Help ranchers devastated by Winter Storm Atlas – Tyson to donate $10 per tweet to #RancherRelief

In the agriculture community, we pull together in times of disaster.
In this situation, however, most of us are too far away to physically help with the recovery efforts. It’s going to take more than distance to stop the caring and generous spirit of family farmers across the country. We can help our neighbors recover from Winter Storm Atlas, one tweet at a time.
For each tweet using the #RancherRelief hashtag during the hour-long tweetcast, Tyson Foods (@TysonFoods) will donate $10 to the Rancher Relief Fund up to $50,000!

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This farm mom says Chipotle’s Scarecrow video attacks family farmers

I started writing a Chipotle post several times but each draft was filled with anger and frustration so I decided to to wait until I wasn’t mad anymore. Today, I decided to stop waiting. I’m still mad. No, mad doesn’t really describe it. I’m hurt.

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Cookies and Milk with the Commissioner of Ag

Last week, Lorelei and I went to “Cookies and Milk with the Commissioner of Agriculture” at LeCows Dairy in Paducah. The folks at LeCows Dairy have been giving farm tours for years and love sharing their farm story via their … Continue reading

How you can help the farm families affected by the Oklahoma tornadoes

Like many of you, my thoughts and prayers have been with the families whose lives were literally uprooted by the devastating tornadoes in Oklahoma on Monday. I can not imagine what it must be like to lose your home, neighborhood … Continue reading

A letter to fair-goers from a livestock exhibitor

During my many years showing livestock, my friends and I always talked about what we as livestock exhibitors wished we could tell everyone who attended the Kentucky State Fair. This year, I finally took the time to write it all … Continue reading

My Sister the Pork Movie Star

On this blog, I often write about complex aspects of food and farming and interact with my predominately adult readers. My sister Renee, on the other hand, has always preferred to teach children about our farm. She’s brought our pigs … Continue reading

Beef producers donate cattle, provide over 6,000 pounds of beef for local seniors in need

Generally, I don’t post the stories that I write for print publications on my blog. This blog is primarily focused on my personal opinions and experiences instead of the feature stories my clients commission me to write. Today, I’m making … Continue reading