5 Shocking facts about the Humane Society of the United States

You know the commercials with the sad music and the close ups of malnourished kittens and emaciated puppies?

The one that asks you to give just $19 each month to help these poor animals in your area?

The Humane Society of the United States has been running commercials that tug on the heartstrings of animal loving Americans for years.

Some of you might have even called that 1-800 number and pledged your support with only the best of intentions.

If so, I am truly sorry to inform you that your money did not help those kittens and puppies.

Your money didn’t help run an animal shelter, it didn’t help rescued pets find homes and it most certainly did not end up in your community.

Your donation funded a lobbying group of animal rights extremists.

Shocked? Confused? Angry?

Brace yourself then, because it gets worse.

Here are 5 facts that will shock you about the Humane Society of the United States.

1. HSUS is NOT affiliated with any animal shelter

Don’t let the name “Humane Society” fool you, the Humane Society of the United States does not own or operate a single animal shelter.

HSUS is not affiliated with any animal shelters. They aren’t a distribution center for donations to animal shelters.

They use this imagery and continue the confusion surrounding the name “Humane Society” to trick people who want to help shelter animals and have no interest in animal rights extremism into supporting their cause.

2. Only 0.45% of HSUS’ operating budget goes to pet shelters

Less than half of a percent. That’s nothing!

What’s worse? The 2008 total operating budget of the HSUS was $99,664,400!

So to put it all in perspective: if you fell for those television ads asking for $19 each month you would be donating $228 per year.

Of that year’s donations, only $1.03 would actually go to an animal shelter.

3. HSUS opposes eating meat

No matter how it was raised, harvested or cooked, the folks at HSUS are against your right to eat meat. (And my right as a farmer to produce it, for that matter).

Though their spokespeople won’t always admit to it, the evidence is pretty clear.

HSUS created and distributes a “Guide to Vegetarian Eating.” The only food that HSUS endorses is “Tofurky,” a tofu product that is meant to imitate the taste and texture of turkey.

When top HSUS executives eat on expense accounts, they aren’t allowed to order meat.

Not that this is a problem for top exec’s at HSUS, since Wayne Pacelle took over the organization he’s filled those spots with only vegans, most of whom have long careers of anti-meat activism under their belts.

4. HSUS cashes in on natural disasters

After Hurricane Katrina, HSUS raised $34 million dollars that they said would help reunite lost pets with their owners.

When little of that money ended up back in Louisiana, the state’s attorney general launched an 18 month investigation into the HSUS money trail.

When the investigation was announced, so was HSUS’ plan to donate $600,000 toward an animal shelter being built at a state prison.

Coincidence? Not hardly!

In 2009, Atlanta ABC affiliate WSB-TV did an expose about HSUS’ Katrina related donations. According to their report, only $7 million of the $34 million collected actually ended up helping animals in the hurricane stricken area.

Since Katrina, HSUS hasn’t changed their ways at all.

After both the tsunami in Japan and the hurricane in Haiti, HSUS released new commercials saying their “rescue workers” are in desperate need of financial support.

If so little of the funds HSUS raised for Katrina actually helped animals in the disaster area, how much less will end up helping these animals in overseas disasters?

5. HSUS works with convicted dogfighter Michael Vick

Let me start by saying that in my opinion, Michael Vick has no business being around, let alone owning an animal.

You would think a professional athlete turned animal abuser would be HSUS Public Enemy Number 1.

Not the case.

In 2009, the Philadelphia Eagles gave HSUS $50,000 to bring their “End Dogfighting Campaign” to Philadelphia.

Who was the keynote speaker? Michael Vick.

Confused? Me too!

While still in prison, Vick met with HSUS President Wayne Pacelle and agreed to work with the group to help keep kids from getting involved in dogfighting.

According to HSUS, they’re “rehabilitating Vick.”

Ironic, considering that HSUS launched a fundraising campaign the day after Vick’s arrest to “care for the dogs seized in the Michael Vick case” but then admitted to the New York Times that they didn’t have custody of Vick’s dogs and that they couldn’t be rehabilitated.

HSUS, a group that claims that all animals deserve the same rights as people, recommended that all of Vick’s dogs be euthanized by federal authorities.

Other animal groups insisted that Vick’s dogs could be rehabilitated. In fact, the Best Friends Animal Society sued both HSUS and PETA for recommending that the dogs be euthanized. Today, BFAS is one of the groups rehabilitating 22 of the dogs.

HSUS is still cashing in on Vick’s celebrity status. Vick speaks at HSUS sponsored events, even going so far as to auction off his press conference notes.

Pacelle is even trying to convince people that Vick should be allowed to have a dog again, saying,

“I have been around him a lot, and feel confident that he would do a good job as a pet owner.”

Shocked? I was too.

When I first learned that this is what HSUS does with their donations, I was outraged.

I made it my mission to share the truth about HSUS with farmers, pet owners and animal lovers everywhere.

Today, we have a great resource for keeping tabs on HSUS called Humane Watch.

Operated through the Center for Consumer Freedom, Humane Watch exposes the truth about HSUS using public records and compiling information in a way the average person doesn’t have time to do.

Give them a “like” on facebook or a follow on twitter to keep up with their latest finds.

Most importantly, don’t waste your money on the political agenda of HSUS, donate to your LOCAL pet shelters!


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  3. I had heard that ‘they’ also supported ‘gassing’ of dogs and cats. I did hear before hand that they supported Michael Vick having a dog again. This is outrageous!!!! I was going to go to their event in Havertown, Pa. tomorrow but I’m finished with them! Thank you for ‘numbers’ also. I will continue to expose them. I have read quotes tat Wayne has made that were just not right. As far as Michael Vick goes, He should have been in prison for a hell of a long time (many, many years!) and a huge fine! In my opinion, even worse. Thank you for your info..

  4. Just wanna put this out there, just because you read something on the internet, doesn’t mean that it’s true. (wink wink)

  5. Emmy – I tried to provide links back to where I found this information. The majority of the links included in this post are from HSUS themselves.

  6. I will be at a presentation in February where one of their employees will be speaking on coyotes. I believe the speaker is the real deal but I’m sure they pay her a large salary and expense account to bring them some much needed credibility. A lot of people from this village are my customers and I don’t want to see any of them duped. Any information on the total worth of HSUS, their salaries, etc. would be appreciated.

  7. Celeste, come on. I know you your trying to protect your interests and you obviously have an agenda but do it in a factual manner. Using the Center For Consumer Freedom as a source doesn’t offer a fair portrayal of the HSUS. You do know that the matter of the Atlanta television station expose turned out to be just misleading sensationalism? They have in fact retracted what they reported. And as for the other half- truths, I leave it to your readers to investigate on their own. I just ask that you and your readers learn who the CFC is when you evaluate these claims and other like it. As for the Vick case, I think we can find agreement there.

  8. Charles – I hold a degree in journalism and make my living in the communications world. I have extensively studied the matter with the Atlanta television station you’re referring to. While you are correct, the news station did retract the original story, we will have to agree to disagree as to why they really did so. I think if you discuss the issue with any other journalists who followed the story you’ll find that there’s more to it than was reported.

    I hope my readers do additional research. If they pour over the tax records and press releases, they’ll find information to back up my post.

    I’m glad we can agree on the issue of Michael Vick. Honestly, I’d worry about anyone who claims to love dogs but doesn’t have a problem with Vick owning another dog! lol

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  11. Thanks for this post. My brother was telling me some stuff about the HSUS and thought I would check it out. Glad I found your site and info…. keep doing what you’re doing… HSUS and PETA are both just in it for the money, not the animals…. Hopefully the truth will come out and people will stop donating to them.

  12. Celeste,

    While I wholeheartedly agree with your assessment of the HSUS, I believe the commercial to which you refer is actually for the ASPCA. People often confuse the two organizations. I would hate for the ASPCA to lose out on needed contributions because of a misrepresentation in this column. The ASPCA commercials often feature abused/neglected animals and occasionally a celebrity endorsement such as Sarah McLachlan. I’ve yet to see an ad of any type from the HSUS asking for a monthly contribution. They do advertise during times of crisis, however.

  13. thanks for this information–I had been told about this some time ago—Never gave them a dime!! Hope the people who read this and do some research give to their local shelter in dog food or other supplies that the shelter may need they will gladly accept it ,as a thought do you think HSUS would accept a $19.00 bag of dog food ,no they want CASH!!!!

  14. Mary, the ASCPA is almost as bad as HSUS when it comes to misleading ads. Did you know that the ASCPA runs only one shelter, and it is in New York City? Repeat, only one shelter. You would never know this from their national advertising campaign.

  15. Mary – Yes, ASPCA does have commercials with Sarah McLachlan on them, however, the HSUS has similar commercials as well. They don’t have any commercials on their youtube channel or I’d include a link. I’ve most often noticed them around the holidays or a natural disaster, when people are feeling most generous.
    Personally, I don’t support the ASPCA because they use some of their donations to aid other extremist groups like HSUS to support legislation that would put family farmers out of business. To me, that’s misleading and dishonest as well.
    If you want to help animals in shelters, the most effective way to do that is to donate to your local animal shelter!

  16. Celeste ….. really? Have you actually done your research before spreading such blatant propaganda. Unless you actually are on the payroll of HumaneWatch.org

    I preface this by saying that I am not member of the Humane Society of the United States ……….. but I am skeptical when a non profit front group takes an aggressive action against another non profit. All I can say is, do some research about any group before passing on propaganda promoted by lobbyists and corporation sponsored groups.

    Delving into the animal welfare world has been an education to say the least. Perhaps the most educational for me has been the amount of information and number of opinions one can find on a wide variety of animal-related issues – kill vs. no kill shelters, vegan vs. meat, puppy mills and pet stores, dominance dog training vs. positive reinforcement, and love vs. hate the Humane Society of the United States. But what happens when what you think is true is really a lie? Or, when the information you seek is actually distorted in such a way as to mislead someone or to support a more hidden agenda? As I shared in yesterday’s post HumaneWatch.org is an organization focused on “Keeping an eye” on HSUS. But, who is behind Humane Watch.org? Read on to learn more more.

    WHO is behind HumaneWatch.org?

    For those who already know about HumaneWatch.org, Rick Berman is a familiar name. In some circles, he is known as Dr. Evil, in others, a powerful Washington lawyer and lobbyist (60 Minutes did a great piece on him if you want to learn more).

    Mr. Berman is notorious for taking on unpopular causes and attacking them with a vengeance. He creates non-profit organizations with names like: Center for Consumer Freedom, the American Beverage Institute and the Employment Policies Institute which he then uses to pay his own company, Berman and Company, to fund campaigns focused on discrediting and attacking those organizations his clients deem most important to them. Some of the organizations he has gone after in the past are: Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) AND the Humane Society of the United States.

    According to an article in USA Today (dated July 31, 2006), Mr Berman is “hired by businesses” to fight such efforts as “further restricting drinking and driving, mandating healthier foods and raising the minimum wage.” And, PRWatch.org described Berman’s methods this way, “Berman’s signature method of operation is to discredit the messenger rather than address the message head on.”

    HumaneWatch.org is sponsored by the first of the Rick Berman non-profit organizations I listed above, the Center for Consumer Freedom (CCF). (You should note that HumaneWatch.org is only one among many websites/organizations sponsored by CCF.) The Center for Consumer Freedom is a non-profit lobbying group dedicated to “protecting consumer choices and promoting common sense.” It’s a pretty generalized mission statement, but it allows them to take on a wide variety of causes (i.e. attack a variety of causes), based what their donors want them to do. Against stricter laws for drinking and driving? Donate to CCF, they hire Berman and Company, and voila! Mother’s Against Drunk Drivers (MADD) is under attack. A pretty ingenious approach don’t you think?

    Note: The spokesperson for the Center for Consumer Freedom is David Martosko, who according to SourceWatch is “Frequently cited as a scientific and economic expert,” and with an additional title like Director of Research for CCF you would think he has a lengthy background in these areas, again from SourceWatch – “Mr. Martosko received his graduate degree in opera from the Peabody Conservatory of Music at Johns Hopkins University in 1995.” An expert in scientific and economic matters for sure! You can read more about Mr. Martosko here.

    I’ll just include a quote David Martosko taken from an interview with Drovers Cattle Network in February 23, 2010:

    Q. Last week, CCF launched http://www.humanewatch.org which got some positive notice among people in animal agriculture, especially among those involved in social networks like Twitter and Facebook. What was the impetus behind developing the web site? And would you also share the financing behind it?

    A. Our faces are already on a lot of dart boards over at PETA. Remember http://www.PETAkillsAnimals.com? But PETA’s more bizarre tactics make it easy to convince Americans that they’re a fringe group. HSUS is a different story.

    Essentially, PETA’s role in the animal world today is to make HSUS look reasonable by comparison. HSUS is smarter, more patient, and better-dressed, except for those vinyl shoes. But their long-term goals are exactly the same as PETA’s. And since they have a much less confrontational and nutty style, proving that they’re closet radicals is a much more daunting task.

    So, if the CCF sponsors HumaneWatch.org, who is funding it (via CCF) and why?

    According to Wkipedia, “acknowledged corporate donors to the CCF include Coca-Cola, Wendy’s, Tyson Foods, Monsanto, and Pilgrim’s Pride.” But, that’s not all. According to PRWatch.org, agribusiness is also a large contributor to CCF and HumaneWatch.org because HSUS “has had an ongoing campaign to achieve better living conditions for livestock, which, if it came to fruition, could cost agribusiness millions.” A pretty powerful motivator for one to want HSUS weakened or removed from the picture completely.

    It’s hard to know exactly which food and agribusiness companies support the work of HumaneWatch.org, since a non-profit is not required to disclose its donors, but one can find many companies listed on SourceWatch (under the CCF Contributions Table) that would likely benefit from just such a campaign against HSUS. Among them are: Monsanto, Tyson Foods, Pilgrim’s Pride Corp, Perdue Farms Inc., Standard Meat, National Steak and Poultry and many others. Are these HumaneWatch.org’s donors? Only Rick Berman and his staff knows, but it certainly is possible.

    HSUS’s campaign to improve the living conditions of farm animals is pretty well-known. In fact, it’s on their website. In the past, they have exposed farms and slaughter houses who have abused their livestock. Agribusiness definitely has a stake in this game. After all, what HSUS does could, and likely does, impact their profits, not to mention their bottom line. While your average small farmer or rancher understands the value of treating their livestock well, factory farms have to be concerned with the numbers (although I am sure they would say quality is of the utmost importance too).

    “Factory farming is a term referring to the process of raising livestock in confinement at high stocking density, where a farm operates as a factory. Confinement at high stocking density is one part of a systematic effort to produce the highest output at the lowest cost by relying on economies of scale, modern machinery, biotechnology, and global trade.” So, if your output or cost (or both) are impacted by what HSUS is doing you just might want Rick Berman, CCF and HumaneWatch.org to take them on.

    The truth is that we don’t really know who funds HumaneWatch.org and what they do, but what we can do is look at WHO HumaneWatch.org and CCF is targeting and take a guess at who might be benefitting from their campaign. I’m guessing the majority of the money is not coming from your average small farmer, but someone who has much more to lose.

    Please stop spreading being a schill for corporate greed and evil!

  17. Danny – First of all, I am not “on the payroll.” I pay for this blog out of my own pocket and my posts are not dictated by any of my Celeste Communications clients.
    I really think you are missing the point of my post. If you don’t like HumaneWatch and the folks behind it, that’s fine. Everything I talk about in this post is based on matters of public record, whether through major media coverage or HSUS’s own tax records. Most of the links back to sources go back to HSUS’s own website.
    I do think that HumaneWatch is a great way to find out about what HSUS is up to. Whenever they publicize something, however, I do additional research on my own to verify it before I write a post or share it with others.
    I’d encourage you to look at HSUS as thoroughly as you have HumaneWatch. I think you’ll find that the vast majority of their time and money are going towards their efforts to end our right to eat meat and put family farmers like myself out of business, NOT feed puppies in animal shelters.

  18. Another un-informed person who gets all her information from HumaneWatch and other highly biased sites.

    HSUS operates multiple sanctuaries and shelters throughout the US, including wildlife and feral cat rehab centers. This also includes several horse sanctuaries and adoption centers in Oregon and Texas.

    They don’t “cash in” on natural disasters. They, unlike yourself who just rants and raves and sits on your behind complaining, are actually AT every single disaster HELPING, and they remain for weeks at a time until all needs are met. Imagine that, somebody who actually cares and helps out.

    They spend millions and millions of dollars each year helping out local shelters in times of need, including helping out shelters who take in thousands of animals from cruelty and neglect and abuse cases. Their annual budget is available directly on their website: http://www.hsus.org.

    HSUS doesn’t oppose eating meat in any way. They do work toward proper care and treatment of all animals who are in the meat industry.

    They are working with Michael Vick to help teach the public, including children about how terrible dog fighting is and out to stay out of it.

    Read the actual facts. Wayne Pacelle, the President and one of the top five most compassionate and hard working people on this planet, puts out a blog every day about everything HSUS is doing every day to improve the lives of animals.

  19. Jackie – I think we’re going to have to agree to disagree on this one.
    I’ve stated in previous comments, as well as in the post itself, that I do not get ALL of my information from Humane Watch. I verify information and most of the links in the post go back to the HSUS themselves.
    At the end of the day, Wayne Pacelle and most of the top folks at HSUS are vegetarians. They lobby for legislation that is based on how they think that animals want to live on farms, not real family farm experience, not science, not the advice of world renowned animal behavior experts like Dr. Temple Grandin. Their own website recommends “replacing meat and other animal-based foods in the diet with plant-based foods.” ( http://www.humanesociety.org/issues/eating/ )

  20. Actually HSUS follows the recommendations of Temple Grandin quite closely. She is quoted constantly. Here is a short list:


    Being vegan or vegetarian means that they respect the needs of the animals and take their emotional needs into account. You might be surprised to learn that a person can also respect the needs to animals without even being vegan or vegetarian, like Temple Grandin and myself.

    HSUS works very hard every single day to make sure that animals’ needs are taken into account and respected, whether that is through ongoing court cases or through helping out at cruelty and neglect cases or trying to prevent the annual slaughter of seal pups in Canada or trying to get chimps and apes released from labs and into sanctuaries.

    You might only see HSUS in one light through a single narrow frame of mind, but they actually are nationwide and international to solely help the needs of animals and to make sure their voices are heard.

    Here are some of the sanctuaries that HSUS runs:





    Here are just a few of the natural disasters that HSUS was instrumental in assisting for many weeks:




    Here is a link to Wayne Pacelle’s daily blog:


  21. Jackie – Like I said previously, we’re going to have to agree to disagree.
    Yes, HSUS does agree with some of Dr. Grandin’s research and recommendations. I was specifically referring to legislation that they lobby for, even when Dr. Grandin’s research have found that the farm practices HSUS wants to outlaw to be in the animals best interest.
    Arguing over technicalities won’t get us anywhere. At the end of the day, I hope that you’ll give your hard earned money to your local animal shelter. That way you’ll know that animals in need are seeing the benefit of your donations and good intentions.

  22. “At the end of the day, I hope that you’ll give your hard earned money to your local animal shelter.”

    Again, you are out of touch with reality. My local animal shelter does not exist. I live in Alameda County, California, and there are seven animals shelters within 20 miles of my home, all depending on which city the animal is found. My immediate city does not have its own shelter, but instead contracts with another shelter over 20 miles away.

    I do not see boundaries in animal welfare. I chose to help out animals in Mexico and Thailand and Japan since all the animals need help, even if they don’t live in my backyard. My dogs have been adopted from other countries, other states and other cities and counties. Where an animal lives is completely irrelevant to his or her needs and should not receive more or less assistance.

  23. Everything in this article is true. I worked for them for over a year and had to quit because what I saw going on in that organization was shocking. I’ve seen them pay $200 per tablecloth with their name on it and they have hundreds they use for lobbying events. You do the math. They don’t actually rescue any animals… the scenes you see on TV are many a times shot in their DC office’s back parking lot where they conveniently hand off dogs they supposedly rescued to other local organizations. (Those who actually care for and rehabilitate the dogs.) This organization is run by a bunch of high school graduates. I’ve overheard one of their media people write an article the one day and she clearly had no knowledge of polar bears… she asked her collegues what would sound more shocking in the article she was writing. Seriously!?!? Do not give them your money! Each member receives magazines and gifts each month (how much money are spent on these magazines and gifts?!? Enough to end the suffering of dogs in puppy mills today!!!)

  24. Michael Vicks association with HSUS was a condition of his sentencing. He only did it to get a lower sentence. When he is off probation and his football career is over, That lowlife be fighting dogs again.

  25. I’m interested to know Celeste, what University did you earn your Journalism degree at? as well as, where did you complete your Journalism internship before graduation? Is your Masters Degree in Journalism as well?

  26. Kristen – I have bachelor’s degrees in both journalism and agriculture from Western Kentucky University. Go Tops!
    I spent a summer interning at the Michigan State University College of Agriculture and Natural Resources communications office. My internship focused specifically on animal agriculture initiatives at MSU.

  27. As a follower of a plant based (or vegan) diet, I’m quite insulted that you consider it such a terrible thing that the HSUS would support that lifestyle. I find it morally incongruent to say that I want to save some animals, but eat others, especially ones raised in abhorrent conditions. I believe in showing kindness to all living creatures, and I do that through my dietary choices. It’s a low blow to use their veganism as a reason not to support them. At least they make their employees follow through with it when they are on the company’s dime.
    That said, there are plenty of other reasons to dislike the HSUS. The other points are valid enough to dislike and refuse to support the HSUS. Can we just leave at those points though?
    Some of us vegans aren’t preachy and try to live an honest life in which we try to reduce our negative impact on the world. Please don’t lump us in with the HSUS.

  28. Emily – I wasn’t trying to insinuate that all vegans are card carrying HSUS members. In fact, you aren’t the first vegan to comment on my blog who dislikes HSUS.
    From my perspective, however, supporting veganism is just another reason not to support the HSUS. I grew up on a family beef cattle and show pig farm and my husband is the fourth generation in his family’s bar-b-q restaurant. Meat is our livelihood. I refuse to support any organizations who work to take away our right to raise meat animals and enjoy meat as a safe and wholesome part of our diet.

  29. Good article! I’m against PETA & HSUS. They have proven themselves to be animal rights extremists, insane lunatics who are encouraging hatred fueled with lies against dog breeders, eating meat and hunting. I support reputable dog breeders, local hunters and I most certainly would never give up eating meat. I like leather too. You forget to mention they are against animal ownership. Can you believe it? I recall reading on their about page how “It’s in the animals best interest”. Dogs, cats, horses, cattle, sheep, goats, chickens etc. have been domesticated for thousands of years. Along comes this maniacal society spewing BS that we shouldn’t be keeping them for our use? Give me a break. As long as pets and livestock are treated well, in clean conditions and are given what is needed to make the animals content – then that’s good. HSUS & PETA want to ban dog crates, tethering and dog breeding too. Please, DO NOT SUPPORT HSUS & PETA. They are hypocrites. They are liars. They are a fraud company out for your money.

  30. Ops, I forgot to say, I also support local farmers, fisherman, craftsmen and artisans. I support the family farmers who raise meat – pigs, cattle, chickens ect. HSUS & PETA threaten to destroy their livelihood. Support your local family farmers and local artisans, craftsmen, hunters, fisherman, small business and local shelters. Buy organic, buy handmade, buy local, try to donate to local shelters and please respect dog breeders too…

  31. Can’t help but wonder who’s behind the Center for Consumer Freedom and Humane Watch. Often when one group points a finger at another, there’s something about themselves their not telling you. Sounds like they’re probably right-wing, anti-government types.

  32. 1. HSUS is NOT affiliated with any animal shelter.
    No where in their mission statement does it say they are but their own 5.
    2. Only 0.45% of HSUS’ operating budget goes to pet shelters.
    This point seems a bit confusing to me. If they are not affiliated with any PET shelter, then why is it so shocking that whatever amount of money goes to outside shelters? Seems to me that point one and two seem to contradict each other as points.
    3. HSUS opposes eating meat.
    After reading the supporting links in the article I am surprised this was the conclusion. How could HSUS support animal products at the facility or corporate function when most of the animal products that would be used would come from some sort of AGO factory farming and would not be certified humane? HSUS does not support factory farming.
    4. HSUS cashes in on natural disasters
    HSUS is still supporting the Gulf region in 2013 with millions and millions of dollars in grants going out to many different organizations.
    5. HSUS works with convicted dogfighter Michael Vick.
    First here I have to say I agree that Michael Vick should never be allowed to own any animal. But the point on number five was that HUSU is working with Michael Vick. While people may not agree that he is not a great role model, who better to reach those people that think he is? While some of us have not forgiven him of his crimes, maybe he can prevent the same type of crime in the future. HSUS does not pay Michael Vick, not do they pay his expenses for his public speaking.

    5a.)In 2009, the Philadelphia Eagles gave HSUS $50,000 to bring their “End Dogfighting Campaign” to Philadelphia.
    My question here is why were the two other organization’s not mentioned in the above article? And why was it not said what the HSUS was doing with the grant monies they were given? In the article above it just make the HSUS sound bad but in reality the article just did the same trickery that it accuses the HSUS of doing.
    (copied and pasted from the link in the above article)
    The Eagles also announced today that they will be awarding $500,000 in grants to animal welfare organizations to further their efforts. They announced that the first they grants of $50,000 each had been awarded to the Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society (PAWS), the Humane Society of Berks County, and the Humane Society of the United States.
    (again copied and pasted from the link in the article above)
    The Humane Society of the United States plans to use the funds from their grant to bring their End Dogfighting Campaign to Philadelphia. The campaign, which has already been implemented in Chicago, Atlanta, and Los Angeles, aims to reach kids before or just after they’ve become involved in dogfighting. Kids are taught other alternatives to dogfighting, and are given the opportunity to train pit bulls for agility and obedience.
    So with that it seems the HSUS is doing exactly what their mission statement says.

    If people are upset that their donations did not go to a local shelter then the people did not do their homework before they gave money. The tear jerking commercials do not say that the money goes to shelter is says the money goes to end cruelty and suffering. I agree that if you want your money to go to a local shelter then donate to that shelter, but ALWAYS do your homework before donating.

    6.) Today, we have a great resource for keeping tabs on HSUS called Humane Watch.
    Operated through the Center for Consumer Freedom, Humane Watch exposes the truth about HSUS using public records and compiling information in a way the average person doesn’t have time to do.
    Give them a “like” on facebook or a follow on twitter to keep up with their latest finds.
    To me this seems like a nice little plug for Humane Watch and I again say do your homework. The man behind this mask is not who you think he is and if I could pay him enough money he would form a site just as nasty about any one of your businesses.

  33. Lisa, the single and sole person behind Humane Watch and the Center for Consumer Freedom is the one and only Rick Berman.

    Here is page after page describing exactly who Rick Berman is.

    In a complete nutshell, which describes this kook, he is a multi-millionaire and he does not like anything HSUS does because HSUS fights everything Rick Berman wants to accomplish. He lobbies for the cigarette industry, the farming industry, and list after list of other corporate giants. He is againsHe funnels millions of dollars through his “non-profit.”

    Straight from Wayne Pacelle’s blog:
    “Rick Berman is the king of charity fraud. He sets up phony front groups to do the dirty work of bad actors in industry. He takes their money and then takes on their critics. He runs “charitable” organizations, like the Center for Consumer Freedom (which fights The HSUS), the American Beverage Institute (which fights Mothers Against Drunk Driving), and the Center for Union Facts (which attacks public employees and unions), yet his groups don’t feed one animal, shelter one homeless person, or provide any other tangible social service. They are charitable organizations in name only, and Berman and his for-profit public relations company pocket a large share or even a majority of the total revenue. It’s a personal enrichment scam of the highest order, and he’s the architect of the con job. He’s got the mansion in McLean, Va., and the Bentley in the driveway as the spoils, with his accountant wife standing by to tally the profits.”

    “Remember, this is a man who opposed Prop B and other efforts to crack down on puppy mills.

    He’s defended seal clubbing in Canada.

    He opposed Prop 2 to help farm animals in California and all other major reforms to crack down on extreme confinement of animals on factory farms, including our work with the egg industry to provide more space to laying hens.

    He’s opposed our efforts to stop horse slaughter.”

    “And of course, it’s really all about The HSUS and our historic mission of standing for all animals at risk, everywhere. He saw that The HSUS was big and powerful, with more than 11 million supporters and a positive impact on animal cruelty unlike any other organization in America. He thought he could enrich himself by going to the sealers, factory farmers, puppy millers, and others to plead for their money so he could run a brand attack against us. All of these institutional players are frustrated by our success, so they were easy pickings for Berman. In the last three years, he’s pocketed millions from them, set up a website, taken out ads in national newspapers against our work, and fed his talking points to our natural adversaries, who pick up his message and spread it through their own communications channels.

    In forming his new group, he hasn’t come out and said he likes cruelty. He’s hoping you forgot his efforts to defend sealing, puppy mills, and other forms of abuse. But today, by saying all animal welfare money should go to animal shelters, he’s saying that no money should go to combat puppy mills, animal fighting ventures, factory farms, captive hunts, the exotic animal trade, the fur trade, or other animal welfare problems.

    Berman fails to recognize that all of us animal advocates–whether we are fighting for dogs, cats, rabbits, chickens, horses, bears, or chimpanzees–are all part of the same fundamental enterprise. That’s an enterprise driven by a concern for all creatures and notion that every one of them should have a decent life and be spared from human torment or cruelty. He may try to divide and say that only one narrow class of animals should get all of the resources, but anybody who is a true animal advocate knows that’s a destructive idea and a death sentence for so many creatures. ”

    “In addition to our own full agenda of helping animals through education, advocacy, and direct care, The HSUS gives millions to other organizations. In the last five years, The HSUS has given more than $43 million in grants to other animal organizations. But Berman, via CCF and HSSP, says it’s not enough, while he and his outfits have taken out 25 full-page attack ads in national newspapers against The HSUS, at an estimated cost of as much as $2 million. And guess how much CCF has given to shelters: not one red cent, according to its IRS forms.”

    “At The HSUS, we are on the front lines of helping animal shelters, and especially to advance the goal of halting the euthanasia of healthy and adoptable animals through advertising, publishing, training, grant-making, emergency response, and other forms of support. But we’ll never relent in our fight to help ALL animals–the 99 percent of the animals who are in crisis right now and need a group like The HSUS to stand up for them and fight for them.

    P.S. According to the most recently available federal tax filings for Berman, the Center for Consumer Freedom devoted massive financial resources—almost $1 million in 2010—to attacking animal charities, and spent an estimated $131,572 to oppose animal welfare legislation and ballot initiatives in 6 states. Most of the remaining balance was paid to Richard Berman himself and his for-profit lobbying firm—a whopping $1.7 million of donor money taken in by an alleged charity—and nothing was spent to help animals or consumers.”

    That is who is behind HumaneWatch and the Center for Consumer Freedom!

  34. Lorrie and Celeste, I also worked at HSUS for three years and I have worked for Rick Berman, too. HSUS does film the arrival of dogs from rescue events in back of the Headquarters in Gaithersburg but these are real animals they’ve actually rescued. They deliver them to local shelters to rehabilitate and place in new homes. Those local shelters are NOT run by or affiliated with HSUS though they are able to help after the initial seizure. I too had difficulty with the small percentage of donations that get to local shelters. I directed the education department and wanted to provide training for locals shelters. Unfortunately, HSUS does this for significant fees as they do with their shelter evaluations program. Thank you Celeste for looking out. Many people, like me, would not know about the vegan agenda and animal rights goals of Wayne Pacell, unless they worked there or have sources like yours. It’s true that the organization has 900 employees and all have various views. But their leader does follow an animal rights lifestyle and does encourage all employees to try to do the same. Nope, it’s not required but if you bring meat in your lunch you will be counseled by a coworker…not an official HR directive.

  35. Some of you must have been living under a rock….checkout the information on DELTA rescue of CALIFORNIA…THEY have also exposed HSUS less than 1% donation to actual animal shelters for years! Give your $$$ to your local shelter…then at least the animals benefit and not a super corporation with false advertising!!

  36. Hi. Let me just say that I haven’t read all the posts…mostly because I very much dislike how people like to argue…just to argue…just to argue. I do not donate to my local shelter because they do not pick up in my very rural, very country neighborhood. Instead, low-life’s drop off their pets on the corner without any care of how they are going to make it…although it might be a puppy pulled from it’s mother too soon, or a whole litter of puppies…or a mother and her puppies. It might be cats too…but by the time their carcasses are found, the pack of wild dogs that run my neighborhood have killed it, torn it to pieces and what usually remains is a few fluffs of fur. As for that pack of dogs…who have at any time two or three which appear to be breastfeeding, they have become their own little reproduction factory. Since there are one or two generations who are untouched by humans, they are, for all intents and purposes, wild dogs. So…when they chase my daughter from the bus up to the door of my house, when they sit outside and howl and moan…when they tie up in front of my children so that I have to explain to my children that no, that’s not how babies are made (most of the time)…when I don’t have to pick up other people’s trash, shoes, and other miscellaneous items brought and dumped in my yard…I might have some sympathy for them…but right now…I don’t. I have resorted to shooting them in the hind quarters with a BB gun. In my opinion, it’s that, or in the head with a 12 guage. I am sick of dogs. If we could cook them and eat them…I’d make Lab tacos and Pitt stew and sell it to recoup money from the wiring under my house they’ve chewed. Did I mention I am sick of dogs. It’s really hard to have sympathy. But on that same note…I hate the idiots who get these dogs without thinking about the work they are going to have to put into raising them…not to mention the money. And what about the people who breed them? We have to pay a penalty on our taxes for not having health insurance…I think they should have to pay a penalty for not fixing their animals. It’s time to get real people…and whoever thought it would be a good idea to donate your hard earned money to some bogus charity you saw on the television needs your damned head examined. GET REAL PEOPLE! We don’t live in an idealized world…we live in the real one. Oh…and btw…I like steak!…and roast…and chicken…and turkey…and bacon…and…well, you get the point. But I like lettuce too. and cucumbers…those are great! Have a nice day! :)

  37. What a load of BS. People like you make me physically ill. I hope the poor animals that you are trying to exploit through your fake center of consumer freedom propoganda get their revenge on you one day. It amazes me how lying, scumbags like you can look at yourself in the mirror. Hopefully your kids will grow up with sense and compassion enough to call you out on your lies. Cows and pigs have more compassion in their left hoof than you do in your entire black, murderous heart. You don’t want to save dogs or any other animal. You want to promote hateful propaganda that you probably are paid to promote. Disgusting. May karma find you swiftly and give you what you deserve.

  38. Pearlie B – I am not affiliated with the Center for Consumer Freedom in any way. I simply linked to their content. I am not paid to do this blog or to promote any organization/group.

  39. It’s hard to believe people who profess compassion when they sound so angry. Statements from past board members, court proceedings and tax documents are available to all. The only thing the Center for Consumer Freedom has done is to make those documents available to you because you’ve been told not to look. If you believe caring about animals means closing your eyes to information, you won’t be able to help very much.

  40. not surprised at all! we’re being lied to all the time! it kind of goes along with the ads for the poor starving kids that we could donate money to every month-don’t believe the money would go to them either

  41. Reading these comments is hilarious. All of you whining babies arguing with this lady over her blog is pitiful. You look like giant losers.

    Having said that – she’s absolutely right. Most of the giant charities use most of their money for lobbying, salaries, advertising, etc. Very little of the money goes to what they say it goes for. This is not breaking news, this is something that’s been well documented for years – for anyone that cares to pull their head out of the sand and find it.

    And to the lady that said she hopes the animals take revenge on this lady…. lol You need to adjust your medication and probably be locked up in a white room with no sharp objects. You’re frightening…

  42. It would take a real nitwit to believe that Wayne Pacelle is anything but a con artist whose agenda is to force his beliefs on others and to make MONEY for himself.

  43. To the incredulous person who mention this nonsense I want to clarify that that The Humane Society do NOT support the gassing of dogs and cats! I am a supporter and contributor of the Humane Society of the United States and the Humane Society International and applaud all their efforts and work. I find your comments offensive, pure garbage through the keyboard of a computer. I’m sure you don’t have the capacity for compassionate to improve, change the lives of defenseless animals,..
    I am also sure that you support the atrocious meat industry,. Personal interests?

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  45. THE HSUS does amazing work. They are a lobby. Someone needs to do it in DC. They also do so much even internationally. I am a huge supporter of this group. It’s a shame that some would have people believe otherwise. Go HSUS. While I’m at it. … who else is speaking oUT for the dog meat festival in China as we speak. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. Don’t be gullible enough to believe everything you read on the internet. I know for a facts that the Human Society of the Unites States has good intentions. In other words, find something better to do with your time instead of bringing respectable charities down. I don’t see you rescuing any puppies.

  47. i work at a humane society, so until you get your facts straight, the idiots on here that are posting neg and totally false statements, maybe find something better to do with your days aside from sitting on your computers with zero knowledge on this subject. my lord.

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  52. I have a question, did you meet up with anyone from an actual humane society center and fallowed them closely with what they do? Or did you get your information from one source? Not to be mean in any way but this seems very heard to believe….. I have also seen many shows that relate to a humane society as well as animal cops of Miami and Californian. They show what they do for the animals, in the home or on a farm. I feel like this is not correct…

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  56. Geez, someone has a temper and a lot of hate. I would suggest checking that.

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  60. This is Incorrect and pure BS. You are mixing your info up with the ASPCA. The ASPCA is the one who does the commercials, They are not affiliated wiith the HSUS. The HSUS Actually has facilities, such as the Broward Humane society, and plenty of others. Next time check both sides of the stories and you’re sources. All of the proceeds that go to the HSUS actually do go to the animals and any other costs the benefit the animals and only the animals.

  61. Rycharra, I am the former director of education at HSUS. HSUS does have TV commercials that feature primarily dogs and cats even though they do not have a pet shelter. The Broward shelter is not an HSUS facility. I get a great deal of criticism for coming out about this issue after working there. I was an ACO and shelter manager when I was recruited to work at HSUS. I did not know they were supporting an Animal Rights view until I worked there. I support humans and animals working together in a humane world. I do not want domesticated animals eliminated. HSUS, is run by a man who holds the belief that all domestic animals are in peril because they are dependent on humans for their very life. Rather than seeing this as a symbiotic evolutionary niche, the animal rights agenda states it is an aberration caused by humans against nature, that all domestic animals should be neutered until there are no more. That means no more police horses, seeing eye dogs or pet hamsters. The supporters of AR want us to stop eating animals which 3% of Americans agree with but they also want us to stop “using” animals be having them in our lives in any way.

  62. I think you are a fake former employe because what you say is 100% wrong. I think you are a supporter of Richard Berman and you are intentionally planting fake and false information, just like he does.

    Wayne Nacelle and HSUS does not want all animals neutered until there are no more and eliminated. If you actually read any of his daily blogs he talks about his own pets and his last book was all about the relationship between humans and their animals. There has never been any published agenda stating that all working animals like police dogs or service dogs are too be eliminated. Circus animals, yes, they do want to stop that, and they have been successful at that, but circus animals are not domesticated pets.

    There is also no published agenda saying that all Americans should be vegetarian and no published agenda that says people should not enjoy the company of pets and animals in their homes.

    Stop spreading lies and false statements. Why don’t you go back to your boss, Richard Berman? You two sound perfect together. You are both liars and thieves.

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  64. This is for U Jack!!! And all the other decieved. Wayne Pacelle, Yale grad has brains, though as soon as ANYBODY discuses Facts of HSUS and there FEDERAL RACKETEERING CHARGES for Bribery and all the money in the pension fund $106 million, it goes on and on. You will know them by there FRUIT!! WAYNE is a bad man with DARK MOTIVES. I honestly pray for his soul. Think all the good he could do in his current position. I donated for awhile and was hoping it wasn’t so. Things that won’t be hidden for long, Sun, Moon and the TRUTH. SHOULDN’T CALL PEOPLE LIARS when there stating facts.

  65. You are free to believe the world is flat if you want,but everyone knows you are wrong. You are free to believe what you want about HSUS, but again you are wrong. The people who know the truth and support them know they and Wayne Pacelle are the best thing for animals all over the world, and that won’t change. They get better and better every day and week and year. You can either join in and support them or you can move aside and get out of the way.

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  67. Awesome! I am absolutely elated to know that my donations go to lobbyist, because that is where change begins! If I want to give to a local shelter, I will, and I do! I also give to other well known animal welfare organizations. This is such a negative review of the HSUS! The Humane Society United States and The Humane Society International work very hard to root out atrocities that most of you have NEVER seen or heard about! Just type #StopYulinForever in your Facebook Search bar or on the internet. Google The Dog Meat Festival that occurs annually in Yulin (China) where there are NO laws to protect animals. Go to these sites and WATCH THE VIDEOS OF THE BRUTAL BEATINGS DOGS ENDURE BEFORE THEY DIE IN HORRIBLE PAIN AND THEN ARE EATEN! Thousands of dogs are beaten to death, skinned alive and boiled alive at this festival in China! They are not treated ANY differently in any other part of Asia that participates in the dog (and cat) meat trade! Just go to these sites and see what the HSUS and the Humane Society International do at these AWFUL events!!! Not many would not even be able to watch more than 2 seconds more than one of these awful videos, but these people GO there and see it and RESCUE as many dogs as they can! Many organizations and individuals are working very hard to enact laws to outlaw this heinous crime against HUMANITY! They don’t just fight your ordinary “spay and neuter” your pets, “adopt, don’t shop!”, or foster and find homes for strays. ALL of that is VERY important, but the HSUS and HSI work to root out a much greater evil! I can only describe that evil here, but if you want to SEE it for yourself, IF YOU CAN EVEN BEAR TO, just pull up sites about dog beatings in China and the Yulin Dog Meat Festival! I’d like to see anyone who has anything negative to say about HSUS or HSI to go to China and rescue dogs. I bet you wouldn’t. If you won’t, then just hush it! I am trying my best to get on a list to ensure I DO go next year! The festival occurs in June every year in China! Do your research before you bash! #StopDogMeatTrade #StopYulinForever #StopDogMeatTradeEverywhere #StopBeatingDogs #BeTheirVoice!

  68. I am glad I donate to HSUS and ASPCA. at least they are doing something to stop Cruelty by HUMANS!!!
    I am glad there are many organizations that are supporting and spreading to be VEGAN or VEGETARIAN , I hope one day the world will be without the brutality and sadistic cruelty that it takes to be killing animals for food and research.

  69. Agreed! Thank you for reminding everyone what a great job HSUS, HSI and ASPCA do to help animals.

  70. ok first off, I have been volunteering at the humane society, and I can assure you that all the dogs and cats are given the proper amount of meat in their diets that they need, not that vegan shit.
    they do a lot more good than bad, and you can tell that everyone who volunteers there really care about animals. I think you don’t have all the info about them. but then again maybe its different at the san diego humane society

  71. Whites jipped the Indians way back….and they’re still at it, but with animals. Is there no end to it?

  72. Dear Celeste. Facebook put the Humane Society graphic video of the fur business, and showed a poor sweet dog crying as they dragged it to be bludgeoned, then kept going as her poor head reeled, with her blood dripping, alone in a cage. How could they just STAND THERE?!!! I checked to see if America has this, but mostly, according to what I could find, these atrocities happen in foreign countries. If we can create clothes warm enough for the moon, we do NOT need the skin off any helpless creatures back for LOOKS. I pray the animals keep their fur where God placed it, on their own body. They looked so sweet, loyal, and trusting. They looked like they were fed, brushed, and obedient to those ghouls for the year the poor darlings lived. How could anyone look into those innocent eyes, hear their cries, and STILL want to kill them so someone has a fashion statement? I love the ANIMAL, not the fashion. God help us help all creation. “speak the gospel to all creation”, and help all born here be treated as if Jesus was in charge, because his love is their love TOO. I know we have people and creatures who would die if they did not EAT meat, but God gave us a RIGHT way In Jesus name, help us help Jesus take care of all creation just as he would if he were us. Amen

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