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Celeste grew up on a family beef cattle and show pig farm in Western Kentucky. In addition to farming and life as a restaurant wife, Celeste owns Celeste Communications where she works as a photographer, graphic designer, videographer and consultant. This blog is Celeste's personal soapbox. Any ranting or raving is her own and does not reflect the opinions of any of her clients. All photos and posts are copyrighted property of Celeste Communications.

HSUS sponsors an episode of Curious George

HSUS is an extremist organization that spends less than 1% of their multi-million dollar budget on animal shelters. They don’t operate a single animal shelter!
So why are they sponsoring a Curious George episode about animal shelters?

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A letter to fair-goers from a livestock exhibitor

During my many years showing livestock, my friends and I always talked about what we as livestock exhibitors wished we could tell everyone who attended the Kentucky State Fair. This year, I finally took the time to write it all … Continue reading

My Sister the Pork Movie Star

On this blog, I often write about complex aspects of food and farming and interact with my predominately adult readers. My sister Renee, on the other hand, has always preferred to teach children about our farm. She’s brought our pigs … Continue reading

Beef producers donate cattle, provide over 6,000 pounds of beef for local seniors in need

Generally, I don’t post the stories that I write for print publications on my blog. This blog is primarily focused on my personal opinions and experiences instead of the feature stories my clients commission me to write. Today, I’m making … Continue reading