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According to my dad, our farm now has three divisions: he’s “production,” my sister Renee is “marketing” and I’m “promotions.”

One of our Kentucky Proud gilts for sale

He’s not really exaggerating that much.

When it comes to making sure our pigs are taken care of, Dad has the final say. After all, he has more experience raising pigs than all of us kids combined!

Renee has the vision for the Kentucky Proud side of the farm.

She’s the pours her heart and soul into selecting the perfect boars and picking which pigs we keep to breed and which pigs we sell. Her passion is seeing other kids get just as much enjoyment out of showing pigs as she did.

Then there’s me.

I’m the spokesperson, advertising, networking person. Even though I’m not there to help with the day to day operations on the farm, I put in just as much time on my computer promoting our farm so Renee can sell our pigs.

This year, I’m so excited to announce that Laurent Family Farms now has a website!

I hope you’ll take a few minutes to look around our site and check out some of this year’s Yorkshire and crossbred Kentucky Proud show pigs.

We’d love to help your kids find the perfect Kentucky Proud pig for them!


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  1. I read a previous post by you on what not to wear at a livestock show, and what to wear/how to dress modestly. Being a Christian, I wear gouchos, (I show Boer goats) which are like jeans except looser. Thanks for sharing your opinion on how to dress modestly! I know others appreciate it, too.

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