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pinterestI am completely obsessed with Christmas books. Every year my mom always bought a new Christmas book for us and we’d spend the whole month of December reading through our collection, time and time again.

I knew I wanted to start the same tradition for Lorelei, so last year I searched book stores and scoured the internet until I found the perfect book for her first Christmas.

I asked a few of my blogging farm mom friends to recommend their favorite Christmas books for your little ones. I know I’ll have to add these to our collection over the years!

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Celeste Harnedceleste

Kentucky – Blog: A Farm Mom’s Perspective

My all time favorite Christmas book is A Special Place for Santa. In this story, Santa is worried that people are focusing too much on him instead of the true meaning of Christmas. After delivering all of the toys on Christmas, Santa stops at a church so he can be the first person to wish Jesus a happy birthday. He begins to apologize that he is taking the focus off of Jesus when God starts speaking to him and reminding him of how Santa Claus as we know him came to be.

The book focuses on the story of St. Nicholas and the history behind Santa bringing gifts on Christmas. At the end of the story, reminded of all of the good that he does to spread Christmas cheer, Santa gives his gift to the baby Jesus: a list of all the good things people have done over the past year.

Holly Spangler

The Spangler kids.

The Spangler kids.

Illinois – Blog: My Generation

We love Mrs. Wishy Washy’s Christmas. It’s completely silly and every one of my kids adored it as toddlers and preschoolers. The words roll off your tongue – “I’m chilled to the bill, and that’s not nice!” – and the tale of the cow, the pig and the poor old duck sneaking into the Wishy-Washy house and using her pink bathroom to avoid the cold barn washtub is giggle-worthy, every time. We found this Christmas version of the Mrs. Wishy Washy series through our all-time favorite book, Mrs. Wishy Washy’s Farm. They are two great books for every preschool library. “…and no doubt about it, home is best!”

Emily Zweber

The Zweber kids.

The Zweber kids.

Minnesota – Blog: Zweber Farms Blog

My mother has a tradition of buying a new Christmas story book each year. Several years ago, she bought a book titled “Farm Country Christmas Eve.” I loved the story instantly, not knowing that book would lead to me to meet some amazing people. Set in the 1950’s, the story is about a dairy farm family celebrating Christmas Eve. The family must go to the barn to do chores and milk the cows, so that Santa has a chance to visit their house. The children are quick to do their chores and are greeted with simple, but meaningful presents when they are done. Two years ago, I learned that the author of this book, Gordon Fredrickson, was going to be doing readings at our county fair. Tim and I decided to take the boys to go meet the author. We instantly connected with Gordon and his wife Nancy. We learned that they do not live too far from us. I now consider the Fredrickson’s friends. Farm book lovers both young and not so young with enjoy Gordon Fredrickson’s books. He even signs all the books he sells and has free shipping.

Ashton Dawson

The Dawson family: Ashton, her husband John Dockins and their one year old son Kirtley.

The Dawson family: Ashton, her husband John Dockins and their one year old son Kirtley. Photo by Morgan Marie Photography.

Kentucky – Blog: Ashton Oakes Photography and her personal blog, Everyday Farmer’s Wife.

Sharing Christmas books with my son are one of my favorite traditions. Year round. My parents bought Christmas books for me as a child, and continued once my sister was born seven years later. I remember sitting in the big blue recliner, not so big now that I’m adult, with Daddy or Mama reading these books. Then once my sister was born, I would hold her in the big blue recliner reading the same stories. I’m not sure why these memories stick out so much but it made me want to start the same tradition for my own children. Hoping they will enjoy it as much as I did and still do.

The Twelve Days of Christmas is based on the song we all know. Kirtley was given this book just a few weeks ago but it’s become my favorite very quick. I don’t keep this book out with the rest for the simple reason I have a one year old boy and I’m afraid he’ll tear pages out. I guess this book would be one of my favorites because of his reaction when we sit down to read it. As each page turns he asked what this animal is or this object. He ooh’s and ahh’s over every page. Taking it all in. The Twelve Days of Christmas is a beautifully illustrated book. Down to each little detail. Nothing is missing. I’ll probably continue to keep this book just out of reach until Kirtley is old enough to take care of it.
The Christmas Story is one of the first Christmas books my mom bought for me. She wrote my name and the year in the cover. She bought several that same year, all a Little Golden Book. This book tells the story of Jesus and his birth. Kirtley thinks the donkey in the book is a cow, so as we turn the pages he moo’s. Then he points asking who is this, pointing to baby Jesus. Occasionally he’ll say baby. All I can think is yes son that is a baby, the most special little baby the world has ever known. I know he’s too young to understand the story of Jesus’ birth, but in the upcoming years he will and this book will become even better.
Photos by Ashton Oakes Dawson of Ashton Oakes Photography

Photos by Ashton Oakes Dawson of Ashton Oakes Photography

Emily Mohn

emily mohn

Emily and her beautiful daughters.

Minnesota – Blog: Sweet Home Minnesota

My favorite children’s book around the holidays was always “The Mitten.” It’s a Ukrainian folktale about a young boy who loses his white mitten in the snow. Different animals in the woods found it and burrowed in to get out of the cold. As a young child I always thought it was so funny how so many animals could fit into one little mitten! I remember my grandma reading it to me mostly, and to this day, at age 28, I can recite this book word for word. THAT’S how much we read it growing up. My family is from Scandinavian decent so the artwork in the book always reminded me of my grandma and her house. In the book, the grandmother is referred to as “Baba” which is polish for “Grandma” This is what all of us grandkids called my grandma so I could relate to the book in that special way too.  My favorite part of the book is at the end, when the boy finds his mitten again, all stretched out from so many animals being in it. He gives it to Baba and she is looking down at it wondering what in the world happened!

One more favorite of mine is “Cajun Night Before Christmas.”A classic Christmas story with a bit of a southern twist. If you can find someone from Louisiana to read this to you, you will enjoy it as much as I do! My dad, who was born and raised in southern Louisiana, bought this for me a few years ago to read to my kids. I do my best, but it sounds so much better with his strong accent. It reminds me of my grandparents from Louisiana who have both passed away and the way they sounded on phone conversations. Imagine a southern drawl with a French kick! It wasn’t always easy to understand them but I LOVED their accent. So, if you’re ever down that way…ask a Cajun to read you this story!

*Note from Celeste: Emily Mohn and I are both Cajun transplants so we’ve always connected over our love of all things Cajun. I grew up reading this book too and absolutely loved it! My sister Renee and I always got a kick out of the fact that two of Santa’s alligators were named Celeste and Renee. I loved that Emily chose it as one of her favorites too!


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  1. Hi Celeste,
    Your list of Christmas books is wonderful. You might also want to look at Closing the Book on Santa Claus by Ron Chandler. It is about a father who tries to save his daughter’s holiday celebration after it is cancelled at her school. He organizes a rally at the town hall, but unexpected calamity prevails. Both of our children really enjoyed it.

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