose of a birth control pill… 3,400 pounds of beef compared to one birth control pill. The benefits of antibiotics and hormone implants are the increased growth and nutrient absorption of the animals and consequential reduction in waste of resources. And any antibiotic or drug given to an animal has a “withdrawal” period listed right on the label. Packing plants test each animal for drugs and do not let any that come back positive for drugs into the food system. If you have a poor digestive tract homegrown organic is probably for you. The vast majority of people eating “organic” are simply on the bandwagon for a herd to fit into. It all comes down to the same thing – donate local – eat local.

  27. My god – your entire post is an argument FOR the charities you highlighted. I will be donating to all of them this year. Thanks for your help in deciding where to send my money!

  28. I find it disgusting and ignorant that you hide behind the term “family business” to promote and serve your own interests. “Family business” is not synonymous with “wholesome”.

  29. I am somewhat alarmed by the apparently growing number of people who consider animals equal to people. And would give money to an animal “rights” group,or worse,Planned Parenthood over one helping children, ie: Shriner’s hospitals, St. Jude, etc.
    Sad symptom of a degenerating society.

  30. Wow, after reading this, I’m starting to realize that the anti-GMO crowd comes from the same stock as the anti-vaxxer crowd. Ill (or falsely) informed, and refusing to understand that while genetically modified foods are out there, non-genetically-modified items are also available if they are so inclined.

    One of the funniest things is seeing someone claim to buy only organic, gluten free foods. Hmm. How, exactly, do they remove the gluten from foods? Chemical processing. So …

  31. The author grew up on a meat producing farm and seems to advocate against protecting farm animals which is one thing the ASPCA does. So, I’ll be making my donation to the ASPCA today, because ALL animals need protection.

  32. I can’t believe how many uneducated people there are or the comments they make. In actuality the comments made or 180 degrees from truth. GMO’S are designed to safely feed people and keep the environment safe while preserving the family farm scene. Keep up your informative site.

  33. I have to say, after doing my own research, the author is telling us to do just that, our own research. The ASPCA, for instance, kills the animals it deems dangerous, unable to rehabilitate, or they don’t have room for. Also, they spend more in promoting themselves than helping animals. Not to say they don’t help, however, your local SPCA would gladly accept food, blankets, or spare time. Those items are cheaper and would mean more to that organization than money.
    As for the others listed here, don’t forget how big they are, how many people they have to pay, and how much they pay in advertising costs. That information could show you how much they really contribute to their cause.
    Make sure to do your own research on ANY charity, local or large, it just gives you piece of mind that your donation is doing some good in the world. Even if it is only a short drive away?

  34. if you eat bananas they are gmo…. they had seeds. seedless grapes and watermelons gmo. 99% of all tomatos are gmo. they had to be so the skin would be thicker for machine picking. 92% of the corn we eat is genetically modified, 77% of papayas made in Hawaii are GMO. 94% of US soybeans are GMO. 94% of American cotton is genetically modified, 95% of US sugar beet crops were GMO as of 2010;90% of US canola oil was genetically modified.50% of alfalfa

  35. I’m a farmer after reading some of the comments. I realize we have a lot of stupid walking around..Do these idiot realize there isn’t a food available that isn’t GMO modified? Not ONE…The STUPID is strong.

  36. If you think about it, every living thing on the planet is a result of genetic modification.

  37. The other big joke is “Organically Grown” produce.
    Farmers joke all the time, “What’s the difference between regular fruit and Organic fruit? — About a $1.00 a pound”.
    If you buy a supposed Organically Grown apple and it has no spot it was treated with something. Usually BT which is a pesticide but since it is a bacterial agent is considered “Organic”.

  38. My God! What a horrible article. And looks like you consider yourself an animal lover. Can you enlighten us as to what your sweet family farm did to male calves? Or what happens to mother cows when they no longer produce enough milk?

    While it is true that a charity should state clearly where exactly the funds go – your suggesting that it’s horrible that ASPSA helps cows, pigs, the billions of the most neglected beings on Earth – is disgusting!!!!!!!

  39. Celeste, the information you provide just reinforces how sad it is that ignorant and mean-spirited people like you can spread misinformation through social media. Doubt you have the negative impact you would like on these charities as most who donate to them have done their own research. You are the one, not these charities, who preys on the good intentions of generous people by spreading false advertising.

  40. I am sorry for the hateful replies to Celeste. Many people look at TV ads, hear the sorrowful songs, and send their money. Celeste has done a service, enlightening people to the realities of many “charities.” to discount her article because of her family’s farm is ignorant.

  41. I’m very sad at how little money is actually spent on the animals. I know a lot of it is volunteer work, so where is the rest of it going? I actually think some should be paid for their work, it’s a tough job that not everyone can do, but .045% of $99 million? I’m disgusted to think that there’s some turd on a nice boat somewhere sipping martini’s while animals suffer. Greed will destroy us all.
    thank you for giving out this information. Awareness is the first thing we need to change things. I know I will be contacting HSUS for sure and doing some research.

  42. I went back to school to study genetics specifically because I wanted to understand how I felt about GMOs….I can tell you, I left with a clear understanding (from peer reviewed research and lengthy conversations about what could go wrong with genetics professors) that I didn’t trust GMO crops for human consumption or environmental health. If you actually do the research on how a genetically modified organism is created you will know the process is not safe. On top of that, there are at least 62 other countries with either a complete moratorium or at the very least strict labeling laws against GMOs. Even if I wanted to believe this topic could be settled as easily as “to each their own” or “don’t eat them if you don’t want them” I know that the labeling laws are impossible to navigate in the US for those of us who would prefer not to consume them. GMOs and traditional hybridization are not the same thing…one is done in a lab….I’ll let you look up the difference and see which one.

  43. Why would you want to give antibiotics to your calves having ripped them away from their crying mothers so that you can give them only milk to eat and then give them death shortly thereafter for “delicious” VEAL. And I’m sure the cows love being constantly pregnant so that they can produce milk until they are sent to the slaughterhouse. Drink almond milk.

  44. People should stop deflecting from the facts. I believe that the organizations listed are all about the money. Those tear jerking ads cost a lot of money. Why do the CEOs make the money they do?

  45. Thank goodness for PETA and ASPCA Celeste! You, like all too many, apparently assume that other mammals that inhabit this planet, besides humans, were put on this earth to be exploited by humans. They weren’t. All species should be living in harmony with one another. Fortunately, more people are realizing this and reassessing their diet and lifestyle accordingly. I hope you come to this realization at some point. You’re the product of your upbringing within an industry that is notorious for horrific and sadistic treatment of all farm animals. They’re sentient creatures, same as us. Humans were not originally flesh-eaters and certainly not calves milk drinkers! Check Genesis 1 if you put any credence in the Bible.

  46. Furthermore, it’s awfully self-serving, on your part, to include two reputable and effective animal welfare organizations in your list of charities to avoid when donating during the holidays solely because their cause doesn’t exclude the exploitive mistreatment of animals inherent to the farm industry. Am I surprised you too the self-serving route? Do pigs fly?


  48. GMO, or non-GMO, you are missing the whole point of the article when you attack the author of this insightful message. Almost all of these replies have descended into screaming attacks over GMO food and feed. The article was solely about your donations to charitable organizations, and how it does not always go to help those in need, but often “helps” those who run the charity. When you donate to a charity, whether it’s for people, animals, or green causes—do a little research—find out the CEO’s salary, find out what percentage of your gift actually goes to help. A tear-jerking commercial and heartfelt music does not mean that you are helping.

  49. I whole heartly agree with Debra…put yourself in the animals’ situation…would you like to be treated that way? I think not.

  50. You’re proud to be the cause of antibiotic resistance in human beings that will eventually lead to medical Stone Age? The second an antibiotic is used on a farm it’s rendered USELESS to human beings. It will kill millions of people. In the future. So good on you for caring so much about your calves with basic health issues who really don’t need the antibiotics

  51. I do, and will continue to donate to my local animal shelter, and not to the ASPCA. I did my homework, and I will not donate to a organization that uses only 4 percent of donations to help, and the rest goes into the CEO’s pocket.

  52. our mouth is the most contaminated part of our body
    same is true about the words that come out of it
    “be kind everyone you meet is carrying a burden”
    do what you feel/think is best–that’s a full time job
    let others live in peace–unless you just need the drama
    jim c md

  53. I wouldn’t have a problem with antibiotics used WHEN THE ANIMAL IS SICK and prescribed by a vet. Indiscriminately Nate use of antibiotics by farmers is way out of hand. And no I do not want GMOS or any other creepy stuff does me to my food.
    Look at what the food industry wants us to trust “milk fed veal”? Lock the calf in a box so they can’t move, starve them so they are anemic and their flesh is white “milk fed”, then butcher them. Are you kidding me?

  54. I’m thinking that you’re a bit prejudiced against organizations who don’t support your lifestyle… meat eating, antibiotics as a normal course of care (have you not read the science?!), “raising animals on family farms, wearing fur (REALLY?!), breeding purebred animals such as dogs and cats (not enough animals in the shelters getting euthanized?!), rodeos (do you think the calves ENJOY being roped?!) and the use of household mouse poisons (I understand you don’t want them taking over, but poison is an excruciating way to die) and pesticides (there are alternatives). I guess I won’t be looking for your opinion in the future on which animal rights organizations to support. Thanks anyway.

  55. This was supposed to be about charities that spend more on administration of the charity than actually goes to help animals. You idiots spend your money how you want to. but watching the ASPCA commercials over and over and over again. Why would I subsidize that. I donate locally. PETA is out of their minds in any case. Always find out where the money is going when you donate it, I have been a victim of these commercials and have been blown away by the reality of where your money goes. $34,000 for each animal saved? I guess some morons are cool with that.

  56. Thank you for your time that you invested researching and writing this article. I’ve also been researching ASPCA and the Humane Society. Charity Watch agrees with your assessment as well as fellow bloggers who decide to research where their monies are going. Speaking for myself, I’d rather give money where it’s helping the most then covering the cost of celebrities who are getting paid to convince you to sign up for their charity that waste so much when it could be helping to save sooo many more precious animals that need food,shelter and to be put in a safe home or shelter.

  57. You did not mention charities that help animals that are worth donating to. I imagine that is what people are interested in based on your comments about animal organizations that are keeping most of the donations.

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  59. Whew, talk about self serving. I was drawn to this article thinking I would read a fact filled, well researched article that might be useful. That couldn’t be further from the truth. When you distort even one point (such as use of antibiotics on livestock), everything else becomes suspect. It’s also “interesting” that out of the thousands of noteworthy charities out there, you blackballed only ones that might affect you personally. Spreading misinformation under the guise of a public service message is appalling. Shame on you!

  60. So after reading most of the comments, as an occasional salmon eating vegetarian (couple times a year), I found them helpful in examining my thinking. I still believe all animals are sentient at some level and should not be made to suffer. Therefore, I will continue to support PETA and Sierra Club, but will support no-kill local shelters over the national orgs.

  61. You contradict yourself in your Humane Society analysis. You say that the organization doesn’t operate or fund a single animal shelter. Then in the very next paragraph you write that it’s a fact that they give .45% of their budget to animal shelters. One of those statements can’t be true.

  62. The best assurance one can receive in order to be comfortable with where and for exactly what your funds are directed to as it regards actually helping animals (dogs, cats, horses, cows, pigs, ETC!) is to INVESTIGATE AND FUND LOCAL SHELTERS around you. Obtaining information about your local shelters is readily available. Obtaining the truth about organizations such as HSUS and ASPCA, and exactly WHERE and WHAT your donation to them is being used for, is an exercise in futility. Why not stick close to home by helping animals in your own neighborhood, as GOD knows, there are enough animals everywhere in need of food, shelter, medical attention and LOVE! Give WISELY…stick to your home ground.

  63. When I was a kid very few people had allergies to food. With the mega drugs the doctors give children and the GMO foods there are way more people with allergies these days. Trying to say GMO’s is healthy is like saying acid won’t burn you. Remember, you can’t grom GMO seeds, and if they do grow they will NOT produce any product. You may feel safe eating GMO foods, but when the country collapses only those who use non-GMO seeds will have a chance at survival. Are you that brain washed you can’t put that puzzle together?

  64. Ruby, your an absolute idiot! Don’t you know that without GMO’s half the worlds people would be starving….. China would not exist today…… Read your history!!!

  65. Ruby, your an absolute idiot! Don’t you know that without GMO’s half the worlds people would be starving….. China would not exist today…… Read your history!!!

    And this comment has never been used before!!

  66. I am against gmo’s because it is done by MONSANTO, the same company that handed me Agent Orange while I was in Viet Nam, and they told us that it was safe, while they KNEW it would kill us. Yes, I have respiratory and cardiac problems as well as other diseases that they donated to me, and I wish them the same death that they have given me!!!

  67. It is like what is often said- donate locally where you can hand carry your donation in whether it be an animal shelter or fireman’s association. Otherwise “professional” solicitors are hired to gain your sympathy. Be cautious if money is spent on TV ads or sendinding a T-shirt or blanket to donors. That should tell you where money is being spent. Even if mailing is received, that is money poorly spent and not for benefit of anything. Donors pay for all the frivolous come-one.

  68. Eat Poison and DIE. Eat organic or as our grandparents called it, food and live healthy. Stop spreading lies from Monsanto and Dupont (who supplied poison gas to the concentration camps in Germany during WW2) there are other companies lying to the public and farmers, for over 30 years the study on Organic farming vs gmo has proven year after year that organic farming costs less as you can reuse the seeds and it doesn’t deplete the soil and it produces more food.

  69. The real point is that you are better off giving directly to a local charity that you look into than to a national one that spends most of what you donate on things other than the proposed cause. Yes you should personally look into every charity that you give money and time to.

  70. ESPN a signalé, cependant, que le cas de Lynch est pas semblable à Urlacher est parce que le le dos chapeau course a été faite par le chapeau officiel de la ligue, New Era.

  71. You don’t have the slightest idea what you’re talking about. No, PETA does NOT want “all animals to roam free”. We’re a LONG way from that decision – between downer cows and letting them all run loose, for chrissakes. I bet you LOVE medical research torture,circuses, zoos and factory farming too.

  72. Good god, there are a lot of stupid people commenting. Since this has been going on since 2011, I can only hope they’ve learned something, but my hopes are low.

    Celeste, thank you for this list. I agree with your choices (I was especially disgusted finding out about HSUS after having donated money to them; won’t make that mistake again). I know you got a lot of negativity, but I hope you update and expand the list for the 2019 holidays. There are too many people out there easily fooled out of their money. (See above…) It would be especially nice to see how legitimate some YouTube animal rescue groups are/other social media based charities.

    Anyway, I don’t even know if you read this anymore, but thank you for this list.

  73. Thank you for your research. I was watching a program involving the collection of animals from a hoarder. When they were taken in their cages to the ASPCA, they were lined up in the hallway. Just then an employee opened a door and inside was a young woman with about 50 syringes ready to be used on all those animals. Really?
    None could be given a chAnce to make a family happy?
    I support our local shelter. I shudder when those sad commercials come on for ASPCA. Where is the money going?

  74. IF you are so afraid of GMO’s, WHY do you let imported beef come into the USA? Our ranchers produce the best and safest beef in the world. Very regulated and safe food. NOT the stuff from foreign countries who have no or very low regulations on feeding beef.

  75. THE HUMAN SOCIETY has $120,000,000 MILLION dollar budget. They give less than 19% to shelters. DO YOUR HOMEWORK and you will find out HUMAN SOCIETY AND ASPCA are total jokes. They rip people off of their money and give it to the upper people in those fake organizations. TOTAL SCAM and TOTAL RIP OFF


  77. I just investigated some of this hate for larger animal welfare organizations, because the first links on Google search I saw were from HumaneWatch.org. Their accusations were compelling, especially against HSUS, and I was genuinely concerned.

    After reading the article link below though, I think somebody should keep an eye on HumaneWatch.org instead – lucky these Daily Beast reporters were. Thank you to John Dunbar and Erin Quinn.

    I have to give this Rick Berman guy a lot of credit actually. He almost had me fooled. Professional liars are like that I guess. I was close to cutting off my donations to HSUS, but luckily I don’t believe the first thing I read on the internet.

    Do some research before you get owned by a low life like this guy – working in disguise for industries that hate the Humane Society and have zero interest in animal welfare at all.


  78. I was searching for actual informations about Peta and I found a confused post of a fucking meat producer that claims to be an animal lover (because we all know that animals are only cats and dogs) and that admitted to be pro fur, animal sperimentation, rodeos and rat poisoning. Good news to you my dear idiot, “”scientists”” experimet also on cats and dogs,rats and mouses are as complex as cats and dogs and calves in rodeos don’t like to be abused. Please do a favour to the word and erase this blog; there’s already too much ignorance and imbecility on internet and spreading it is not a right.

  79. What does GMO’s have to do with donating to Animal Charities? GMOs cause cancer. End of subject.

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