HSUS sponsors an episode of Curious George

Since my daughter Lorelei is only 10 months old, she doesn’t watch much television.

georgeWhen she’s teething and fussy or isn’t feeling good, though, we often cuddle up together in a recliner and watch cartoons.

I always put on PBS Kids.

(With the exception of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, we’ve been known to do the hot dog dance around here a time or two!)

The shows are educational, there’s no commercials and usually the shows are based on books, which I love!

Curious George is one of my favorites.

That little monkey is always learning important lessons that many small children can learn from.

On February 4th, there will be a new episode of Curious George focusing on animal shelters and sponsored by the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS).

Anyone else see the irony there?

If you’ve ever read my blog you know that I am dedicated to exposing the truth about HSUS. I’ve written posts focusing on some shocking facts about them, why I think you should leave them out of your holiday donations and even how I found a way to share their true intentions while planning my wedding.

HSUS is an extremist organization that spends less than 1% of their multi-million dollar budget on animal shelters.

One of the tips from HSUS that the Curious George facebook page is sharing.

One of the tips from HSUS that the Curious George facebook page is sharing.

They don’t operate a single animal shelter. Isn’t that shocking?

HSUS preys on animal lovers who donate money thinking they’ll be helping animal shelters when in actuality, those donations fund a group dedicated to eliminating our right to eat meat and my right to raise pigs and cattle on my family farm.

Let me be clear – I think its great that George is going to teach children how to safely care for pets. I’m thrilled that George is going to teach children about the work that animal shelters do to care for animals and help them find homes. As someone who grew up with dogs and cats that “adopted” our family, I know that adopted pets can be very special to a child.

I don’t understand why the folks behind Curious George thought it was a good idea to use the Humane Society of the United States as a resource for this episode!

Why not highlight a local shelter that is actually using its donations to care for animals in need?

In addition, on the Curious George facebook page they’re sharing “tips to keep your pets safe healthy and happy” from HSUS! (I already commented on those and hope you’ll do the same!)

As a child, I remember my mom calling and donating money to Kentucky Educational Television during their telethon. She always told us about the importance of supporting our PBS station because if we didn’t support them then they might go out of business and we wouldn’t get to watch our favorite shows anymore.

I hope that after years of animal lovers and farm families like mine donating to KET, they’ll support us and won’t air this episode of Curious George.

I’ve emailed, facebooked and tweeted KET and I hope you will too. (Or the PBS affiliate in your state).

Here’s what I sent/posted, feel free to copy and personalize it for yourself!

Hello KET,

As a mother of a young daughter and sister of a kindergartener, I have spent a lot of time watching PBS Kids. We love PBS Kids’ many great television shows, especially Curious George!

I recently learned that the new Curious George episode set to air on Monday, February 4, will be sponsored by the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS).

I am very concerned by this because HSUS spends less than 1% of their millions of dollars in donations to help animal shelters. Sadly, many animal shelters across Kentucky could really use those donations. I’m worried that if you air this episode, many animal lovers will donate to HSUS instead of a local shelter and animals in our communities will not receive the help they need.

I remain a loyal fan of KET and the many great programs you provide for my daughter, however, I am very disappointed in the folks who produce Curious George for teaming up with HSUS.

Please do not show this episode on Monday. My family will not be watching Curious George on Monday and I am urging other parents to do the same. Thank you!



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