Kentucky FFA Convention 2011: Photo Review

This year marked my eighth Kentucky FFA State Convention.

Each convention reminds me of my wonderful years as an FFA member and renews my faith in the organization that is preparing another generation of agriculture advocates.

As always, convention sparks several blog post ideas. For now, I’ll start with a “photo review” featuring some of my favorite shots.

State Secretary Jordan Bowman delivering his report.

Keynote speaker Bill Meck brought FFA members on stage to illustrate hands-on learning

These State Officer Candidates took the convention theme to a new level by making their own "Embrace the Challenge" t-shirts.

During his retiring address, State President Logan Goggin serenaded the convention hall.

After the state officers retired their FFA jackets, retiring State Adviser Curt Lucas retired his. There wasn't a dry eye in Rupp Arena.


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