Gardening with our nieces

Every summer, my nieces from Louisville come spend a few weeks in West Kentucky with their grandparents.

Its always a lot of fun for us because we get to share our day to day lives with them instead of just holiday festivities.

Aaron and I have always tried to make sure that even though they live in a city, they still learn where their food comes from.

In the past, we’ve brought them to the Kentucky State Fair or read books about farming.

This year, we’re taking a more hands-on approach: putting them to work in our garden!

Both Aaron and I grew up with families who had huge gardens so we knew we wanted our own this summer.

Since summer is also a busy time at the restaurant, Aaron knew the things that needed to be picked daily would likely fall on me so he put in a raised bed right outside our back door for the tomatoes, cucumbers and bell peppers.

Yesterday, we decided to let our nieces start helping out by weeding the raised bed.

Then Uncle Aaron showed them the “baby tomatoes” that are already starting to grow.

They were pretty excited about the little green tomatoes and said they’d help us keep an eye on them and see when they’ll start turning red.

Since they’ll be here for a few more weeks, we’re hoping some of the produce will be ready for them to help us pick!

(Though the youngest informed me that she wasn’t eating a cucumber unless I made it into a pickle!)

And don’t think Lorelei has gotten out of helping in the garden.

A few weeks ago I snapped one of her helping Daddy water the raised bed and yesterday she helped me “supervise” and photograph her cousins.

Hopefully in a few weeks we’ll give her the same job her Uncle Daniel did when he was a baby: help carry the tomatoes!


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  1. I’m so glad your family got to visit and learn! I work at a day care in a larger city close to my house during the summer and I take every chance I can to teach the kids about where their food comes from! Sometimes its fun to hear their misconceptions about their food! Happy gardening!

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