Fall on Laurent Family Farms

Fall is always a busy time on a farm.

For my family, however, its the time of year that farm work slows down and the rest of life speeds up!

Renee (left) has soccer games 3 nights a week and still finds time to care for our baby showpigs.

After selling our cattle and exhibiting our showpigs at the Ky State Fair in August, it was time to take the focus off of the farm and put it on school.

My brother, Bud, and I both returned to our respective universities.

Bud’s in his first semester at the University of Kentucky, studying chemical engineering. Between his heavy course load and the 3 1/2 hour drive home, he seldom makes it back to the farm.

Though I’m only 2 hours away at WKU, I’m trying to balance senior level journalism classes, freelance assignments and wedding planning.

Needless to say, the farm chores have fallen to the youngest three Laurents.

Fall on our farm is a balancing act.

Though there are fewer animals to care for, there is also less time to devote to them.

Shooting Anna makes sports photography seem easy, those mallets move a mile a minute!

As a high school junior, Renee has a busy year ahead of her. This fall, she’s balancing being captain of her high school soccer team, treasurer of her FFA chapter and taking three Advanced Placement classes.

Anna’s world is revolving around marching band.

They practice three nights a week and compete every Saturday at a different festival. Anna’s band shows took some getting used to for this farm family but we’re starting to catch on. This year’s show is especially entertaining because they’re featuring songs by Maroon 5 and the Beatles.

Even Daniel is busy!

He’s playing U-4 soccer, learning to ride a “big boy bike” and keeping mom on her toes at all times.

As crazy their schedules get, however, my siblings always make sure that the pigs are their top priority.

Whether it means waking up extra early or squeezing in a trip to the barn before practice, Renee and Anna make it work.

At the end of October, we’ll sell these pigs to 4-Hers from Louisiana.

Renee will finish her soccer season, Anna will wrap up with band and by November we’ll be starting all over, breeding the sows again for another year of showpigs on Laurent Family Farms.

Below are some snapshots of our fall weanling showpigs.

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