To the mom who DOESN’T feed her kids organic food

Dear mom at story time, To the mom who DOESN'T feed her kids organic food

I see you stashing that wrapper in your pocket after giving your son a snack.

I see you eying your friend’s kids running around with their Horizon brand boxed milks. I notice your kids’ drinks are in cups.

I overhear your conversation with your friend about her most recent shopping trip.

She had all of her kids with her, one had skipped a nap and she just couldn’t make it out of the store fast enough before the tantrums started.

You commiserated, assured her that every mom goes through this (we really do!) and gave her a hearty pep talk.

Then she says “And to make it all worse, they didn’t have any organic spinach so I didn’t even get everything I needed. What was I supposed to do? Feed my kids that GMO crap?

Being a family farmer, ag college graduate and a mom, that sentence couldn’t help but catch my attention. Forgetting my manners, I turned and looked right at your table.

I saw you squirm, shoving the wrapper from your son’s Kroger brand string cheese further into your pocket, your eyes on the floor as you said, “Yeah… that’s the worst.”

Your friend didn’t notice, but I did. I wanted to give you a hug.

I wanted to introduce myself, spout off my credentials and launch into a huge explanation about why you shouldn’t hide your food wrappers or be ashamed of what you feed your kids.

I wanted to tell you that you aren’t doing anything wrong and your friend isn’t doing anything special, food is food!

But I knew you’d be mortified if your cover was blown and hun, the last thing I wanted to do was make you feel worse.

So tonight I’m writing to you and every other mom out there like you.

Maybe this popped up on your Pinterest feed or your Facebook timeline. Maybe a friend tweeted it to you or a mom in your playgroup shared it.

I hope so, because you need to hear it.

You are doing a good job feeding your kids.

Did you get that?To the mom who DOESN’T feed her kids organic food

YOU…that’s right, YOU with the bags under your eyes.

YOU are doing a good job.

Your kids are healthy. Your kids are growing up strong and happy and well fed and loved.

Because of you!

Because you feed them a balanced diet.

Because you make sure they are eating their fruits and vegetables.

Because you feed them protein to build their muscles and carbs to fuel their energy and somehow get them to eat it!

Because you let them enjoy a treat every now and then but still manage to teach them that they can’t live on ice cream alone.

YOU mama – YOU are doing a good job feeding your kids!

So don’t think for one second that you have done something wrong just because you didn’t buy food with the same labels as your friend.

Here’s the cold hard truth:  When it comes down to it, labels don’t make food healthy.

Science has NEVER proven that organic foods are any more nutritious than non-organic.

Need proof?

How about the Mayo Clinic? Or Harvard Medical School? Or Stanford Medicine?

In fact, this misconception has become so widespread that there are entire websites dedicated to educating people about the facts about organic and non-organic foods.

Like, a website run by The Alliance for Food and Farming, a non-profit organization comprised of BOTH organic and conventional farmers.

So mama, let me make something clear to you: its none of my business what you feed your kids. To the mom who DOESN’T feed her kids organic food

If you want to buy organic because you prefer organic farming practices, go right ahead.

If you want to grow all of your own heirloom vegetables in your backyard, knock yourself out.

If you only want to feed your kids beef from organic, grassfed steers with black hides, go for it.

If that particular label is important to you and makes you happy then by all means, do it!

But don’t you dare criticize another mom for choosing to feed her kids food with a different label on it.

Because when we get down to the facts, its just a label and she’s just a mom.

A mom just like you who is working her butt off to do a good job feeding, caring for and loving her kids.

So mama, don’t you hide your food wrappers. Remind yourself that your kids are fed, your kids are loved and YOU are doing a good job!

About Celeste

Celeste grew up on a family beef cattle and show pig farm in Western Kentucky. In addition to farming and life as a restaurant wife, Celeste owns Celeste Communications where she works as a photographer, graphic designer, videographer and consultant. This blog is Celeste's personal soapbox. Any ranting or raving is her own and does not reflect the opinions of any of her clients. All photos and posts are copyrighted property of Celeste Communications.


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  1. AMEN, Celeste. Best blog post I have seen on the topic of food shaming. Accurate, on point, and REAL.

  2. Celeste, you ought to be writing comedy for TV. That has got to be one of the most haphazard and comedic pieces of writing I have seen in a long time. I felt like the cast from Friends was about to appear at any time. You changed direction and focus so many times, it reminded me if an Abbot and Costello routine. If you want to write serious articles about subjects affecting real life human beings, you need to take some journalism writing courses and stop getting your ideas from TV.

  3. Thanks Rae!

    Jackie, I’m not really sure what ideas you think I got from TV. As for the quality of my journalism degree, you’ll have to take that one up with my old college professors at WKU I guess.

  4. this is just SO WRONG!!! There are so much proof out there that organic food IS better, however all you need is your commin sense to know it. Better soil and better seed quaity must lead to better food qualtiy. Pesticides and herbecised are not safe to be around so obviously they are not safe to eat. Especially for kids. So stop being cheap and lazy and feed yourself and your kids good food.

  5. Gabi – There has NEVER been a reputable scientific study to prove that organic food is any more nutritious than non-organic.
    If you prefer food that is labelled organic then by all means, keep purchasing it. All moms should feel free to buy the food they feel is the best fit for their family without being judged or shamed.

  6. Yes! Amen! Well said. Thank you for putting in words what so many of us are thinking. I just may be brave next time to engage and give that mom a hug and say, “You are doing a good job!”

  7. Great article! We are conventional grain farmers in Maryland, and raising our two middle school daughters on the farm. Our girls are very healthy and fit. And they eat GMO’s, non-organic, and even gluten! I have never been ashamed of the way I feed my kids.

  8. Very well written article. I like that you included reputable sources to solidify what you’re saying.

    People think organic= healthy. Chocolate milk is still a sugar laden treat, organic or not.

    Look at all the fillers in organic Horizon sour cream! Then read the label on Daisy sour cream. Clearly, the non organic choice is better.

    If you polled people on the street, asking them to explain what GMO’s are, what’s the difference between organic and non organic, and what is gluten, the majority would be clueless. They’ll say, “um, it’s healthier cause I read it on a blog”.

  9. Gabi – I think you missed the point. I won’t call you cruel for making your kids miss out on even the occasional treat of takeaway or junk food even though everyone else gets to eat it, I won’t pick on your atrocious spelling skills and question the long term effects of your brain friendly diet if that’s the result, and you won’t judge my parenting based on what my children eat. They want for nothing I assure you, and from a woman who was once a child that had little to no food at all, I can honestly say that if non organic food is the only ‘wrong’ thing a mother does according to some social ideal, then give that woman a medal coz she’s got a better score sheet than the rest of us put together. My children are healthy, happy, and loved. Anything beyond that is none of your damn business.

  10. Ha, ha, ha, Gabi…I believe, on top of the fact (and it is a known FACT), organic labels only have to follow minimum organic guidelines, that the point of this post is the reality that foof is food and bullies like you can have your beliefs just don’t shame the ones who don’t buy into the lies.

    And Jackie, wow, must not be a book reader. Celeste

  11. Gabi: The correct spelling is common, not commin. Stop being cheap and lazy and purchase yourself a dictionary.

  12. Too many people are also oblivious to the fact that “GMO” and “Organic” are not mutually exclusive labels. GMO happens at the biological level, organic happens at the environmental level, and if you want to avoid GMO foods then you’re likely NOT best off shopping organic because a lot of the drive for GMO is to make plants that grow more easily and need fewer pesticides, etc. – all things to make organic growing easier.

    So please, if anyone here wants to publicly berate other parents for what they feed their kids, do ALL of your research before opening your mouth. And also remember that when you brag about only giving your kids foods labeled, “All Natural,” it’s a useless label that only means what any company wants to call it to get you to buy their products.

  13. I don’t have any kids (yet?) but I love this. While I think this is much worse in the mommy community, I have friends who berate me for being a young unmarried woman who doesn’t buy organic. There are brands of food I like that are organic, there are brands of food I like that are not. I buy what I need/want at the store, because I know the science behind labels and the mental battle of marketing is way more complicated than just black and white, organic and non-organic.

    Can we expand this to pet foods, as well? I feel like I’m constantly under attack for feeding my dog mainstream food, when there are all those organic, fresh-meat foods out there that have to be refrigerated. If this is how I feel about my dogs, I can’t imagine what it’s like to be a mother feeling judged.

  14. I am the mom of twins and I want to say thank you for saying this. You dont know what its like to watch as the other moms pull out little containers of cut up fruit and veggies and you pull out the bag of fish cause you dont have the time to cut up fruit and you cant afford the cost of organic. I loved this article for all of us moms who are trying to do the right thing but are not sure we are.

  15. I have written two books, one fiction and one non fiction, and one in the works. I maintain over twenty blogs, in addition to a small business. Also, I am currently back in college completing a degree. I would say I have read a few books and studied about writing styles and the different types of communication. There is an appropriate place for sarcasm and hyperbole, scattered selectively in an article. However, this article is sarcastic and berating from beginning to end. Not great style for a serious journalistic writer.

  16. I saw this article on my FB feed, a friend of mine shared it on her wall. Being a mom who’s picky about food, I couldn’t help but read what you had to say. I do agree with you on one thing: we as a society, as moms, as women, need to be more accepting of each other despite our differences. Because it does indeed take a village to raise a child, all of us mothers out there running on a few hours of sleep, struggling to get it all done in one day – and not screw our kids up in the process – requires a team. So kudos on that message.

    BUT… as for the rest of your article regarding food… sheesh, where do I begin? First, your studies regarding the nutritional differences (or lack there of) between organic and non-organic food have recently been discovered to be false. Due to funding from Big Ag companies, like Cargill, those studies were flawed. And new evidence has been made available that does actually prove organic food contains more nutrients than non-organic. Just sayin’.

    I think my biggest problem with your point of view is that you’ve equated love with food. And that if you love your child, it doesn’t matter what you feed them. Fish crackers. Sugary cereal. Kroger mozarella sticks. Whatever. But in reality, it does matter. How do I know? Because although I fed my daughter with love (and with the aforementioned food), she became seriously ill. By age 3, she was diagnosed with an immune disorder. And do you know what made her better? Food. Not the nasty stuff I used to feed her, but good, unprocessed, quality food. Grass-fed and pastured meats (high in omega-3’s and B vitamins), organic fruits and veggies, no gluten, no dairy, no GMO’s. Today she’s a healthy 6-year-old, hardly ever gets sick, and her immune disorder is gone.

    So yes, loving your kids is great. But you can love them to death and feed them convenient, processed junk, and they can still be unhealthy.

  17. Amber, would you please share a link or something to some of these studies that show a nutritional value difference between organic and non organic? I would love to read them!
    I am glad your daughter is doing well again.

  18. Great article and even better comments. I love that in a follow up comment you referred to “food labeled as organic” because I don’t think people get what that means and it makes me laugh.

    Also, for the mom’s equating organic to love and better caring for their children, great for YOU. And just because it is great for you doesn’t mean it is great for everyone.

  19. I too agree that we shouldn’t be quick to judge other moms. However, I disagree with the premise of your article, that organic foods are no better for children than conventional. The label does matter.

    According to the USDA website:

    “USDA certified organic foods are grown and processed according to federal guidelines addressing, among many factors, soil quality, animal raising practices, pest and weed control, and use of additives. Organic producers rely on natural substances and physical, mechanical, or biologically based farming methods to the fullest extent possible.

    Produce can be called organic if it’s certified to have grown on soil that had no prohibited substances applied for three years prior to harvest. Prohibited substances include most synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. In instances when a grower has to use a synthetic substance to achieve a specific purpose, the substance must first be approved according to criteria that examine its effects on human health and the environment (see other considerations in “Organic 101: Allowed and Prohibited Substances”).

    As for organic meat, regulations require that animals are raised in living conditions accommodating their natural behaviors (like the ability to graze on pasture), fed 100% organic feed and forage, and not administered antibiotics or hormones.

    When it comes to processed, multi-ingredient foods, the USDA organic standards specify additional considerations. Regulations prohibit organically processed foods from containing artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors and require that their ingredients are organic, with some minor exceptions.”

    If you want to take a chance on feeding your children food with synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, inhumanely raised meat from animals stuffed with antibiotics and hormones, artificial preservatives, colors, and flavors, then that is your business. But don’t spout nonsense that organic food is no better than conventionally grown and raised. I will not be testing your theory on my daughter.

  20. There may not be research supporting the fact that organic food is more NUTRITIOUS per se, but there is ample research showing it exposes children to considerably less (almost no detectable level) pesticide.

    I will never fault a woman who is struggling financially for feeding her children whatever she can afford – but I feel it’s socially irresponsible to be posting widespread blog articles downplaying the health benefits of organic Non-GMO foods. I’m relatively certain most parents would rather not feed their children potentially neurotoxic and hormone altering chemicals if they can afford to do so.

  21. Jackie – I didn’t use sarcasm in this post. The entire point of the post was to be a supportive and encouraging pep talk for moms from all walks of life.

  22. I’ve never considered going out of my way to buy organic food, for the same reason why as a farmer, I never went out of my way to blindly spray a crop. I trust North American governments and their testing procedures, and with that trust I know that the food that I am getting has such a minute level of chemicals that it is insignificant.

    I do get skittish when it comes to seasonal food from overseas countries, simply because they don’t have the regulations that North America has. Its not a 2 day drive to market for a lot of imported food, and they have to compensate for the lag time. I wish that worldwide, we would look to homogenize which chemicals are allowed to be used.

  23. Amber – I’m glad to hear that you daughter is no longer ill. It is amazing that for some people a specialized diet can make a major difference in their health. Personally, I have a blood sugar issue that runs in my family. Even though fresh fruits are very healthy, I can’t eat very much of them because my body doesn’t process them correctly. Thanks to the recommendation of my doctor and dietician, I now eat a diet that includes very little fresh fruit but keeps me healthy and allows me to be a better mom to my daughter.
    That does NOT mean that my diet is perfect.
    In fact, if I made my daughter or husband adhere to it they’d be missing out on a lot of nutrients from fresh fruits.
    There is no “one-size-fits-all” diet. We as moms need to accept that what works for our children might not be the best diet for another mom’s kids.

    For the record, it is 100% possible to feed your child “good, unproccessed, quality food” like you mentioned in your comment without buying organic or specialty labelled foods. If you have any links to reputable, scientific studies to prove my sources false, I’d appreciate you sharing them.

  24. I understand the message here, and I agree no mother should ever feel badly for taking care of children within her means. However, I don’t like that this article perpetuates the idea that organic isn’t “worth it.” No, organic products do not contain any more nutritional value than their non-organic counterparts, but they do lack pesticides which are proven to be bad for us, and the farmer’s that have to distribute them, so to say they aren’t worth choosing, if it’s within a person’s means, is just false information. Again, I don’t think purchasing organics gives anyone the right to judge another for not doing so, but it’s important to note that whenever possible organic (and local) IS best.

    I’d also like to note that you made it seem as if the Alliance for Food and Farming is an unbiased source of information when in fact they are known for trying to brush the negatives of pesticides under the rug and their mission statement up until recently even included a reference to the promotion of “agricultural chemical use.”

    Your message could have been expressed just as well without having diminished positives to choosing organic.

  25. Stephanie – I find it quite ironic that you say “we shouldn’t be quick to judge other moms” however your last two sentences are judging me for what I choose to feed my daughter.
    If the organic label matters to you then you should by all means purchase that food. That does not mean that I am “taking a chance” with my daughter’s health by feeding her food like we raise on our family farm, in accordance with the standards set forth by the USDA, Beef Quality Assurance and Pork Quality Assurance and backed by countless scientific studies.
    Not “spout[ing] nonsense,” just scientifically proven facts.

  26. Well thanks for making me look like the bad person. Perpetuating the mommy wars much? The mom in your story who didn’t want non organic spinach never criticized the other mom. She never had the chance. This mom who hides her wrapper obviously hasn’t shared her views on food and just because the other one is sharing doesn’t mean she is the one judging the other. And sorry but for all you know she used to work for Monsanto and knows something you dont. You dont know the credentials of everyone who chooses to eat that way and you also don’t need them to make informed decisions.

    And the label is important for anyone who wants to feed their child FOOD and not chemicals. Or for anyone who wants to avoid high fructose corn syrup or MSG.

    And I don’t care what everyone else feeds their kids. I do care about pesticides and GMOs and I should not have to hide my concerns like this mother hiding her wrapper. Maybe that mother should have said “do you really think the non organic is that bad?”. There is plenty of reasons to be concerned with things like GMO’s and we need to stop all the shaming and start talking. We can help each other make informed decisions. Say that none of it matters if you want to but dont imply organic seeking mommy’s are looking down on the other moms.

  27. Christi – In my post I quite bluntly mentioned that if the organic label is important to you then you should purchase it.
    To me, an informed decision is based on scientifically proven facts. The fact is quite simple: organic food is NOT more nutritious than non-organic labelled foods. Nutritionally, spinach is spinach, whether it is labelled organic or not.
    If you would like to base your decision on other factors then that is your prerogative.

  28. This is not about motherhood. This is about caring for the planet. Organic means grown or raised with consideration for the well being of animals and plants and our planet. Unfortunately, too many lies infesting the labels are fooling the consumers out of greed. Food industrialization has gone too far and corporations have brainwashed us; it has distorted our palate; it has killed the small farmer… But small farmers are on the rise again. The awareness about unprocessed/real food developing and the desire to consume it is resurfacing. The ”organic” labels can be quite deceiving because this is the beginning and the food industry is presently engaging into a war against the small farms. They contribute a lot of their money to fund research geared to convince the consumer that processed food is not that bad and that raw food is dangerous. But there is a new wave that is starting to change the equation and many and many more people know. It has become apparent that the best thing to do is to purchase from a small farmer if you live in the respective area. People know that when they bite into a piece of meat they got at the store, they vote ”yes” to the animal abuse at the farm factory… I have no children simply because I cannot afford to raise them, and I don’t wanna be part of the invasion of humans that has become inconsiderate to our environment. I sustain myself because I don’t have enough money but I have enough land to ”milk” for me and for my small family and I have too much respect for my environment. We’ve gotta slow down here with all the greedy production of goods to please too many un-conscientious, selfish and lazy people. Please, let’s not just worry about being parents, making children and feeding them whatever so that they won’t be hungry. Our planet is the one in pain.

  29. Amen, sister friend! Very well put, I couldn’t agree with you more. This is the whole reason I started blogging about agriculture—to make moms feel okay about feeding their kids food. It is all safe, plentiful and diverse and for that we are privileged.


    There are lots of studies that show organic foods are actually healthier. Higher in antioxidants and vitamins. If you watch the studies done on rats who are fed only GMO corn vs non GMO corn…it’s scary. Please do a little research and at least show both sides of the argument so that your readers can make their own conclusions based off of multiple studies, not just the ones that “prove” your side is the right one.

  31. I understand completely was this author is saying. Though you say do not bash others for the way they feed their kids you are bashing people such as Gabi and Amber. You all can look for things the wrong way. Be blind to the March against Monsanto movement and Gmo’s in al your food. Go against indivuals like me while you gladly have your rights taken away. Mama you are doing wonderful as some people cannot afford to feed their children. Honestly, but if you have that money and you waste it on extra televesion shows, or extra clothes you do not need do not wonder why your child has cancer, or diabetes. You know why. I agree with the person who wrote this blog. Though, I grew up eating junk and I developed a chronic ilness just like Amber said her daughter did. Not to mention, it is incurable and nothing helped. You know what did though. I ate ALL ORGANIC PRODUCE and nothing but. Do not ignore the way the government is hiding this scheme and we are apart of it. Do not ignore the 30 ingredients on a cereal box that you cannot pronnounce. Do not ignore the fact that you can afford to eat organic but read things like this to make yourself feel better. If you can even read this, then honestly you can afford to switch to some organic food because you have internet. Make your generation better. You want proof go on Netflix watch “GMO OMG”..plenty of proof from parents like you. So do not tell me there is not proof when it is everywhere!!!!

  32. The only thing I agree with here is that it is never ok to bash or shame another mama. We all only want the very best for our kiddos. Bashing and shaming get us absolutely nowhere. However, I find it terribly irresponsible to claim that feeding our kids anything Monsanto throws at us (pretty much everything in the middle of a typical grocery store’s aisles…) will come at no consequences – now or twenty years from now. Just as it is not ok for a mama feeding her kids organic stuff to judge a mama who isn’t, it isn’t fair to assume that those of us who do (or do on the level we can afford) are automatically judgey to those who don’t. Any mama who DOES act that way makes the rest of “us” look bad. I wish you had included the very real research that organic is not only beneficial but a step in the right direction to curing preventable diseases like cancer in some cases, diabetes, high cholesterol and the list goes on. I’m not posting links to “prove my point”, so don’t ask. I’ve done my research and am making the choices for my kids that I hope will give them full and healthy, happy lives, as I am 100% sure you are doing for your own kids. I just hope that readers coming to this article for some comfort in not sacrificing a little to invest in their family’s health with organic choices realize that it doesn’t have to be all or none. It doesn’t have to break your bank account. And finally, just because something that claims to be “organic” does not always mean it’s “healthy”. Research, research, research people. Don’t take anyone’s word for it. Find it out for yourself.

  33. It is total hype that a person must eat organic in order to be healthy and disease free. That is not true. I also don’t suggest eating known processed food with unpronounceable ingredients like many store bought children cereals.

    There are all types of hypes and myths and old wives tales in all areas, and eating is one of them. There is a middle ground of eating healthy from known ingredients like vegetables and meat and grains, but they don’t have to be organic in order to be safe. Eating organic is a choice for healthy living and a chemical free environment, not a requirement.

    As in human food, there are all types of myths in pet food. There are believers that dogs should eat only raw and organic foods in order to be healthy. That is not true. There is a wide variety of types of foods available to pets that are healthy that are not raw or organic.

    The same myths are in vaccinations. Some people are completely anti or limited vaccinations, and there are some that follow veterinarians recommendations. Neither are right, except the ones required by law.

    What I don’t agree about this post is the sarcastic and almost comedic tone of the author. There are many ways that this subject can be discussed professionally without all the twists and turns of a fiction novel. Journalism does not have a romantic fiction novel tone. Instead it follows a serious and steady and stable and factual tone, unlike this blog post.

  34. Celeste you didn’t address any of the points I made. And after looking at your own links I am confused why you are giving half the story. Your own links say thinks like

    Organic produce did have the slight edge in food safety, with 30% lower pesticide residues than conventional foods.

    Organic chicken and pork were also about a third less likely to contain antibiotic-resistant bacteria than conventionally raised chicken and pork.

    …a limited number of studies suggested that organic milk may contain significantly higher levels of omega-3 fatty acids.

    Two studies of children consuming organic and conventional diets did find lower levels of pesticide residues in the urine of children on organic diets

    Those sites,,, YOUR LINKS OF PROOF even give tips on how to wash off pesticides and say more research is needed and state no long term studies have been done on the health of people who consume organic foods. They also explain how to try to avoid the ‘dirty dozen’ as well as state READ LABELS CAREFULLY.

    Did you even read your own links?

  35. Celeste, You also did not address my quotes from the USDA site that clearly state that organic food meets a higher standard of health and safety.
    Instead you chose to focus on my statement that we should not be quick to judge other mothers. I was not quick to judge you. I did not see you feeding your child a conventionally raised product and presume to know your circumstances. Instead I read your article and now am acquainted with your perspective.
    My closing statements did not cast judgement on you; they simply said that what you feed your children is your business, but I will not be feeding mine based on your principles, which I find to be irresponsible.
    I am a university English instructor. Since you are currently in college working on a degree, let me give you a tip: Good non-fiction writing must include thorough research, responsible handling of that research, an anticipation of opposing views, and a well thought out rebuttal to those opposing views. If you aspire to be a writer, you could work on a few of these areas.

  36. I want you all to consider the fact that anytime a site uses the word generally, that the information you are getting is biased towards the point that site is trying to make. “Organic” is a term that has extremely varying guidelines when it comes to using it regarding food. Also take into consideration that if we only had “organic” food most of the world’s population would not be able to survive. Furthermore, you need to realize that this world would already have reached its peak population levels without chemicals, you are only likely to be alive today because of these chemicals. Would you rather live a shorter life or never have been born at all?

  37. My favorite food gimmicks is “free range.” We all envision animals left to graze at will… Not so. They must be let out to pasture ONCE in their lifetime. Now that was from research I did a few years back. I have family who raises amazing truly free range chickens. They feed them well but can’t afford the “organic” feed to allow their animals to be labeled “organic”. Craziness. Growing/raising your own is always the best, but alas I too have a box of granola bars for after swim team

  38. This is by far the most un-educated blog post I’ve read in a long time. I had to stop reading it due to the lack of knowledge on the topic.
    First off the statement ‘food is food’ made me laugh. Look up the ingredients that are in your “food”…try to pronounce the fillers and unnecessary food dyes that are in your food and explain what use does our body have for them!?
    Organic food is a standard of how food is grown and produced. Is it more ‘nutritious?’ Yes… Becaused its not laced with toxic chemicals! Ingredients in organic products are REAL food… Without the preservatives, antibiotics (that cause superbugs) genetically modified ingredients (GMOs) and more. Did you read that… Your putting generically modified food in your kids body…what business does Our food have in a lab? None. At least mine doesn’t.
    Do some research please about the correlation between our cancer rates and increases in food allergies and autoimmune diseases and you’ll see that they directly relate to when the food in the US became a money making, unethical joke.
    So before you spread more ignorance on this topic to make yourself feel better about what crap you put in your body… Do some research. Ignorance is bliss as they say and you seem to fit that saying well.
    (Also Stephanie above this post… Well said.)

  39. jessi – you seem to be conflating a couple of things.

    The healthy option is eating less processed food and more fresh produce no matter organic or not. If it has “ingredients” listed on packaging, then it’s processed food.

    Also, you should realize that before gmo’s came to be, a standard practice was to blast seeds with radiation to create mutations then wait and see which random mutations caused a desirable or advantageous trait, then repeat. So probably all the non-gmo products that you are eating can be traced back to this process(many times over), and likely introduced a lot more weird unseen stuff than anything that’s done with gmo’s

  40. I like seeing my son bite into an organic apple and knowing that he isn’t eating harmful pesticides. The migrant farmers picking your conventional produce have a staggeringly high rate of birth defects. You can look up a study reported on npr if you are interested in this subject.
    I have worked in the health food industry for many years. The people who know the truth about our food are not reading about it in blogs. There are people who are trying to expose the truth but it is hard bc the money is in big ag and pharma which is married to our government.
    I challenge all of you who think
    “Food is just food” to spend one evening doing some research. Your mind will be blown. The ones experiencing the awakening and educating others are the people I work with everyday.
    Nutrition is an entirely different subject. Harmful chemicals are not what you want in your child’s mouth. The miniscule amounts add up when it’s on everything you eat.

  41. It s impossible to discuss this topic with people who treat their stomach as trash. So many chemicals and other system disturbers have such damaging effects on our brain (glyphosates among many others) that their arguments are not even coherent. They sound like ”Merchants of Doubt”! It’s like trying to sort out the content of a bag full of trash… It is nice to be able to eat the way you want, but in this aspect of life style, we (among other species of animals and plants) all end up being hurt because we live on the same planet!

  42. Lena – your argument is too simplistic and excludes some major caveats.

    If your primary concern is safety and well being of the planet and all its inhabitants, “all organic” isn’t the number one priority.

    First, ALL agriculture is inherently damaging to the environment, there are then just trade offs on how damaging depending on practices and specific products. While organic may introduce less pesticides, it also is more labor intensive (more energy and water) and needs more arable land to achieve the same yield. Then you have to consider that certain products are more labor intensive than others – yield to resource usage ratio is much lower for a lot of fruits and vegetables compared to grains etc. Then you have to consider where its grown. Produce from South America is going to need large amounts of energy for transportation and refrigeration. So organic products from South America are probably more damaging to the environment than non-organic local produce.

    So again, if you are truthfully just concerned about the well being of the planet, you should be advocating for a diet based around rice and beans (high yield to resources used) and VERY locally sourced fruits and vegetables, because that will be a 1000 times more beneficial than switching to organic.

  43. Wow, Celeste, you sure have struck some chords here. I will keep this brief. Celeste is not bashing “Organic People”, she is giving here educated opinion on the subject. Aren’t blogs simply one person’s ability to freely express his or her opinions in any form or fashion they desire? Do the personal attacks against the author accomplish much?Sheesh, people.

    As for the whole Organic Vs GMO discussion. I have a career in the agriculture industry. I assist in financing both organic and conventional producers. I believe there are valid points to both arguments. However, if we would look at the bigger picture of how to feed our increasing population with a constant reduction of tillable acreage, then there isnt much of a discussion to be had. Conventional production of agricultural crops are safe because they have been planted, fertilized, sprayed, and harvested using products that, like organic production, have been approved for use by our government and various health organizations. I have nothing against the certified organic, but it simply isn’t the answer on the mainstage. My organic farmers will attest to this.

    I firmly believe that “Organic” is a way of life, situated with specific values and morals placed for his or her family. I would gladly share a table with one who is eating a high quality grass fed, non-antibiotic ribeye; while consuming my high-quality vaccinated, grain fed ribeye.

    If you want to feed your children organic, go ahead. If you want to feed GMOs to your offspring, then more power to you. Make your choice, but don’t be ashamed about the choice you make. Is that not what this article is portraying?

  44. I’d like to add just a few bullet points that add perspective to the discussion; 1)The Universities of Iowa and North Carolina have studied 89,000 farmers, their spouses and commercial applicators for the last quarter of a century for pesticide related illness. Keep in mind that pesticides can enter the body in many ways besides the mouth. They found none. They do note however that Rotenone, an organic approved pesticide that occurs ‘naturally’ causes Parkinson’s Disease. 2) There are two ways to control weeds in crops, tillage or herbicides. Tillage results in erosion, destroys organic matter and micro-organisms, and releases the green house gas CO2. Tillage is the method of choice for organic on fields too big to mulch. 3) Stanford University reviewed 236 independent studies comparing organic to non organic and found zero nutritional benefits. Its my theory that if organic is locally grown it will have additional benefits from vine ripening. 4) The following “study” was conducted on two groups of pigs and exemplifies the lack of responsibility of the anti-GMO people; An anti-GMO group conducted a study of two groups of pigs, one fed GMO grain and the other fed non-GMO grain. In the end the antis mined one advantage for the non-GMO which they advertised extensively but there were several advantages for the pigs fed GMO which were not published. The saddest part of the story is that this anti group allowed both groups of pigs to suffer extensive amounts of pneumonia in order to salvage a maligned story. Which leads me to #5) Millions of livestock and wildlife have been consuming GMOs for the last two decades and both are thriving. That’s all I’ll write for now – its modern agriculture’s defense tip of the iceberg.

  45. Oh, and don’t mention about the planet deteriorating with the global warming partly caused by big farm factories (CAFO’s) playing an important role with their emission gasses released! It is a shame you are missing the point… It is clear that it is beyond the point to share arguments here when people are in denial; it is like trying to converse with an alcoholic!

  46. For once I’m posting because I love both the article and the comments below. Little name calling and good points.

    As a relation to organic anthrax and arsenic are naturally occurring compounds that can kill you. As can eating the wrong part of a potato or tomato plant. No idea amounts required, didn’t even know the plants were related until the potatoes in our garden started spouting tomatoes looking things while growing up.

    The other issue is different countries rules and regulations. I’m from Canada. To protect our dairy industry they’re are exteamly tight and sometimes odd rules, but it also means more of it it’s local. I also have a friend who is part of our Food Inspection Agency, until recently inspecting small producers of meat now working all sizes of fish, that reminded me why for the most part I will always buy Canadian meat. Our animals are still sold at auction that anyone can go to and buy a pig or cattle so less industry influence. There is some but it is more directly market led because if we want more meet and less fat they will do what they can to produce animals with more meet and less fat. On the other hand there is huge amounts.of paperwork and money required for antibiotics and the such now so few producers use them unless required as not worth the money for all that were the big concern in previous years.

    Yes cattle that came from Canada were found latter with what is known as ‘mad cow diseese’ but due to our tracking the Agency could trace it it’s whole life and what it ate while here. Did find a lot of contaminated feed that may have caused and as a precaution removed all posibly infected animals from the chain. The fda had little knowledge of what the animal had been through since entering the USA.

    Hence the reason I like knowing more precisely where my food comes from at times because as.mentioned by others sometimes groups simply don’t get the title because that’s more expensive but are still good producers.

  47. I am not a mother yet but I shudder at the possibility that when I do I will be judged on what I feed my children. Since when did it become the right of others to judge what we eat. I’m a firm believer that if you find organic gluten free food better for you to go for it but just because I don’t have the same eating habits as you does not give you the right to judge me as I am not judging you.

    Your reasoning for believing organic is better (however flawed I might think they are) are yours to have and not mine to criticize.

    And furthermore I find it ridiculous that you are ridiculing Celeste for simply trying to make other moms feel better. It doesn’t matter what she believes or how she wrote it. She’s doing what we should all be doing and lifting each other up.

  48. I am sorry for not being clear. I am not a good writer. The surfacing organic food is a reacion to our (and the planet’s) health problems due to processed food including the whole array of industrialized food. Too many corporations/greed involved in the production. Food is produced in a fast a cheap way to get more quantities. Cows are almost stacked up on top of each other, they are not on pasture and they eat corn/grain produced in mass production by poor farmers owned by corporation… We’ve seen the global warming coming decades ago… Here is an article that puts in better words what I am trying to explain here unsuccessfully. But if there is denial, don’t bother reading. I grow and raise my own here and I feed a few families (through my little CSA business) that are pretty close to what I’m doing and how. Few years ago, I got very sick from pasteurized milk (I can only consume raw), after the doctors ruled out everything else. That is what drove me to sustainability. I have a degree in political science and I speak 4 languages. I let go all that becasue of my health issues due to allergies to processed food. I have become a farmer and I am glad I have my own land, gardens, rabbits and goats. I don’t need to win in this discussion. I just wanna eat healthy food and I don’t trust the supermarket, and not even the labels that say ”organic”. But they’ve gotta start somewhere, if you know what I mean.

  49. If you don’t agree with me you’re wrong! If I don’t agree with the information in your article, it’s poorly written and is completely sarcastic to the point of equalling dick and fart jokes! If you provide links to studies that I didn’t like the outcome of, you’re stupid!

    Do you hear how rediculous you people sound?!

    There’s more than one way to skin a cat and it doesn’t matter which one you use if it gets the job done. Scientist A works with the notion that organic is healthier, safer, and just all around better. Scientist B works with the notion that genetically modifying foods can help bring larger, easier-to-grow, and more resilient crops that aren’t devoid of nutrients to the planet to try to feed the 7.125 BILLION people on this planet. They’re BOTH right. Science is awesome because you can have so many different outcomes. Open your minds a bit and let people live however the hell they want.

    Celeste, thank you for your great post. End mommy shaming! Hell…end anything shaming!

  50. Thank you. You sound like an intelligent being. Good luck in what you eat that you also you are!

  51. You want sustainable farming for yourself, but is it sustainable for the entire population. You seem to want to return to an 18th century agrarian economy and farming system that could probably only provide food for a fraction of the worlds population, and all so you can eat marginally healthier.

    Yes, the current system is screwed up on multiple levels, but your solution is in no way workable on a global scale.

  52. It doesn’t have anything to do with nutrition: it has to do with chemicals. It’s not a matter of shaming it’s a matter of science. The average piece of conventional produce has been coated with pesticides an average of 38 times before it reaches the store. That’s 38 layers of chemicals that have been proven to have many diseases and conditions linked to them. We can provide truth and reality without judgement. No, no one should feel badly, but let’s also not lie about it. Chemicals, pesticides, artificial ingredients, dyes, HFCS, and the like are awful and not good for the body.

  53. Well the one thing I agree on is that we shouldn’t be judging and shaming others. But an argument that all food is equal I just can’t agree there. We buy as much organic and whole foods as possible, and it absolutely makes a difference in my the health of all of us.

  54. Well, we have used Roundup since it is introudced, and me, nor my five children have missed a day of work. My children were all honored their senior year for having perfect attendance throughout school. My anecdotes are better than yours! Hurrah!

  55. Oh maaan, so much erroneous data in here I don’t even know where to start.’Wonder who funded these studies. I cringed particularly as I was reading about tilling. I’ve been a farmer for over 25 years and not much of this makes sense. I get a better conversation with my goat. I give up.Enjoy the rest of this talk. And don’t forget to pour some Round Up into your coffee and you’ll get even smarter!

  56. Sustainable farming as well as small farms are on the rise. The demand for raw and unprocessed food is on the rise too to respond to the increasing demand.

  57. THANK YOU!!! I have shared this post and they comments are cheering you on! I am a mom of 5 and a farmer! Labels mean very little to me because the majority of the public have no idea what they mean! I find is very sad that people choose to “argue” and slam each other on your comment thread. You have never put anyone down for their choices, just supported the mom who felt ashamed and not strong enough to take pride in her decisions. THANKS so much for this post!

  58. Thank you for this post Celeste. You are right, food shaming is wrong. As an organic dairy farmer I want people to eat my product because it makes them feel good, not because they are shamed into it. Each and every farmer farms in a way that is best for their land, animals and family. Organic farming is the best choice for us. I am proud of the way we farm and I’m happy to share about all the wonderful things organic farming has done for our land, animals and family. But at the end of the day, my choice doesn’t have to be your choice. I am glad that there are moms who support how our family farms and there are moms who support how your family farmers. If we ever meet for a play date, I’ll bring the Organic Valkey string cheese, you bring the Goldfish. Our kids will laugh and play and we will enjoy a great chat. There will be no shaming.

  59. Jackie, I don’t know what your hang up is about journalism. This is a blog post, not a newspaper article. Blog posts are, by nature, typically opinion pieces. If you have a problem with the content, you should talk about that, but give it a rest about ‘writing styles’ etc. No one asked you to grade her paper.

  60. Personally I couldn’t careless what other people feed their children, it’s not my issue at all. I did have a laugh at your little rant, if you don’t want people (other mother’s) to judge you for YOUR food choices then that doesn’t give YOU the right to judge them for theirs.

  61. It is called feedback, just like the rest of the comments. She can take it or leave it. Besides, no one has to ask for my opinion in order for me to give it. She writes a public blog, and mine are public comments, just like the rest. If someone writes publicly, they ought to be open to comments about their writing, or don’t write publicly. Pretty simple stuff.

  62. Well Jackie, here’s some feedback- it’s clear you’re not a writer, but it seems really important to you that someone thinks you are. All your posturing about ‘journalism’, (which this piece is not, nor does it pretend to be), and you don’t provide any evidence at all to back up your words of wisdom (such as the elegant “that is not true”). And wth is happening in that paragraph about vaccines? I’ve read it twice and still have no idea what you are trying to communicate. People in glass houses… Geez.

  63. Jen, it is clear you haven’t read my posts. You have missed a few things.

    Also, just because you don’t understand something, doesn’t mean it isn’t clear. It could also mean that the writing is above your understanding and knowledge.

  64. I feel like everybody’s missing the point so they can debate GMOs and organic. She’s not holding up the bag of Goldfish and saying, “This is how you parent!” She’s just trying to get moms to feel less guilty about not always putting the ABSOLUTE BEST A+ ORGANIC NUMBER ONE food in their kids mouths. Sometimes there just isn’t time or money.

    If you all are really going to get up on your high horses, make sure your kids are vegan… hell, go raw! That’ll really show those other moms how much better you are at it.

  65. Lol Jackie. There are not myths IN food, there are myths ABOUT food.

    “Neither is right, except those required by law.” That’s not even a sentence.

    Why are you talking about veterinarians?

    “Journalism does not have a romantic fiction novel tone.” Once again, it’s NOT being presented as a journalistic piece.

    “What I don’t agree about this post…” Just bad grammar. Lots of bad grammar.

    I don’t even necessarily disagree with the message you appear to be attempting to convey about the food; I dislike you slamming this woman for not being a “journalist”, when she is a blogger.
    You then present yourself as some kind of writing aficionado, when it’s clear that you, yourself, are a very poor writer.

    If you think she’s a terrible writer, don’t read her blog, but quit haranguing her about her writing, simply because it isn’t what you expected. You’d sound pretentious if you actually knew how to write; as it is, you’re just making a fool of yourself.

  66. Thanks for the feedback. If I actually felt your opinion was worthwhile, I might consider what you are saying. Fortunately, I dont, but you are more than welcome to keep trying.

  67. I think it’s great to encourage mothers to not feel guilty about making choices that are best for their families. I feed my daughter organic foods and get eye rolls from lots of people. I know the food might not be nutritionally better for her, but I know she is not getting extra chemicals, pesticides, or antibiotics her little body doesn’t need. Does that make me a judgmental person who will bash someone for not feeding their child organic food? Certainly not.

  68. I don’t know about a debate on organic vs. non-organic but I can say this. Thank you. Moms and guilt go together like peanut-butter and jelly, and I needed a break. I needed to catch my breath. Because when you have a limited budget, when you are making hard choices, the organic aisle is so out of reach, it makes your heart break just thinking about it. So you make the healthiest choices you can with what you have. You do what you can. And then you feel guilty…

    So this post for me, brought me to tears. Because it feels amazingly wonderful to have someone just acknowledge the struggle, to tell you that you’re a good mom and to remind you of the small victories, the creative solutions and the bigger picture we’re juggling here.

    I want to thank you for a positive post that encouraged and didn’t judge. Everyone wants to do better for their children. And maybe that’s what makes the best moms at the end of the day. Just the effort…

  69. FYI. This author doesn’t care about your children’s health. Read her bio. She is a farmer that doesn’t grow organic. She is solely promotely her own lifestyle and way of living. I have read her other blogs and she bashes groups who challenge the large corporate farmers. This blog is her backhanded and deceptive way of bashing organic farming. See the deception?

  70. Jen, here is one more thing you forgot to check, in addition to the long list of others. This author has a degree in journalism, so, yes, everything she writes should have the professionalism of a journalist. This blog is so far from professional, it reeks of gossip. See my last post. She is a farmer and from a corporate farming family. Her sole intention in this blog is to bash organic farming since that cuts into her way of life and her livelihood. See the deception and the irony? Not professional journalism.

  71. I don’t understand how the one mom was even “bashing” or “judging” the other mom. Simply choosing to buy organic food doesn’t instantly mean that you are judging everyone else that doesn’t.

  72. The author is bashing organic farming. She is a long time member of the corporate family farming community. She is doing it in a backwards and deceptive way, thus my comments about her poor writing style.

  73. Its disheartening to see the level of unkindness in the comments directed at both the author and the other commenters.
    I think we should all try a little harder to remember that comments can hurt. We should strive to be positive in the things we say. Even criticism can be given in a kind and uplifting way.
    One of the first rules of writing is to understand your audience. If you are interested in heavily journalistic pieces, then a blog probably isn’t going to be your best source; regardless of the background of the author. If you AREN’T the mom who hides her wrapper, then ladies and gentleman, this article was not intended for you. It was however intended for me. We live on a very tight budget and I can’t afford to feed my kids organic everything. I try hard; we grow our own garden, I shop at the farmers market and try to buy fresh produce as much as possible, and I make as much food as I can from scratch vs processed. We avoid dyes and foods high in sugar. However I simply can’t afford to purchase the bulk of my food from organic sources. And I frequently feel guilty about it. I feel like I have to justify my purchasing decisions in front of my friends and the other parents at my kids (very green and earth friendly) school. Its difficult, and I appreciated this article encouraging me to remember that I am doing the best I can. And that loving my kids and continually trying to feed them the best I can is what is important. I loved the light hearted tone, and very much appreciated that it didn’t come across as a journalist piece. Did I mention that I am a mother of 4? I don’t have time to pour over perfectly written and carefully documented articles written to inform. This was like a conversation, and it was a breath of fresh air.
    Thank you for your article, and thank you for your service to our country as a farmer. I know for a fact that we couldn’t continue to survive without families like yours sacrificing and struggling to stay afloat in a world increasing uninterested in where their food comes from.

  74. There won’t be much “scientific evidence” to support organics because the big chemical companies aren’t going to pay for that. The big money is in the pockets of the chemical companies that make the money from selling this poison.

  75. All these comments from moms who feed their children Mcdonalds and toxic foods all day long! Seriously, if you can’t look at what you are putting into your children’s bodies and take the time to do research, then you shouldn’t be commenting. It’s also funny you all want to target her spelling, like you have nothing better to criticize. When you have large corporations and people like her(read her bio) paying for your “credible” research of course they will be far and few between. If you can afford it, or even make a majority of your food purchases healthy ones, home cooked and hearty, then do it. Our kids don’t need more toxins, hormones and crap in their bodies. If you support gmo and processed crap, then you mother, have not done any research on what goes into your innocent child’s body!

  76. I don’t have children (Yeah!) and grammar and spelling and writing is important in everything, no matter if it is your blog or someone else’s. If you write and publish public articles or books or blogs, you open yourself up to full scrutiny. Anyone who has written a book knows that and accepts it, or don’t publish.

    What we eat is important for everyone, whether we have children or not, because we are making the choice who to support for our food. Do we support local farmers? Do we support large corporations or do we support mom and pop shops? It is all relevant.

  77. No judgments….
    Most Moms obviously want to provide the best for their children.
    Of course there is always information and disinformation…
    Do the research yourself and come up w5ith your own conclusion. It’s your personal choice for you and your family. Here’s to your family’s Health…..Best wishes

  78. One word: pesticides. If you want to feed your kids poison or food grown with poison. Be my guest there are too many humans on this planet anyway. Read silent spring by Rachel Carson if you want to look at the devastating effects pesticides has on any living organism it comes in contact with.
    Industial society and farming practices ala monsanto et al are setting up a bleak future for life on this planet. Please get with the times lady and stop acting like your a victim.

  79. This woman is obviously an idiot and knows very little about health or nutrition. (Well, that’s apparent from her picture anyways).

    An actual nutritionist

  80. Wow, for and opinion piece this sure has raised hackles. Thank you for supporting those moms that cannot financially afford the “Organic, NON-GMO” labels. I say as long as you are doing the best you can to feed your child in the healthiest manner your means can support then good for you. Don’t bash another mom who can’t give her child what you can. You never know what is happening inside that home. Support each other don’t tear each other apart.

  81. Maybe I missed something but there seemed to be absolutely no “mom judging or shaming” in this story. One mom was just venting to another that the store didn’t even have the item she needed. She never said and you’re a bad mom for not giving your kids organic.

  82. This is a nice article. Either organic or non organic, it seriously does not matter.
    As far as meat goes, I majored in animal science ( production “food” animals) We would need to eat THOUSANDS of steaks to equal the amount of hormones that are in one little birth control pill. Now how many years have we been taking those daily?

  83. And to the dad who apparently doesn’t have a say in what his kids eat because blogs like this completely ignore 50% of the parents out there, keep on being irrelevant because no one cares what you think when it comes to raising children. Go back to your man cave or whatever and stop trying to care about what your kids eat. We know all you care about is sports and power tools.

  84. I’m not going to lie, this made me cry. It’s been a rough weekend. I used disposables all weekend. I threw my wrap in the garbage (got it back out again) and gave Frankie corn syrup to get him to FINALLY POOP. I so needed this. ??

  85. Go Michelle!!! Of course organically grown food is nutritionally better that GMO food. To say otherwise is ignorant and foolish and misleads folks who really don’t know. As they say, you can say anything on the internet–doesn’t make it true. And yes, there IS plenty of research to back up the benefits of organic and the dangers of GMO foods or any other foods grown with pesticides and other chemicals. Celeste is clearly one of those people with shame issues, one of those people who wants to turn that around and shame the other point of view to try to make herself feel better. I’m sorry to see, as I read through the posts, that there are people who agree with her. I don’t always buy organic b/c I can’t always afford it, but it’s nobody’s business what I buy or why, and it’s not my business, or anybody else’s what kinds of foods other people buy.

  86. Celeste you need to use references that back up your case. Anyone can say anything they want on the internet. But where are these scientific studies? and more importantly who were they funded by?

    Organic food takes more time,labor, money to produce because it is doing farming correctly. Unfortunately in this world of over consumption and overpopulation to do something correctly isnt convenient to that motto.

    So we gamble instead with our children’s and their children’s children’s futures by taking the short view and doing things more easily and cheaply without looking at they the long term effects of these methods are.

    If I could see one thing for the sake of the next generations it would be that within my lifetime we begin to look at the long term implications of any of our acts.

  87. What credentials? You’re a farmer’s wife. This blog post is similar to me offering medical advice because I’m married to a physical therapist. Anyone who has actually registered dietician knows this is inaccurate.

  88. Anyone who is actually a registered dietician knows this is inaccurate.*

    Also, why is a FARMER bashing natural foods? Face palm….

  89. Mommy shaming unfortunately will never go away, because everyone will always think their way is the right way. It really is sad. I applaud Celeste for her attempt to bring mothers together though and give us all something to think about before we look at another mom with such a critical eye. There will always be someone that will point a finger and judge you, no matter what you do, so you’re best bet is to do what’s best for YOUR family and not worry about what people think. Easier said than done, I know. I have friends who are very strict with what they feed their children, and I applaud their effort for doing what they believe is best for them. I myself believe in balance. I have three very healthy children who are fed mostly non-organic, with some organic thrown in. We sometimes eat fast food, good old fashioned Oscar Meyer hot dogs and sometimes even drink soda full of sugar (GASP!). In between all of that, my children are fed very healthy meals because in my personal opinion it’s all about balance. I will never completely be on the organic/non GMO bandwagon because I feel everything should be in moderation, but we can also get carried away with what’s popular at the moment. So I personally will wash my kids’ apples and move on, and feel confident that the balance I provide will lead to strong, healthy adults. And if another parent has a problem with that…oh well!

  90. Wow! I never dreamed my little pep talk post would stir up such a response!
    Just a reminder, I moderate comments for profanity. If you can’t express your opinion without cussing, you can’t express it here. :)

    For everyone who has commented in support of my post, thank you. I’m glad that this post connected with you. Thank you for sharing it with your friends and your followers.

    I’ll try to catch up on answering some of the questions posted in the comments.

  91. I do disagree with the idea that organic isn’t healthier. Not to be disrespectful but I don’t need any study to prove that to me; common sense tells me that anything that is grown from healthier earth and from happier animals is better for us. Anything made in a science lab is that – science, not nourishment. Onto the real point I see in this post, kudos on the intent. Enough with the judgmental mommy wars on each other. I don’t get it – what is the point and what good does it do? Yes we need to support each other. But also, we need to step back and look at these people who are making us feel judged. A true friend, someone who adds light to your life isn’t someone who makes you feel like you need to hide a wrapper. That person is a negative energy and should either be removed from your life or, at least, given limited time. It’s way past time we stand up for ourselves, be strong, and to hell with what anyone thinks of us. Tomorrow isn’t promised to me and I’m not living my today stressing over someone who judges me for giving my kid bag of goldfish crackers. At some point, we need to say ENOUGH to the people who are making us feel less than worthy and stop waiting on everyone to change who they apparently are.

  92. Dear Celeste,

    I find it very entertaining that so many people are having overly hostile reactions to your thoughts. As the late, great Marilyn Monroe said, “well behaved women rarely make history,” so keep up the good work.

    Personally, I don’t care either way if my food is organic or not. Being your favorite city slicker I’m not even going to pretend to be educated on the subject of agriculture. However I will say that I have a lot of experience working with children who’s parents either do not care about them or are too busy working three jobs trying to put non organic, most likely processed, food on the table. What your child is going to remember when they grow up is not going to be what food you fed them, it’s going to be how you made them feel and how you guided them through their life.

    Since I actually know you and have witnessed your parenting skills I can confirm that you’re doing an amazing job. You and your hubby have a beautiful, considerate, hilarious, HEALTHY, almost three year old who never forgets to say her bedtime prayers. So even though I know you’re a rocking awesome mommy in case these negative nellies ever get you down the video below is for you.

    And to all the previously mentioned negative nellies, bless your hearts…and

  93. Since several people voiced the same concerns, I’m going to respond to those here.

    – For the record, this post was not intended to spark a debate about organic foods and GMO’s. I have witnessed “mom shaming” and “food shaming” numerous times since becoming a mom, though for the sake of simplicity I only discussed one anecdote in this post. My goal was for parents to realize that you should not be ashamed to feed your child food that has a different label than your friends’.

    – You should ALWAYS WASH PRODUCE before eating it! Whether you bought it at a farmer’s market, Whole Foods, Walmart or grew it in your backyard. Whether it is organic or any other specialty label. That is a basic food safety practice. (I am well aware that the average person does not receive very much food safety training in school and while I find that very concerning, that’s another post for another day).

    – Apparently my comment “food is food” is confusing. Let me clarify, an apple is an apple no matter if it has an organic label or not. Nutritionally, it is an apple.

    – The movie “GMO OMG” is not a credible source for learning about the subject of genetically modified foods. Roger Ebert (who is obviously unbiased on this issue) has a review that does a very good job of explaining the movie’s many flaws:

    – Several people have mentioned that in their own experience, their health improved when they started eating organic foods. It is impossible to know if that improvement is a credit to the organic label or if it is because these people dramatically changed their eating habits and started consuming more non-processed foods. The same health improvement might have been experienced if the diet change had taken place with non-organic labelled foods.

    – For the record, I have several organic farmers who are friends (a couple of whom have commented on this post). They are NOT the ones promoting food shaming!
    They produce a specialty product for customers willing to pay a premium for it. They’re proud of what their family farms produce, just as I’m proud of what my family’s farm produces. We just go about it differently. We have MUCH more in common than we do differences!

  94. Emily – I’m so glad you commented. Someday we will have our play date and it will be wonderful!

    Ashley – I grew up on a family farm and have a degree in agriculture.

    Jackie – My goal as a blogger is to share my experiences on my family’s farm and to advocate for family farms like ours.
    I’m not sure what a “corporate farming family” actually is? Does that mean our family farm is incorporated? If so, I am not a part of a “corporate farming family.”
    I can honestly say, I have never been concerned at all that the organic food trend would jeopardize our family farm.

  95. Randy – I am so sorry that this post made you feel alienated as a dad. That was definitely not my intent!
    After reading your comment, I realized that I too have never read a blog post on this topic that mentions, let alone speaks directly to dads.
    That is definitely something that we as a blogging community need to address!
    I will make a point to seek my husbands perspective as a dad on my future posts related to parenting and I challenge all other bloggers reading this to do the same.

  96. Good article Celeste! As both Registered Dietitian and a farmer, the science is very clear- fruits and veggies are very good for you and it matters more that we increase our consumption of them than worry about which farming system was used to produce them. The nutritional benefits of one over another is miniscule and what can generally be called “clinically jnsignificant”. Nutrients in food varies by soil type and by growing season. Variety and quantity are far more relevant to our health than how they’re grown.

    Here is a link to an article written a few years ago by a fellow RD:

    Eating a healthy, balanced diet is important and mom’s should not be shamed over the choices that they make in deciding what is best for their families.

  97. Great blog!
    I’m expecting my first child, and one of the things I’m dreading about motherhood is the shaming from other moms. How can people expect me to listen to their personal opinions when there are experts who I can go to for advice. I’m not going to take medical advice from a mom on the playground over the advice from my doctor, why would I listen to their opinion in the grocery store when food scientists are continually proving the safety of GMO’s?
    I think I’ll stick with the advice from those who know, instead of following blindly those who merely think they do.

  98. Good post, Celeste. First, could we have a trending post that explains that just because it’s nonGMO doesn’t mean it’s organic? We can plant non-genetically modified corn (and we really considered doing it this year!) & still spray pesticides on it. In fact, we decided not to for that exact reason. The likely additional rounds with the sprayer would have ended up costing us more. Now that’s not saying they can’t be organic, but just because it’s nonGMO doesn’t make it a guarantee. I feel these organic/non-organic discussions throw a SAFE technology under the bus all too often. On the food shaming topic, I feed my son organic probably 40% of the time. And I still feel a little bit bad about our McD’s fish on Friday when he was screaming & hungry after his doctor appointment went long, but I also know my snack of conventionally raised blueberries probably is just as good as your organic Annie’s bunnies. And honestly, if I chose to feed him 100% organic, my small town grocery store would mean a diet that lacked serious diversity. I am not a bad mom, you’re not a bad mom. But I do know the “I couldn’t buy the non GMO crap” comment can sting a little. I am just proud my one year old eats brussel sprouts & spinach, organic or not!

  99. I just spent a significant amount of my evening reading these comments.

    First, thank you writing this post. As a non-mom considering motherhood I’m truly terrified of mom shaming.

    Second, food is such an incredibly passionate topic and I’m impressed an educational dialogue (sans a few unreasonable humans) was able to take place in this common thread.

    Keep on keeping on.

  100. Just because something is labeled “natural” or “organic” doesn’t immidieatley make it better for you or not grown with pesticides. They can put anything they want on the packaging, that doesn’t mean it’s the truth.

  101. Great post!
    It’s so hard to hear of folks struggling and feeling pressured by mom guilt when they are just doing the best they can.

    Stand firm. You are right. Organic food isn’t more nutritious, safer, or better for the environment than traditionally raised food. Yes, it is regulated by USDA, but so is all meat and poultry products! Organic meat takes a lot more input of natural resources and produces less food. Research has shown that, pound for pound, traditionally raised meat has a smaller carbon footprint than organic.
    Keep up the great work. Sorry about all the ugly comments.
    I wish we could all just support each other rather than running each other down.
    Good job!

  102. Wow. For a blog post that is supposed to be about not shaming others for their choices, there sure is a lot of shaming going on…and a lot of misinformation being spread by both camps. Uff da.

    I will admit, I wasn’t sure how to take this post when I first read it. As an organic farmer, there are parts I could have been offended by…but as a mom who was once the shy one in my group of friends, I identified with the mom who was tucking the cheese wrapper in her pocket. We’ve all been shamed at one point in our lives, and chances are, we’ll be shamed again. What we all can do, is take a step back and not become the shamer.

    We are so privileged in the U.S and Canada to have choices to fit our purchasing preferences…and that we have farmers willing to produce those products for you. It takes the whole diversified system to feed us, since we do not all desire the same thing…not to mention the fact that none of us want to subsist on just one food for the rest of our lives. If you want to purchase organic, I appreciate that. I know the value in the USDA Organic Certificate that we apply for every year. If you want to purchase conventional foods, I know you are supporting my friends, and I know that they care about their farms as much as I do. The way I see it, we have so many good things at our fingertips, we don’t need to be arguing about who is right and who is wrong…because there is no absolute right or absolute wrong when it comes to our food choices. Just make the decisions that are right for you and your family.

  103. If you don’t believe in the benefits of organic food, that is every mom’s choice, but it is not more expensive or time consuming to avoid artificial colors and flavors, high fructose corn syrup and chemical preservatives. I strongly disagree with the premise that food is food. Look at the rates of obesity and disease in this country. Food is literally killing people. Health epidemics in this country are everone’s business.

  104. I love my daughter, I love being a mom and I love gluten! Thank you celeste for a great read. And I whole heartedly are that mom shaming needs to end and what matters is that we are raising happy healthy children who should except people for who they are and not what milk they drink. Life is hard enough and we should not stand divided because of carrots.

  105. For those that are truly interested in a greater understanding of modern farm practices I suggest taking the time to visit a farmer. 99.9% of us are open to discussing how and why we use a number of technologies in the pursuit of safe and affordable food; we are not the villains that some are purposefully making us out to be. Although I use some of their products, and at the risk of being labelled a shill, Monsanto doesn’t tell me what to do on my farm.

  106. I think it’s sad that app many people assume something is bad for you because it had “dangerous pesticides” or “chemicals you can’t pronounce”. Seriously? Because your can’t pronounce a word it’s automatically bad? Something that kills bugs is automatically toxic to humans? These assumptions are simply wrong. People are so scared of “chemicals”, without acknowledging that EVERYTHING has chemicals. Proteins and hormones and enzymes and amino acids and water are all chemicals. And if I listed all the chemicals contained in organic spinach, you probably wouldn’t be able to pronounce them. And synthetic… Come on. What’s wrong with synthetic? You can make a synthetic chemical that is identical to what to would find in nature. The fact is, pesticides keep bugs (and their feces) off our food. Can’t say I mind that. It can be a synthetic pesticide, or a natural pesticide. They BOTH have chemicals you can’t pronounce in them. GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organism. Its genetics have been modified. Maybe a gene to make the corn kernels larger, or a gene to make the plant produce more ears of corn. That scares you? Fine, don’t eat it. But I’m not going to let scary words determine what I eat.
    And since I know people are going to be screaming at me to educate myself, I have a degree in biochemistry. I can pronounce all the ingredients in cereal boxes. I know what those words mean and that is why they don’t freak me out.

  107. Celeste, thank you for giving voice to those who don’t feel like they have one on this topic. Mommy wars of any kind are uncalled for. Breast feeding, Bottle feeding. Cloth diapering or Pamper’s. Full time, part time working or staying at home. I feel like long before organic and non-GMO shaming I have been faced with so many bullets from other moms. We need more acceptance of choices we make for our families and less judgement. Stay strong and thank you again. I am proud to call you a dear friend.

  108. For all the people that think organic is better. Do you really know what organic is? According to labelling rules you can make a cookie with organic flour but the butter you use does not need to be. To be able to label something organic it ONLY needs 75% organic ingredients.
    BUT let’s talk about how is that wheat grown? The farmer plants it and sprays it once a year at a time he knows no chemical residue will be in the plant or seed and according to strict government rules. An organic farmer plants the wheat and as soon as it comes up the weeds come up. He then needs to go with his tractor and weed cultivator TWICE a week through the wheat field to suppress the weeds ( with spraying once a year you actually kill then so they don’t come back) for two months or longer. I’m sorry but how is this better for the environment?? You want to eat organic ask if the crop was grown with the help of a tractor or real horse power.

  109. Great post! I’m beyond baffled by the amount of comments on how labeling does matter… in the same comments they also stipulate because organic means no pesticides.
    ummm…. Are any of you actually reading the organic labels or the organic guidelines? ORGANIC DOES NOT = NO PESTICIDES, it just means no synthetic pesticides. Wake up, organic farmers can and DO use pesticides, herbicides and other chemicals (which by the way SCIENCE has proven the potency of synthetic vs. natural, synthetic are actually BETTER for the environment because of concentration levels) – they simply don’t use synthetic ones. So please, re-read this post and try to not let your “she’s attacking me” reaction cloud what she is actually saying. You have your right to pick what you eat, so do I. And for the love of all that is holy, please stop perpetuating organic is pesticide or chemical free, because its not!

  110. From a FDA-USDA website — “It is important to keep in mind that the term “organic” does not necessarily mean “healthier.” The USDA makes no claim that organically produced food is safer or more nutritious than conventionally produced food.”

    You can spend a ridiculous amount of money on organics if you want, but I will never be convinced that they are better for our bodies or more nutritious. The USDA and FDA have tested that theory repeatedly and there is no proof to back it up. I purchase the foods that provide the most value – my husband and I abide by the rule that we will purchase what is cheapest because we have a small food budget and that is what works for us! And we won’t leaving scathing, hurtful remarks on the blogs of moms who are just trying to give their kids nutritious food.

  111. Thank you for writing this Celeste! I’m sorry some of the commenters have been so unkind. I always shake my head at what people will do when they can “hide” behind a computer screen.

    As a new Mom, I let a few instances of Mom-shaming (all about food and breastfeeding) get to me. I am now better about just tuning it out. I’m a farm kid living in the suburbs now and have done lots of research and drawn on my first-hand knowledge of agriculture. I have confidence in how I feed my family. We’ve been focusing on increasing our fruits and veggies, eating at home more and being active. I don’t feel the need to buy a certain label and am very confident in eating conventionally grown food.

    I do respect those who choose to eat an organic or non-GMO diet. I am mainly just grateful and amazed that we have diverse food production systems in this country and can all enjoy a variety of choices in the food we purchase.

  112. I applaud you for your call to stop this whole food shaming thing, and your recognition that food shaming can be as subtle (and insidious) as the “What was I supposed to do? Feed my kids that GMO crap?” The implication is clear when someone makes a statement like that.

    I have some pretty complex dietary issues, and I have few issues with GMO crops other than the horrible business practices of Monsanto. I trust the peer-reviewed research that I’ve read on various subjects. Peer-reviewed is the key, as anyone can toss up a study to “prove” their point about pretty much anything – but if it’s a study that’s stood up against peer review, it’s a lot more trustworthy.

  113. Celeste, thanks for such a great article. And I’m in agreement with Katie Pinke above that we need to stop shaming each other over the choices we make. You want organic – buy it if you can afford it. Tell people that you like it and believe in it. That’s fine. It’s great to have choices. But we shouldn’t shame each other into restrictions. Growing up, my family had fresh milk because we had a dairy cow but there would have been no way we could have afforded to feed our family on organic.

  114. Hi! A friend sent me the link to your post. I believe that when we can, we should try to eat organic, especially on certain foods that have high pesticide residue and our kids eat a lot of (apples). However, most important is to encourage vegetables and fruits in fresh form. Here are some research links and also some links to what the American Academy of Pediatrics is now starting to say (encouraging organic when possible and this was even in 2012–I’ll bet there may be even more studies out now than I have here).

    If a person wants to see this in a better summarized form, these are the resources I used to write a blog post–but I’m not here to advertise that. But for better readability, see here:

    However–you’re right! We’re all moms and we’re all working hard to raise our kids healthy and right! And the information out there is so contradictory! But these research articles and pediatric guidelines helped guide my buying points and others may want to read them too.

    All the best to you!–Terri (a physician mama)

  115. We are sick.

    According to the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology, sensitization rates to one or more common allergens among school aged children are currently approaching 40%-50%. In addition, one in five people in the U.S. currently have either allergy or asthma symptoms, and 55% of Americans test positive to one or more allergens. The American Autoimmune Related Diseases Association (AARDA) estimates that 20% of Americans (63 million people) are affected by autoimmune disease, compared with 12 million suffering from cancer and 25 million from heart disease. Documented and suspected autoimmune diseases include Celiac, Eosinophilic Esophagitis, Eosinophilic Gastroenteritis, Crohn’s, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Alzheimer’s, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, some forms of cancer, Autistic Spectrum Disorders, Tourette’s Syndrome, Epilepsy, Parkinson’s, and many others. In fact, there are over one hundred confirmed types of autoimmune diseases and hundreds more with strong scientific evidence for autoimmune origins.

    Do you want me to research and provide statistics on cancer, obesity, mental illness, and the other myriad of illnesses now plaguing ourselves and our children? And why do we think this is normal? I read at least half a dozen comments on this thread referring to ‘complex dietary needs’ and metabolic disorders, and we never once stop to think, “Why do I and/or other members of my family suffer from this?” It’s just the norm now. Who’s the last person you remember who died of ‘natural causes’? I know one person, and none of my elders are currently on track to die of just age. I didn’t ask the question either about my bizarre, sporadic health problems, I just pushed on with my life and silently ridiculed others for being duped into buying overpriced organic food and ‘natural’ cleaning supplies, etc.

    That is until my daughter was born. I would not wish what I have been through with her on my worst enemy, but I also would not trade it for the world. Desperation is what drove me to find the answers to all of her cryptic ailments, and I’m happy to report that she is now doing fantastic.

    The choices we make about what we put in our bodies absolutely DOES MATTER. That said, there is a right way and a wrong way to deliver the lesson which came so difficult to me. I would never shame a mother. It’s the toughest job in the world, in part due to how ill our children have become with each subsequent generation. Please do not inherently associate the qualities of an insensitive individual, with a person who has come to realize the importance of what we eat and drink. They are 2 completely separate qualities.

  116. I get it, you’re annoyed with the Holier than Thou, My Way or the Highway, critical, know-it-all mom’s out there – and who can blame you?! But they’re the problem, not organic food. There’s a reason some of us are deeply passionate about what we put in our own and our children’s bodies. The fact of the matter is that what we eat and drink matters a lot, and the science supports this fact. Please refer to the published studies/articles below, which demonstrate the potential harmful effects of various pesticides as well as some of the nutritive differences among animals based on their environment and/or diet.

    All 3 of the articles you included as references mention reduced pesticide exposure as a separate preference of the health implications for organic vs. conventional. There is significant study evidence of the nutritional differences among non-conventional farming and ranching practices. (You mentioned ‘grass-fed’ in your article so I’m expanding the argument to include non-conventional practices such as pasturing.) The only 2 published review articles I could find referenced in your sources both state that there is a significant shortage of studies to analyze, and one of them stated a potential for publication bias (,
    I would agree that organic food is very pricey, but there are other options such as Non-GMO project verified. In addition, my local farmers market is full of individuals who are not certified organic, but will vouch for no pesticides, fertilizer, hormones, antibiotics, and pastured animals, etc. and are happy to give me a tour of the farm or ranch. In addition, you can prioritize which produce is more susceptible to pesticide and either purchase it organic, or avoid it altogether. (See EWG’s ‘Dirty Dozen’:

    We are all doing a great job, right now. But that doesn’t mean we stop trying to improve every day. Mom’s need all the support they can get, but misleading them with biased information and weak evidence does not help anyone.

  117. I have my own chickens and feed them organic feed so I get organic eggs. I grow my own garden without any pesticides. I buy my honey from my brother who is a bee keeper. Does all of these thing make me a great mom? No. I gave my kids ice cream Sundays for dinner on Monday night. I use disposable diapers. I go through the Wendy’s drive through. Do all of these things make me a bad mom? No. Finally in keeping with the tone of the other comments I stink at spelling and Grammer however I am an Army vet and a pretty good medic. Is all of that what makes me a great/bad mom? No. I belive it is showing your kids you love them and teaching them how to show love to others that makes you a great parent. Teaching them to be humble and how to show charity to others is what makes a great parent. If my child can show love and kindness to all then I will feel like a great parent! Good job Mom’s and Dad’s who are doing the best you can!

  118. The comments in here fascinate me. This is what I have to look forward to in a couple years. See, right now, I’m just struggling to breast feed. I follow 3 different mommy blogs about breastfeeding and God forbid the F word comes up – FORMULA. I work my butt off breast feeding, have spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars trying everything to make it work, but I still have to supplement with formula and that seems to be some sort of sin. I looked forward to the day I didn’t have to deal with it, but apparently it never ends.

    I would hate to see what any of you say to me when I give my kid a bowl of Kraft macaroni and cheese. I grew up on that and I am actually still alive and healthy – imagine that. My mom NEVER bought organic anything and I’m still alive. Don’t get me wrong – I’m all for eating healthy. The first time my baby will eat sugar will be his 1st Birthday smash cake and the 2nd time will probably be his 2nd Birthday cake. I make his food instead of buying baby food jars. I do my best to make sure he’s eating healthy…but I can assure you that he is going to graduate high school, go to college, get married, and have children of his own whether I feed him organic or non organic.

    There are so many other things to worry about – why in the world are we making each other feel guilty about feeding our children and doing the best we can?

  119. Christi is just a product pusher for big AG

    organic doesn’t have hormones in it or pesticide sprays

  120. If you can afford organic and that is what you choose to feed your children then so be it but you should never down people for what they feed their children it does not mean any one is cheap or lazy I personally would rather make sure my kids have enough to eat if that means I have to watch my budget and I cant afford the pricey organic foods so be it at least I know my kids have enough in their bellies at the end of the day like it or not its not always a choice a lot of people are on a very limited budget so cant afford the best of every thing

  121. You definitely need to go back and learn about something called punctuation and how to write a sentence. That was very difficult to read and re-read. If you want your point to be understood, please write so that the reader can understand.

  122. Pardon me, Jackie, if me saying this seems hypocritical, but it seems to me that you definitely need to learn manners and polite discourse. It’s hard to believe that you would speak so harshly to a real human’s face. Don’t forget there are real human faces behind each comment. GMO, organic, corn syrup, or agave, I want my child to learn from the way I treat others more than I worry about the status of his apples.

  123. Is this blog sponsored by Monsanto? If other moms want to feed their kids non-organic, gmo-filled processed “food” (or organic processed “food”), that’s their choice, but it’s really not something that needs to be encouraged and applauded. I’m sure that Science (the best science money could buy no doubt) hasn’t proven that organic produce is nutritionally any different than conventional, but there is plenty of science around the world (or just basic common sense) that proves the pesticides and herbicides used on conventional produce are harmful for our bodies and for the environment. The USDA and FDA are practically owned by Monsanto and big food companies so there will never be any “science” in the US that proves organic produce is more nutritious than conventional. Also, I grew up on conventional, processed “foods” and thought organic people like me were crazy even though I was pretty well educated on diet and nutrition (or so I thought). Once I had my first child, I started doing much more research and learning about nutrition beyond what the government tells us. I can’t unlearn what I know now. That’s why I choose seasonal organic foods in their natural state whenever possible. Again, you can feed your children whatever you’d like but don’t try to tell nutritionally uneducated people that it’s ok to feed their kids conventional stuff because the only difference is a label. That is very misleading!

  124. There may be no NUTRIENT difference but what about SAFETY? I don’t think it’s safe to feed my kid foods covered in pesticides and other chemicals.

  125. I was under the impression you could wash off the pesticides. Isn’t that what those vinegar baths are for? To get off the wax and the chemicals? So….if you can wash off the stuff that’s bad for you…. Wouldn’t that basically make product more similar? Not necessarily meat products obviously but still….

    Also. I can’t afford to buy organic or we wouldn’t have enough food for the month.

  126. What you’re saying is true yet false at the same time. It’s not that in organic apple or a non-organic apple have different nutritional value, it’s what’s added in the conventional Apple: pesticides! what you are saying is just a play on words. Of course the same nutrition is in both apples and sciene will show that, but what’s important is what is added in to the conventionally raised Apple. Bottom line, we consume the harmful pesticides in the conventionally grown food and there are plenty of studies that show the connection to many diseases including cancer. I understand if money is an issue because it is more expensive to eat clean, but clearly ignoring the science on the pesticides in our food and how they enter our bodies is ignorant

  127. It is misleading to say “science has NEVER proven that organic food is more nutritious than non-organic food”. First off, science does not prove anything. Scientists make measurements in an unbiased manner and then ask “what is the chance that our observations are random?” If this probability is low then they accept the alternative hypothesis that the observation is unlikely to be random. However, there is always at least a small chance that the observation is in fact random or some factor that could have led to their results was not controlled for. Science is the accumulation of facts of which we are relatively certain that point towards a particular conclusion. Science does not say beyond any shadow of a doubt that this conclusion is correct. The other problem is saying “NEVER”. For instance, I found a study from 2010 suggesting organic strawberries have higher absorbic acid, antioxidant, and phenolic compound content than non-organic strawberries. Finally, we can not conclude that organic food does not have health benefits compared to conventional crops until a long term study is conducted of organic consumers.

  128. i have to say I agree for the most part. I use organic and non organic foods in my home. I find that non organic doesn’t necessarily mean it’s made from GMO. I personally believe you need to read ingredients and find out more about the ones you can’t pronounce. There are certain non organic ingredients that are scientifically linked to cancers….yes, I avoid those products. I feel you can have a great balance. I do need to mention one thing, now living in Wisconsin, I get my milk and eggs from the local farmers and meat from the local butcher and it definitely tastes better than what I get in the grocery. The meat is from local farms. Out here most everything is grass fed and we can tell the difference. Great thought provoking article!

  129. As the mother of 4 children ages 18, 12, 10 & 6 I LOVE this. I feed my children non-organic mostly but then again anything that goes is organic right? I mean if you plant the veggies yourself you put some sort of something to keep the bugs & disease off your plants so how is that any different from big farms?? 30 years ago you rarely heard of anything like ADD or ADHD and now it’s everywhere if a child is a bit hyper their labeled and what’s the first thing people blame? Their diet of course. I personally feel it’s all a huge bunch of BS aimed at making huge amounts of money of drug companies & these “organic” companies if you truly believe these foods are organic go take a tour of their factories any food product has to have some kind of preservative on it to keep it from rotting in the shipping process. & before anyone bashes my parenting style I want to warn you my response to being attacked will not be muted or nice so do so at your own risk.

  130. What a strange response. You automatically assume you will be attacked and post a warning about your possible as aggressive response.

  131. I can care less what other people feed their kids but all food is not created equal. I think you need to double check your facts. First, over processed food is over processed food whether it is organic or not. Kids eat WAY too much of it. Second GMO food is not real food. It is created in a lab. Third, people who feed their child only organic get as many looks from other mothers as do mothers who don’t buy it. I get dirty looks every time I grab the organic milk at the grocery store when there is another mother next to me grabbing regular milk. They look at me as if I think I am better which I definitely do not. I am just providing what I think is best for my family. When you know better you do better. Moms hating on moms is everywhere.

  132. This article is SO MISGUIDING. Whether organic food has more nutritional value is much less important than the fact that non-organic foods are more likely to be loaded with non-food contaminants that can be seriously harmful to the human body. Food is NOT just food when it is intentionally contaminated by its producers. Pesticides, rBST and other growth hormones, and the list goes on. Anyone who is properly informed of the truth would not want to expose their children to this garbage. You can’t just blindly trust our food manufacturers–they are businessmen only and nothing close to nutritionists. Don’t be ignorant.

  133. I’ve read the Stanford study. The point you keep bringing up is that organic food shows no evidence of being more nutritious than nonorganic. More nutrients HAVE NEVER been the motive for people to buy organic. It’s the pesticides, herbicides, larvacides that ARE the motive. Show some research that proves no harm with those chemicals. I’ve heard that same argument over and over by you and many others who simply want to justify a very BAD thing. So here’s the deal: ORGANIC ISN’T MORE NUTRITIOUS…it’s simply VOID of what IS harmful, unlike nonorganic. You can keep having flawed justifications for yourself and your family, but when you publicize it for so many other families to justify as well…it potentially creates a lot of deaf ears for those mothers who would one day make done healthy changes as their budget allows. In other words, your article, for moms who cannot see thru the BS research you provided, may prevent a mom from making future positive changes.

  134. Thanks for this awesome article! It’s not just moms…I think it’s just people in general now. People act like any non-organic or processed thing is going to send you straight to the grave–it’s not. People my age grew up on Spaghettios, Dunkaroos, Gushers, Fruit by the Foot, and Lunchables, and we turned out just fine! I mean, if you can afford to do that for you and your children, then good for you. That’s great. But if not, if you’re just doing the best you can, that’s okay, too. Live and let live (and chances are, you WILL live!)!

  135. Jackie Phillips – Please, please, please stop trying to bait people into arguments! Most of the people commenting here are doing so on the content of the actual article, while you seem to be insulting people specifically! If you want to comment to the author, then you should feel free to do so, but please do not say cruel things to these readers who are only trying to express their opinions! Why are you so mean and nasty?

  136. I will keep this short. This is sad. So many people are being misinformed after reading this blog post. I understand and agree with the not shaming part, but there is so much proof out there that pesticides and chemicals in food are not healthy. Even if there wasn’t any proof, isn’t it basically just common sense? Articles such as this are the reason why people with ignorance in matters of nutrition and health will continue to follow blindly and think it’s perfectly fine to consume pesticides, hormones, etc every day. Just really sad.

  137. And in I’m in no way implying that people who don’t buy entirely organic because of not being able to afford it are in the wrong. Not at all, every one does the best they can for their family and I’m not judging. It’s just the mentality that bothers me, of those not even wanting to try to do their own research on the subject, and blindly believing that consuming chemicals and pesticides on a regular basis is safe.

  138. this article might have more credibility to it if the author’s research was credible.

    Parents are lazy- they take the easy way out and come across as bitter with bitter, passive-aggressive stalker-type behavior.

    Cavemen and hunter/gatherers did not do to farming/factory “engineered” foods that are done now.

    People who think there is not a difference simply are live according to how they feel and refuse to listen to common sense. The FDA should be disbanded or imprisoned for approving toxic waste such as MSG, high fructose corn syrup, (et al).

    It is foolish-thinking to go expect to go 100% organic all the time. Additionally, the human body fights off toxins every day and is very resilient…

    It’s about maintaining balance – not stalker-esque bitterness; as the author really seems to do so

  139. There are real concerns regarding GMO foods, as well as the processed ingredients, additives, sugars,preservatives, ect. that are in a lot of the food we are feeding children. Many of the concerns about GMOs stem from the lack of research on adverse affects of human consumption, and that the companies which are funding the research are also same companies making the GMO products. There is an obvious conflict of interest.

    Unfortunately, it is very easy and inexpensive to buy junk food, but costly and time consuming to purchase healthier food options or prepare your own.
    GMO growing is banned in 160 countries around the world due to negative impacts on the environment and lack of research.

    Here are couple research journals noting the lack of research of human consumption:


    GMO OMG is also a great documentary which is available on Netflix

    Child obesity and diabetes are growing rapidly in the U.S. due to the foods we are feeding our children.
    The meats we are giving them are causing hormonal changes from antibiotics and possible complications down the road.
    Being conscious of what we are feeding children is not trendy, it may be life saving.

  140. While I agree no one should ever be shamed by their eating choices, especially if they don’t have the resources for healthy eating, I am disheartened you would perpetrate the myth that GMOs are okay. Yes, there are highly-respected AMERICAN institutes that manipulated research into something that agrees with Big American Money Agribusiness. JUST like there was with cigarettes!!! You’re too young to remember when they insisted they had no bad health side effects. I hope you are also too young to know anyone that died from this.
    If you are interested, check out Dr. Vandana Shiva on youtube, and she’ll reference scientific studies around the Earth that show GMOs are harmful. She’ll also talk about what happened to those scientists.

  141. Love this article! I worked in a grocery store for 6 years. When I first started I was 20 years old and believed there was no way other than organic, after working ther for just a few shorts months boy was I wrong. Let me start off by saying, to those of you who research on the Internet, be careful what you read. It’s 2015 have you not learned by yet that you shouldn’t believe everything you read on the Internet. Yes some sites are all facts and truth but not all are. Most is jibberish.
    Okay so now that’s out of the way let me start by saying just because a label says organic doesn’t mean it is 100% organic. Companies are only required to have one teeny tiny ingredient that is actually organic, in order for them to call the product organic. Don’t believe me? I don’t care, I’ve worked in it, I’ve seen it. I’ve been told it by my superiors, one of which who use to work in the actual warehouse and dealt with getting all the food prepared and such.
    Next we come to our fruits and vegetables. I remember the first time I went to open up a brand new box of bananas to put out. When I hauled the top off l, I literally coughed until I gaged. Nothing but a warm gush of this weird, unpleasant smell hit me in the face when I opened it. I went to my boss and asked what it was all about and she kinda chuckled and said “sometimes, but not all, that happen if it’s really warm in the back of our department. It’s the gases they use to spray the bananas with so they will ripen quicker in order to ship them out.” I was like oh wow, that can’t be good for you lol BUT guess what guys, when I went to open up the organic box, the same thing happened! So again I asked my boss about it and she just looks at me and says “people don’t realize that even organic foods still have to be sprayed in order for things to ripen quicker to get them sent out.” It’s not them exact same type of pesticide, they do use something else but it IS still a type of pesticide. Don’t believe me? I don’t care, I’ve seen it first hand.
    Your being fooled into thinking organic is better. Of course they want us to eat organic guys, it’s more expensive! Next time you pick up something organic read the label. I will almost certainly gaurntee you that you’ll only be able to find one maybe 2 actual organic ingredients while the rest is the normal crap in non organic food.
    Independent farmers and local farmer markets are probably different, I haven’t dealt with them so I can’t say what they do and don’t do. I am not saying organic can’t be good for you! But I am saying that buying organic from grocery stores, where the government has all the way and regulations, is a waste of time. Actually I’m not saying it is, I’m promising you it is!
    Good job Celeste, love your article!

  142. Jenna, thank you for the insider insight! Great to be informed. I definitely will be remembering that going forward! ????

  143. Jenna, some of the other comments have mentioned this, but many people understand the organic labeling dilemma. The best way to avoid buying products like you described is buying local and supporting your local farms(which may not even be recognized as organic, but practice organic farming).
    If you have a close reputable health food store, that is also an option. Health food stores usually stock quality trustable products, and do their research on the companies–unlike big grocery stores.
    It’s very unfortunate that most Americans cannot afford to buy quality food, but that in and of itself is an issue.
    Buying organic non-GMO over non-organic may be “controversial”, for now, but check our where the meat is coming from that we are feeding the kids and ourselves. I’d urge everyone to avoid buying dairy and meats from anyone but a farm which you can tour and talk to the owners.

  144. The reason I found this whole article a ridiculous reason for someone to whine is simple. The lady in no way tried to shame the other. She made a comment about what she normally shops for. That’s it. That’s the way I shop as well. I would probably make that comment too. However, I would not make you feel bad for not doing the same just as in the article the other mother did not do. That was your own insecurities about what you feed your kid, not mine, or the other mother. Stop trying to make every aspect of mothering a war.

  145. All the comments I am reading here make me so glad I am not a mom of children. What a over hyper competitive bunch. “Beat the Jones’ ” seems to be the way people run their lives and their children’s lives.

  146. I do not promote organic anything and tend to eat more “junk” than most so I really have no agenda. While I agree that too many people are choosing foods based on fades and what is popular, There are NOT as many people with Celiac that choose to be gluten free. I tend to disagree that GMOs are good for people especially children. Of my six grandchildren one has celiac and nearly died from misdiagnosis, one had many food allergies that have required hospitalization and the newborn baby is showing signs of allergies as well. All have, skin allergies. This is the second generation of humans that have been fed GMOs as a matter of course. You cannot tell me that there is not some correlation between foods, water, air that people ingest or inhale that is not causing people, especially children to have so many ailments, medical conditions, life threatening diseases and the like not to have some type association. I especially refuse to believe “scientists” as they are the very reason we ALL consume “Round-UP” as it is genetically introduced into soy, corn, cotton and many other products in our every day lives. Even when we eat fruits and vegetables we think are healthily we are actually eating chemicals that cannot be washed away. Unfortunately brand does matter but even reading labels cannot protect your children. GMOs have not fed the starving countries or prolonged life.

  147. Actually Celeste, non organic and GMO foods are sprayed with pesticides (roundup) which devastate the soil and strip the soil of nutrients. Then any subsequent crops grow in nutrient deficient soil and therefore may look and taste fine, but lack nutrients that feed us. So your statement that both kinds are just as nutritional is wrong.

    Also,you can’t possiblydeny the difference between the look and taste of organic and non organic foods i.e. large white watery strawberries versus small, red and flavourful strawberries.
    Or the taste of an organic tomato versus a ‘regular’ tomato. I can recommend you watch ‘Food Matters’ and ‘Food Inc’ documentaries.

  148. Celeste, I completely understand and appreciate the point you are trying to make. It is not fair to judge another parent for her choices. Most often, parents are working their hardest to provide the very best for their children. However, you are wrong to suggest that there is no benefit to eating organic food. It might be true that a conventional fruit, vegetable, or meat might be equally nutritious. However, organic foods reduce our exposure to toxic pesticides, chemicals, growth hormones, and antibiotics. These pose a host of health risks, some of which we do not even fully understand. has a lot of really good answers about why it is important to avoid these toxins and which conventionally grown fruits and veggies are relatively safe to consume. Hopefully organic foods will continue to be more within reach for everyone. Education can help us all get there. :)

  149. It seems to me that te author was not attempting in her article fo state any sort of safety related to GMOs or pesticides. What she’s saying is NUTRITIONALLY if one were to analyze vitamin and mineral content of a conventional spinach leaf vs an organic spinach leaf or a conventional store brand cheese stick vs an organic cheese stick, the nutritional numbers in terms of vitamin and mineral content are the same. There are some studies that have shown that organic nutritional values can be a negligible amount higher in fruits and vegetables mainly because the lack of pesticides being sprayed frequently slightly reduces the water content of the produce making the vitamin/mineral amounts a very tiny amount more concentrated. Is also why they have a slightly stronger flavor. GMOs pose interesting quandries. If you have a dogwood tree in your yard, it is most likely genetically modified to resist a dogwood blight that pretty much has wiped out all wild dogwood trees. If you’re excited about the new Ebola vaccine, you should know that it is made from transgenic tobacco. If you take human growth hormone for a medical condition, chances are better than average it comes from the milk of a transgenic pig. All of those things are genetically modified and have been (in the case of the trees & pigs) for over 20 years. The research on the pigs as well as using transgenic tobacco for medication development was going on in the 1990s. I know. I was a grad student at a university that was a pioneer in the industry. Oh, and your regular insulin is produced by using bacteria to replicate the human insulin molecular structure if you’re diabetic. Has been for years. You also will have a hard time finding any study related to just about anything tbat doesn’t have a big corporate pocketbook (including an organic based company’s pocketbook) behind it and it is quite easy to manipulate a p-value to show or not show statistical significance of a study result. The bottom line is, what one person CHOOSES to feed themselves or their child is none of anybody else’s business any more than it is their business what another person feeds themself or their child. People need to learn to leave each other alone and stop pointing fingers. I personally choose to eat a lot of organic stuff because I got tired of looking at labels all the time for high fructose corn syrup which I was told to avoid along with spinach, kale, cranberries, okra, whole wheat breads/cereals (not due to gluten , but oxalate content and the best choice for my health is white bread), soy, chocolate/cocoa, nuts/peanuts, tea, coffee, quinoa, and several other things to prevent kidney stone formation in my body and further irreversible damage to my left kidney. That is my choice & that low oxalate diet is what is healthy for me. It doesn’t give me the right to judge every person who chooses to eat those things or to stop them from doing so even though I can show studies that say a low oxalate diet stops kidney stone formation and my stone doc (ranked in the top 1% in the country) recommends it. For ME. Not everybody. Time for the general public to learn to mind its own business & keep its eyes in its own grocery cart & lunch box. :)

  150. You are a dangerous woman. Feed your family whatever you want. But, using your platform to perpetuate propaganda is just wrong.

  151. I’m not even going to bother reading everyone’s comments because they may just frankly p!$$ me off.
    But thank you Author for writing this article. I don’t hide what I feed my kids nor am I ashamed. But it is still nice to hear your opinion all the same. Thank you

  152. This is a great example of why America is the most obese nation on the planet. “There’s no difference between non-organic or GMO food, and organic other than a label”. Total nonsense! Dozens of other nations around the world have banned GMOs and most of the pesticides that the U.S. liberally sprays all over their food. These countries also blow America out of the water, year after year, on every academic level. You should be ashamed of your ignorance, but yet- you are just another typical American numbskull who believes everything her TV tells her. You can tell you make questionable diet choices by your photo alone, this blog just solidified it. I feel sorry for your kids.

  153. Here is what I took from this article: feed your kids and just know you are doing your best. You like organic go for it, you can’t afford organic that’s okay. The reality is majority of homes aren’t able to feed their kids organic because it’s just to expensive. So what do we tell those moms and dads? Do we say you don’t love your kids because you are feeding them processed food? Are do we tell them do your best to provide food for your family? I feed my kids good healthy food as well as stuff like goldfish. I could careless what any one thinks of what I feed my kids. I won’t shame you for feeding your kids hamburger helper or roll my eyes for feeding your kids organic. At least you are feeding your kids. Mothers in Africa or other third world countries would love to have this argument.

  154. By no means do I purchase all organic food… But I choose carefully. Do this experiment…go purchase a bag of non organic baby carrots and a bag of organic baby carrots in the produce section. The non organic carrots taste like detergent and have an adverse taste. The organic ones taste like carrots were meant to taste. It’s only one example…but where you can actually taste the difference.

  155. While I agree with the premise that no one should be judging another for their food choices, a meta analysis of over 340 studies was in the news this summer showing that on the subject of organic vs. non-organic with relation to nutrition quality has shown that organic foods have higher levels of anti-oxidants and lower levels of pesticides. Meta-analyses take available studies and analyze the overall take, i.e., if 300 studies were done and 250 of them found the same or very similar conclusions, then it clarifies findings.

  156. Organic doesn’t make a difference……My parents buy all mostly normal stuff that’s good for you but not organic and we are all in great health….my friends family buys all organic and honestly they are in “worse” health than us …pesticides and such don’t make a difference really in your health

  157. Amen! Too many parents out there are so focused on buying only organic and are extremely judgmental about it too! I haven’t read the studies about regular vs organic, and I’m not going to pretend that I have. But what drives me crazy is people judging people and puting them down because they can’t afford to “do this for their childrens health”. I have the money, occasionaly, but I don’t run out to buy organic food. What people need to be paying attention to is the actual ingredients in the food. Try to find the least processed foods to feed them most of the time. But don’t judge parents for doing the best that they can with their situation.

  158. Sorry,but organic food is better because it’s not packed with pesticides and all the other junk sprayed on them. It might not be more nutritious but it sure tastes a lot better without all the extra junk.

  159. And just to clarify, I still don’t judge people who buy non organic because it gets pretty expensive. I just wished people would stop believing that organic, non organic and gmo food are equal. They are not! Gmo food and non organic food are killing us slowly. We need to stand together and demand change in the way we are producing food. If not for ourselves then at least for the future health of our children.

  160. Wow….was this article written by a Monsanto employee? There is a BIG difference between organic and conventional foods. However, I would never make anyone feel bad about what they choose to buy.

  161. I happened to go grocery shopping today. The store had pints of “non organic” raspberries 2/2.25. I of course grabbed 2 pints for my 4 children. As I walked out of the produce department I walked right by the organic section. I couldn’t help but notice the price of the raspberries in this area, $1.99/pint. Maybe the woman grabbing those raspberries only had 1 little mouth to feed, maybe she had 10, I don’t know. But, I definitely feel great that I put out 2 pints of raspberries at dinner tonight and not a single one was left. I’d say that’s a parenting win!

  162. Shame! Every time I saw the word mom, mother or mama in this post I am reminded how one sided our culture is about parenting. Stupidly alienating the role of the father in families. Healthy food choices are made by parents and exemplified by families. Articles like this infuriate me, as I know countless fathers running through the grocery with a baby in the cart, trying to make it home before the school bus, after a long day of work, trying to make choices that balance health with the budget just like moms do. You should be ashamed and brush up on your feminism – which should positively encourage the empowerment of all genders in a relationship. What horrible bias this shows! On a side note, i agree that we should not judge others for their food choices. Michelle

  163. JT, AMG and Sarah – I am not and never have been an employee of Monsanto and this blog has never affiliated with them in any way.

  164. Katie – As a farmer, I can PROMISE that my family (nor any family farmers I know) would NEVER “intentionally contaminate” the food we produce.
    The decisions we make on our farm are based on research (done both in the private sector and public universities) and we do it in order to produce the safest food possible while taking the best possible care of our land and animals. We do use growth promoting hormones in our beef cattle. We do so following the USDA regulations, LONG before the animal enters the food supply so that there is plenty of time for them to leave the animal’s system before slaughter. I feed my daughter the same food that we produce and I have no doubt that it is safe and healthy for her.

  165. Kara – The Center for Veterinary Medicine has confirmed that 1 pound of beef from cattle given a common hormone, estradiol, contains 15,000 times less estradiol than the estrogen produced daily by the average man.
    If you are concerned about hormones in meat, I encourage you to visit this website: CommonGround is a group of farm women that I volunteer with whose goal is to answer questions about what we do on our family farms.
    Also, in your second comment you referenced a video produced by PETA. PETA’s goal is to eliminate our right to consume meat at all, no matter how it is produced. They are well known for manipulating the truth about farm practices to produce videos in hopes of accomplishing that goal. If you do not feel that I am credible as a family farmer, how could you find PETA any less biased?

  166. Organic Sally – First of all, Round Up (glyphosate) is a herbicide, not a pesticide. Second, the article in the link you shared includes a lot of reasons why that particular study is flawed. Most notable to me, Personally, an almost negligible difference in antioxidants is not enough for me to change my buying habits.
    I have watched the movie Food Inc. I could write an entire post about the blatant lies in that movie, just based on my own experiences as a family farmer.

  167. Not Surprised – I grew up on a family farm and have a degree in agriculture. I can honestly say that none of the facts I shared in my blog were learned from anything on television. My daughter is well fed, well loved and will grow up learning how to produce safe, healthy food on our family farm. No pity needed.

  168. Tiffanie – I absolutely love the point you made at the end of your comment: “Mothers in Africa or other third world countries would love to have this argument.”
    We are so blessed to have an affordable, abundant food supply, let alone the wide variety of food choices we have grown accustomed to.
    It reminds me of this quote from Norman Borlaug (“The Father of the Green Revolution”), “The forgotten world is made up primarily of the developing nations, where most of the people, comprising more than fifty percent of the total world population, live in poverty, with hunger as a constant companion and fear of famine a continual menace.”

  169. Since it seems that many people aren’t reading my previous responses, I’m going to repost a couple of points.

    – For the record, this post was not intended to spark a debate about organic foods and GMO’s. I have witnessed “mom shaming” and “food shaming” numerous times since becoming a mom, though for the sake of simplicity I only discussed one anecdote in this post. My goal was for parents to realize that you should not be ashamed to feed your child food that has a different label than your friends’.

    – The movie “GMO OMG” is NOT a credible source for learning about the subject of genetically modified foods. Roger Ebert (who is obviously unbiased on this issue) has a review that does a very good job of explaining the movie’s many flaws:

  170. Michelle – When I wrote this post I was writing from my own personal perspective as a mom. If you look through the previous comments, Randy brought this same issue to my attention. I can honestly say that excluding dads was never my intention. Randy’s comment made me realize that I have never read a blog post on this topic that mentions, let alone speaks directly to dads. That is definitely something that we as a blogging community need to address, and I plan to in future posts.

  171. Wow, I have done a little research on GMO and there is much to learn and it is a too bad some of the movies out there informing us about foods is skewed. I would like to know if you had a chance to check out the movie Bought. This tells much of how the food industry has been manipulated… and bought by big Corps like Monsanto… Celeste, I appreciate your approach to mom’s (and you didn’t mention dads)but no biggie, I agree that any Parent/guardian trying to do their best to give the best nutrition to their kids is what matters. We too can not completely eat all organic as right now it is too expensive. however if we all take small steps in changing the crap we buy on the shelves, we can have less obese kids and healthier communities and nation. I think to blatantly call out Organic foods is just a label is a little misleading on your part. It is true that some can label organic without really being 100% organic, but that is a much greater topic for another time. You can not deny the damage to many of our American kids health from processed foods, the increase in allergies, autism, ADHD and many other effects. Again, I appreciate giving mom’s the kudos for doing their best, and I hope more can encourage each other without judging them, but lets not downplay the effects of natural foods/Non-GMO versus processed foods. There are plenty of studies regarding GMO’s and plenty of other countries Banning GMO foods for a reason.

  172. I completely agree with your article in regards to the “shaming” some parents do when talking about what foods are purchased for their children. Shame on ANY person who feels the need to make judgmental comments like, “I don’t feed my kids that garbage”.
    But I really feel we’re missing something positive that comes from underground information being shared regarding our American food supply. Companies ARE changing their attitudes and therefore practices in how and what they put in our food. We SHOULD be aware of very real toxins that are laden in our foods. These ingredients when consumed over a person’s lifetime will have a negative effect. Don’t believe me, do your own research. Study the Scientific demographics of our “modern” aging population in comparison to older generations. Cancer being the obvious big one. But also the newer chronic diseases that doctors just can’t pin point a cause. Fibromyalgia comes to mind. The epidemic of digestive disorders. There is and always has been a DIRECT link between food and your health. One doesn’t need a University Degree to understand this. And the jury is out on the causes of these “Modern Chronic diseases”.
    When quoting a Scientific study, please do your research and follow the money trail. Most if not all of these “institutions” that are seen to be the pinnacle of accurate Science are being funded by the very companies that profit from the sale of farming chemicals and food additives. Always follow the funding.
    Lastly, I feed my daughter a variety of foods both organic and conventional. Our lives are crazy busy these days and quite frankly, food has gotten very expensive. Fact is, we all do our best, period. Awareness is viral and it’s a good thing. But we should NEVER judge another person.

  173. I think most people would agree that you don’t want to eat pesticides but what a lot of people don’t realize is that organic is a booming business and there is a LOT of grey area in organic farming. My FIL is a farmer and he has an organic dairy customer who buys cow feed from him 9 months of the year, non organic. Gotta feed the cows, even if the organic feed is low or hard to find! Pesticides are expensive. Most farmers do not just spray pesticides liberally. They can’t afford to. Bottom line-you may not be getting what you think you are getting when you buy organic and many farmers cannot afford to pay the money to become certified in organic practices so take everything with a grain of salt and for the love, scrub your produce. Ever seen strawberries grown organically? Come see them in my backyard at night-they are covered in roach looking things. And if you’re buying big beautiful orange bell peppers that are “organic”, you should be wondering how the heck they got so big and beautiful without bugs taking a few bites.

  174. Strange she doesn’t mention anything about all the other nasty crap in foods like Gold Fish, forget about Organic Vs. Non Organic.
    And I would never judge anyone and I never look at other moms sideways but someone with these credentials is misleading with this post. Yes all moms cheat and you do the best you can but that means educating yourself on both sides of the argument and just understanding what’s in food in general. As the only person responsible for what goes into my child’s body I have an obligation to be more well informed and less lazy and ignorant.

  175. I agree with the above posters who aren’t so impressed with this post. Organic food IS better than conventional. Science HAS proven that dairy and grass-fed beef are healthier. Regarding produce, it’s not a question of whether organic is healthier, it’s about what organic does NOT mean: pesticides. GMOs. Nope, I’m not going to judge you for feeding your children well, but I will judge when you’re disseminating incorrect information in an effort to make those who buy non-organic feel better about their purchases. The mom in this story who wouldn’t buy conventional spinach did nothing wrong and is not the one responsible for making the other mom feel bad about her food choices. If she (or, clearly, you) feel awkward/mad/judged, that’s on her and you. No need to make a victim out of a simple conversation.

  176. I really enjoyed this article…and then I got to the comments. I can’t believe how many people are taking this completely out of context. She said multiple times, if the labels matter to you then buy it. The message of this entire article, which was (in case you missed that part) that if you happen to be that mom that doesn’t buy organic foods, you are still a good mom, you are still a good person. You shouldn’t feel bad about not paying $10 for a bag of vegetables. Now that I’ve said that…if you are a mom who feeds their kids organic or a mom who feeds their kids the cheapest food there is because that’s all you can afford, you are awesome! You are absolutely AMAZING! You are doing what you can with what you have and that is AMAZING! Too many moms worry about how many likes they get on Instagram or Facebook and not enough about their kids. Too many kids go hungry so mommy can get her hair and nails done. So if you are at least trying to take care of your kids, then again I say (simply because some moms just don’t hear it enough!) you are ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! You keep doing your thing and screw what everyone else says! You like organic? Good for you! You don’t buy organic? Good for you! People judge each other so much as it is, and now we are getting judged on what we eat and how we eat it. A man can change into a woman and it’s ok, but if a mom feeds her kid non-organic cheese sticks it’s the end of the world!?!? Every mom knows how hard it is to raise children, so why make it harder? So I will end my little rant/chant with these last few words. If you are a mom and you love your kids no matter their diet/gender/sexual orientation/career goals/life choices/and any other thing the world is already gonna judge them for then YOU ARE SIMPLY AMAZING!!!

  177. Writes blog imploring others not to shame other parents, comments fill up with people shaming other parents. *sigh* I loved this blog and what it had to say, and because I don’t feel the need to be superior to others, I understood your point completely!

    So much scaretacticy info gleanrd from dodgy websites with little in the way of unbiased data. Just because something says “organic” doesn’t mean squat. There are many, many studies and expose type articles showing the overuse of the word organic since it is NOT REGULATED. You really think thst $5 box of cookies is any better than the chips ahoy since it says “organic” on it? If it is processed? Not organic. Not to mention there are plenty of fruits and vege you can buy non-organic since it doesn’t matter.

  178. I think my only issue with this article is what it decides to focus on. I buy healthy foods for my kids, and I don’t rally behind organic or non-GMO labels. However, I do turn a side eye to parents who buy overly processed and junk food regularly for their kids. It’s setting their kids up for bad eating habits and health risks in their future. The reason I judge? I used to be one of them, and now I’m fighting an uphill battle with my kids to get them to eat healthier. If you instill heathy habits into your kids when they are young, they are at a lower risk for a whole host of physical and mental diseases. My family started practicing the whole foods approach. It’s really been working well…with speed bumps from time to time.

  179. Jackie Phillips,

    Two books on good reads doesn’t make you a qualified expert on writing. I’ve had several poems and short stories published and I don’t consider myself on the same level as Nora Roberts or Piers Anthony. Take a chill pill and read the heart of the story.

  180. Celeste – Does your family run a CAFO? Are your animals in confined, cramped, awful conditions? That’s the only way I can see you saying there is NO difference in organic vs. non-organic. This is your way to make it all OK and have people stop questioning your ‘family farm’ methods. I work for a true family farm; they’re working to be able to be labeled USDA organic, as they’ve only had the land 4 years and it must be farmed without pesticides, herbicides, etc., for 10 years. In the meantime, the animals truly DO have free range and are rotated often enough that the grass can grow, then get eaten, then the chicken can find bugs, etc. It is HARD work, and the care, work and effort to not pump them with hormones or antibiotics should matter. I’m a mother; I do my best to read and inform myself on even the possible ramifications of feeding hormones and antibiotics to my family. Yes, I cheat at times; he gets goldfish crackers a few times per week, or he gets organic mac & cheese and animal crackers a few times per week. But mostly he gets homemade pancakes, homemade soup, & raw milk from a local farm that I visit and inspect their methods. Celeste, shaming anyone is hurtful and should be avoided, I agree to that, but to say that your farm uses antibiotics and hormones and the FDA says that is fine is sort of a conflict of interest, wouldn’t you say? There are many studies stating overuse of antibiotics is hurting our country; it is a fact that GMO’s and hormones aren’t used in other countries; why is that? If they’re so safe, why aren’t they used in Europe? Because maybe they aren’t? And I’m so over the argument that GMO’s make it possible to have enough food for the world. What a load! I’m pretty sure Monsanto didn’t send truckloads of GMO apples to Africa instead of pocketing the profits. Does your farm send its’ hormone riddled, antibiotic laced meat over since you have more than the traditional farmers with normal sized, not super-sized, chickens? We should all stop shaming, so your flippant attitude toward us “hippy dippy” moms (or dads!) is a little rude and slightly shameful.

  181. I rarely take the time to jump in and add my 2 cents…but reading the original blog as I saw one of my friends on Facebook proudly share it and pat herself on the back for “feeding her kids the fish crackers”, I read the whole thing. I will keep my response to the subject, because grammar and literary style is not the point here. First of all, in reading Celeste’s blog, I felt as though the people being shamed and bashed are those of “us” who do lead organic, non-GMO lifestyles. I do not point fingers or get on a soap box to my friends who feed their families foods that I don’t happen to believe are healthy for me. One cannot assume that we “organic chicks” are pointing fingers, looking down upon and shaming the world. Now, regarding the most important topic that was glaring at me as I read through, was that the original blog post is extremely inaccurate regarding organic/non organic…and gmo/non gmo. It was riddled with false statements and had limited and biased articles to back it up. I would encourage anyone who wants clear and honest answers regarding our food, to DO SOME RESEARCH!!! Yes, among all of the articles, you will find those that “claim” there is no difference in consuming chemical and hormone-laden food vs. food that has been raised or grown without the use of antibiotics, artificial pesticides and fertilizers. I have done my fair share of research on the matter, and the findings are shocking at least! Let me just pose a few questions to those who claim all these additives, pesticides, GMO’s and hormones in our food are safe. 1.) Why has the age of puberty for girls decreased over the past 20 years? The answer is: hormones in our meat and dairy. In addition, food chemicals in the forms of pesticides etc, act as xeno-estrogens in the body thus creating an “estrogen like” effect and causing hormone disruption. Furthermore, does anyone wonder why reproductive cancers such as breast and ovarian cancers are on the rise? This again has to do with certain chemicals in our food and environment. For those who claim that they are healthy now and feel great eating a “normal diet” avoiding organic and non GMO’s, you are setting the stage for health problems that may not even show up for years. 2.) Why has there been a gradual increase in obesity in our country over the years? Answer: Because of the food! It’s not just overindulgence in quantity of food. The wheat and dairy and produce of today is not the same as what people in the 50’s and 60’s ate. People back then also weren’t running to the gym 5 days a week to stay slim. They ate real food and whole food but it wasn’t riddled with chemicals and GMO’s. Travel to Europe or abroad! You don’t see heavy people! It’s partly because their countries have banned hundreds of chemicals that the USA STILL allows in our food!!! 3.)How many kids did you know when you were growing up who were autistic, or had ADHD and food allergies? Not nearly as many as there are today! Do some research on Autism and food allergies, and you’ll see it’s not just genetic. There is a strong correlation between the climbing numbers of these conditions and disorders, with the change in our food. Lastly, it is my belief that eating a clean and organic diet doesn’t have to cost more. Go price comparison shopping! How much are those goldfish crackers and Oreos? You can feed your family organic oats for a week for about 6 dollars! I will leave anyone who’s interested a link from Consumer Reports. I think we can all agree that this should be a fairly unbiased resource!
    Sadly, there is a sense of apathy among people in our country when it comes to food and the environment. Do your research and don’t rely on this article and its weak attempt to post misleading and limited information, as a basis to decide what’s healthy and unhealthy. It also seems that those who don’t want to take the time to learn the truth, and stop expanding their views on this topic, will continue to live in denial because it’s easier that way. Making changes is not easy, but it’s worth it!

  182. This study found that organic food IS more nutritious, containing many more antioxidants in less quantities. More important is what organic food does NOT contain, which is large amounts of pesticides and heavy metals, or antibiotics and hormones in meat. Celeste, your argued in a previous post that the hormones in a steak are less than can be found in a birth control pill. That’s an absurd statement to make. Birth control pills aren’t great for the body but do provide a much needed or wanted ability to control whether or not a woman has a baby. Those hormones are not great for her, but at least her body naturally produces estrogen. What is going on in boys’ and mens’ bodies who ingest the hormones you compare to birth control pills? We wonder why people are having problems conceiving these days…hmmm.
    Am I going to grill every mom on what she’s feeding her kids? Am I going to search every label of what another mom gives my kid while at a playdate? No. But I will read the EWG list of the Dirty Dozen each year and do my best to buy the most heavily sprayed produce in organic form, not to mention local, and I’ll continue buying meat and dairy from local farms. And if people ask me about it or if I feel like it’s something they’d be interested in, I’ll tell them what’s harmful about GMO and non-organic from what I read.

  183. Something that a lot of people don’t realize is just because it is organic doesn’t mean it’s not growing right next to your non organic food! Where I live you’ll have a traditional farmer that uses sprays and chemicals and the field right next to it is labeled Certified Organic. What happens when they grow? Cross pollination? Residue from the other field being sprayed? I love this article because I myself worry about what others think and I put to much thought into it, my kids don’t get a bunch of garbage and they also don’t get organic non GMO foods either. I feed them the best I can and they are as healthy as ever!

  184. For me, the point was to the Mom….THANKS FOR FEEDING YOUR KIDS! The conversation of how many of our kids go hungry everyday, the only “balanced” (if you want to call it that) meal they get is from their school. YAY for the Mom feeding her kids and trying to make it right. Organic…yes it is the new trend. Its not new – many of us grew up with fresh produce. Someone coined the term Organic and attached a price tag to it…a price tag that many families can really afford. Also the point of the story is that WE SHOULD JUDGE OTHERS UNTIL WE’VE WALKED IN THEIR SHOES….or as my mother would say “PEOPLE IN GLASS HOUSES SHOULDN’T THROW STONES.” Instead of judging and being critical about what she’s feeding, and making her feel guilty about it enough that the wrappers ended up in her pocket – a caring and kind individual would do some coaching, and provide some hints for healthy alternatives. There are a ton of alternatives that don’t carry the PRICY organic label. Compassion and caring should be the order of the day.

  185. After reading the article, and the slew of comments, I think it’s important to note that regardless of whose right and whose wrong, the one ultimately suffering are the CHILDREN. There were many comments that mentioned what a person feeds their kids is their business. To an extent that’s true. BUT I think it’s society’s business to ensure our food is SAFE, so in a way it’s everyone’s business what we ALL are feeding our kids. I’m not saying we can directly stop a person from feeding their kids something (though I would hope someone would call the authorities if they suspect a child of being malnourished or feed improper things, like dog food or bleach, uncooked meat, etc) but each of us has the RIGHT to petition for laws that provide better food safety.

    As one commenter mentioned, do your research, and try your best to figure out what kinds of foods are actually safe. All food is NOT created equal. Sure your kid may be alive and healthy (compared to if they haven’t eaten ANYTHING) but is that really what you want? The bare minimum? I don’t believe so, I believe parents really do want whats best for their children, and just need the tools to be more informed.

    I agree there is no need for ‘food shaming’ but I feel the author would rather just coddle parents than actually encourage them to seek out resources that may help them make good food choices for themselves and their families. The links given ARE appreciated, though I will have to do my own research since another commenter mentioned they have been debunked by some organization. I think really it’s difficult to know who to listen to, because it seems everyone has an agenda. But we all just have to try our best I suppose.

  186. *fed improper things,
    *hadn’t eaten anything

    (I see some other typos but I can’t find a way to edit my initial post. Nor do I want to continue to ‘spam’ corrections. I hope they are not distracting.)

  187. Grass fed beef is only required to be grass fed for the last 6 months before slaughter.
    Auto immunue disorders are almost all genetic, Amber. So, while I am glad your daughter is better with diet, diet did NOT CAUSE her issues. I have both an autoimmune disorder and a connective tissue disorder, I have tried adjusting my diet, and it has proven to be ineffective. So, it doesn’t work for everyone.
    There should be a sisterhood of motherhood. We should support and uplift each other. I think THAT is what this post was about, right? It wasn’t snarky, or sarcastic. It was well written, unlike Jackie likes to think.
    Breastfeed, bottle feed, feed your kids organic, feed your kids generic, feed your kids only name brand… The point was, don’t feel bad about it. Fantastic post.

  188. It’s concerning to me how many people are insistent that organic food is better because it isn’t grown with chemicals like pesticides or herbicides.

    If you’re one of those who made this claim, you just forfeited in the debate. It is very, very common for organic farmers to use pesticides, herbicides and other chemicals to treat their produce. They just use non-synthetic, which is still up for debate as for which is better. As a previous commenter pointed out, some of the organic non-synthetic chemicals used have since been shown to be harmful to humans. Again – these are organic chemicals sprayed by organic farmers onto the food you just paid a premium for. Did you also know that your organic apples may have been sprayed with antibiotics by the organic farmer?

    To be clear, I am NOT saying that organic is wrong or worse or that traditional farming is better. But if you ARE staking a claim regarding organic, you’d better make sure first that your statements are correct.

  189. Thank you! Sometimes I feel that way. And then spend that extra money to by the chocolate bunnies at the store because teddy graham’s are so aweful, and oh my goodness you bought off kind of eggs. Really.
    I read on an egg carton that the chickens were free range vegetarians. Umm huh. You mean to tell me those birds did not eat a single bug. How is that possible if they were free range.
    I think a lot of times we get fooled by advertising. What people need to do is look at food labels. Check your food you are eating. Make wise choices, not about go free, organic, but sugar content, whole grains, salt.
    I am so passing this on to my friends we all need that boost. Thank you!

  190. While I like why you wrote this note. I don’t particularly like a few things about it. I agree that no mom should ever feel ashamed that they aren’t feeding their kids Organic. Every mom out there trying their best is awesome. You though are assuming that this woman felt ashamed and there are other explanations for her behavior… Perhaps the woman you are feeling sorry for is the one who preaches to all her friends about how she feeds her kids the best organic foods and the other friend who came from shopping was trying to look good in front of her by saying gmo crap. Maybe this woman was hiding the wrapper because she realized she might not always practice what she preaches and didn’t want to be embarrassed.
    My version is possible just as yours is. I feel like you are transferring your own feelings on to this woman and you don’t know the whole story. My other issue is that just because there are no studies currently showing that eating organic is healthier, does not mean that there won’t be. As you know there were no studies linking smoking to cancer in the 50’s either. Lastly it bothered me that instead of going over and comforting the woman you felt soooo bad for, you instead came home and wrote a note on the computer that you hope she might see… Come on! Try talking to humans Instead of writing Notes. If what you said was true that mom probably could’ve used the pep talk or a friend.

  191. In my opinion all of these posts boil down to one thing: Some people believe there’s no use or point to eat organic/non GMO, and some of us believe that eating “clean” and organic has more benefits to our health and well-being. Pertaining to the comment above by “MadTown”, I don’t see this as winning or forfeiting a debate. While you DO have a valid point about “organic” farming using some form of natural substances vs synthetic, I think it’s a matter of choosing the lessor of two evils! Your comment about spraying apples with antibiotics however is pretty invalid, as antibiotics aren’t used on produce. It’s used on animals. The bottom line is this: WE as a society SHOULD be concerned about what is permitted in our food! Our food SHOULD BE safe and we shouldn’t have to choose organic to get safe groceries and produce! It should be the norm. The moms out there should be able to shop and know that the food on the shelves is safe. But it’s not. And that’s why you have to be proactive and DO RESEARCH!!! The problem is, that our government is not doing what it should to protect our food and to prohibit things that are KNOWN CARCINOGENS, or Neurotoxins that cause diseases. Remember when “Saccharin” was deemed safe years ago? I don’t know about you, but reading warning on pink label about causing cancer is enough to keep me from consuming it…. We should all feel that it’s or right to have safe food! Knowing that other countries have banned 100’s of substances because they’re KNOWN TO BE HAZARDOUS, and they are still permitted in the US, should really upset us! But again, some will just continue to be apathetic to it.

  192. My experience is that food-related aggression goes the other way. People who choose conventionally-grown foods seem very quick to drag down those who choose organics. It’s as if they need to justify their choices, which isn’t necessary. The eye roll and chuckle that people do when they hear gluten-free or organic is a defense mechanism because they either think that the organic purchaser is saying “Your food isn’t good enough” or because they know it’s not the best choice but they either don’t care enough or feel bad that they choose other things over better food. There are certainly cases where money is too tight to allow for all organics, but that’s a different case and if an organic-purchaser is shaming someone else, s/he just isn’t a nice person! It doesn’t have anything to do with how s/he eats.

  193. Organic food is more nutritious than non-organic food. A recent study published by the British Journal of Medicine says, “After reviewing 343 studies on the topic, researchers in Europe and the United States concluded that organic crops and organic-crop-based foods contained higher concentrations of antioxidants on average than conventionally grown foods” (qtd. in Morin). Furthermore, “At the same time, the researchers found that conventional foods contained greater concentrations of residual pesticides and the toxic metal cadmium.” The study goes on to say that you can eat less organic produce and get greater nutritional returns than conventional produce.

    It’s fine if you don’t eat organic food or can’t afford to buy all organic food. However, to spread misinformation is irresponsible.

  194. This article made one very important point: “It is none of my business what you feed YOUR kids.” Truth, and as other have pointed out, it goes both ways. Don’t make the mistake of interpreting others’ choices as condemnation of your own – whether it’s the mom casually mentioning she couldn’t find organic spinach, or the mom sliding a Kroger string cheese across the table. Neither of these moms said “you’re doing a bad job.” If that’s what you choose to hear, that is on YOU.

  195. To all the people who are so confident that they know everything about organic food and GMOs–oh, how you make me smile. I’m not a mom. I’m a research scientist working in agriculture and environmental conservation. I know a little more about how the food industry works than you do, so don’t try applying the “common sense” and “you don’t know what you’re talking about” argument to me. Did you know, for example, that farmers can and do shower their crops with bacteria, viruses, and pathogenic fungi, and it’s these farmers SPECIFICALLY that can label their produce “organic”? Why? Because they used whole organisms for pest control, not synthetic chemicals. Ergo, it’s organic. (Not that there’s anything wrong with the practice, but I bet you thought it was just Farmer Brown and his garden hose out there, didn’t you? :-)) Also, that 2014 study isn’t as clear as some cherry-picked quotes make it appear. Antioxidants are not nutritive, it’s unconfirmed that they have any health benefit. When pesticide concentrations are that low, there’s no proof that it’s harmful either. You might as well try to claim that aspirin should be banned. I’ll give you the cadmium point. Science is not schilling for big agro, but it’s not on your side either. The current literature adamantly insists that there’s no evidence for either, and we thank you to be responsible enough to take our data as it is instead of skewing it to fit an idea you already had. If you have money, spend it how you like, but I’ve always regretted how the only thing the organic and anti-GMO movement has accomplished is making poorer parents feel bad that they can’t afford to feed their kids “right”.

  196. To Celeste and “Scientist” – First of all it’s unfair to assume that everyone posting about pro organic and non GMO are non-credentialed and uneducated in the field. I personally take offense to the remark from “Scientist” that implies that all of us organic people “think it was good ol’ farmer Brown with his garden hose” harvesting our crops. How condescending and shaming I find that remark. You should both be very careful about casting stones – as, wasn’t that your original point in your blog, Celeste? The basic point is this: Our FOOD SHOULD BE SAFE whether you are rich or poor and purchase organic or not! If “Scientist” tells me that there are some practices displayed by current organic farmers that are misleading and unsafe, then guess what? Shame on them too! It’s all about food safety, organic or not!I’m not too naïve to know that organic food is big business too. And that is what has me upset and very passionate about. No one yet has been able to answer or acknowledge my questions about why there are so many food additives and farming practices that have been banned in MOST other countries, that are still allowed here in the US!?!? Do other countries run different studies that conclude different results??? Now, I also know that there are scientific studies that have been conducted – NUMEROUS studies, that never get published. WHY, you ask? Because all you have to do is follow the money chain and you will see that money makes the world go around, and for the sake of safety, disclosing findings and study results about food safety, might just in fact affect the bottom line of the players in the food industry. Tell me that isn’t so!!!!! Just do some research. Lastly, Celeste you know darn well about some of the abhorrent practices that take place in the farming industry. I commend you for not participating in those! But to turn a blind eye and to say that it doesn’t take place, isn’t truthful! And to those who prefer to buy organic dairy and meat simply because they don’t agree with the inhumane practices that sometimes happens in the farms, then kudos to them for having a heart! The bottom line is that unless the food is labeled and you can trust the source, you really don’t know what happens during the raising of the animals and live stock. “Scientist” perhaps my foolish reply here “made you smile” and laugh again. And just in case anyone is curious about experts in the medical and farming field who REFUSE to eat certain things because they know the TRUTH behind the manufacturing or raising, then read this article: Sadly, a lot of the effects of what is going on within our food right now, won’t be evident for years later, as more and more afflictions and ailments are on the rise.

  197. I just read an article about a 4 yr old handing out heroine thinking it was candy….Really?! This women was at the library, awesome to you that you are spending that time with your child! I commend you for that, so sad how people judge instantly without even knowing a situation! I have families around me that can’t even afford string cheese and would kill for anything! I am an advocate of feeding my children well but I also have 4 on a very minimal salary, and do my research on what I believe is “Best” remember they can slap “organic” on something that is only proven to be Organic by 7%….I would live for every piece to come from the natural ground…but it’s not realistic in a lot of our lives! Just be there for your children, that’s our 100% goal! Thank you for a cute article…beats half of the crap I see!

  198. This is one of the most ignorant and naïve articles that I have read yet. The only thing well written is that we should not judge what each Mom decides for their kids. This is what we should not do. The author clearly judges or feels less than herself.

    1. You are guessing that the other Mom was embarrassed. Perhaps she was allowing her friend to vent, how do you know? You are also guessing at what she does feed her kids.

    2. You were going to tell this woman off, because of her choice without knowing a single thing about her. Let her be, and you deal with your own choices. You are grossly immature and/or insecure here.

    3. There are many studies to show the differences in food. Look them up. Not all organic is good, a whole lot of conventional is bad but THERE CAN BE A GIANT DIFFERENCE. Don’t knock people who choose to go organic or clean. This is your insecurity, not theirs.

  199. it’s sad that society has been pushed to think of food in two extremes. Either the golden organic farm or the conventional farmer that pumps excessive amounts of “chemicals” and “pesticides” onto all his farm. Whatever he needs to do for a profit. Does it ever occur that these two stereotypes are the most rare when it comes to farming. Would you rather have the organic farmer that barely skims by his certification just to sell his food for a higher profit. Or would you rather have a conventional farmer that is a great steward of his land, cares for his crop, and follows government guidelines. People that use heavy words such as “chemicals” and “pesticides” as a basis for choosing organic are misled and uniformed. Most farmers, conventional or organic, raise products within safe guidelines. Their whole intention is to make a great product to feed the world. Organic is only a label. No credible study proves one is better than the other. If so, it is intentionally funded by a branch of the organic industry. All food is safe and healthy. Have faith in all farmers as good and responsible stewards. Don’t listen to the Kardashians as a credible source for food advice

  200. I do not buy organic food for my family and really do not care what other moms feed their kids. But I also didn’t really care for the preachy tone of this article. Why do you care what other moms think about what you feed your kids? Anyone who is truly confident in their choices doesn’t write articles yelling at other moms to quit judging them.

  201. Wow…so many mean comments. I think your article was great and a reminder that every parent is doing the best they can. There’s no reason to make parents feel bad about their choices.

  202. Lots of comments here….
    I do not see in your blog how the mom talking about organic spinach shamed the other mom in that conversation??? Are you just assuming she felt ashamed? The problem really lies within our education in this country on nutrition. Example on that would be things that are banned in other countries and not in the United States. Some people eat very poorly. Period. I see cartloads of boxed and frozen foods and nothing fresh in people’s grocery carts, and we wonder why obesity and diabetes are an epidemic in this country. THAT is what is shameful. Life is full of choices and you should feed your family what you feel is best. Most moms and dads are just trying to do the very best they can. I do agree you shouldn’t place judgement on others for their choices , but I still don’t see how that happened in this particular situation….

  203. This sounds a lot like moms looking for freedom from guilt not wanting to learn the truth. I don’t think anyone should shame anyone else but i also believe that If you honestly think what you are feeding your kids is good, then why feel guilty? Because deep down inside there must be something nagging at you. But instead of taking that nagging feeling and doing something about it by educating yourself or tweaking your budget to find room for less processed foods and more whole foods grown locally with care, you seek out other moms who say it’s okay to feed your kids whatever you want to so you feel better. Hmmmm. To me, this mindset is not about doing what’s best for your family’s health. It seems it’s seeking absolution for guilt. My advice would be, spend less time feeling guilty and more time researching the facts (and the sources of those facts). And find other sources of information in addition to this “blog”.
    As another person commented, those who by organic by them for more of what they don’t have (chemicals) than what they do have (nutrients). Also, most of our crops in the US are corn or soy based. Corn and soy are not bad in and of themselves but when you isolate them in ways that are foreign to the body and eat them in large quantities, common sense would tell you something bad is going to happen. Why do we have such an increase in lifestyle diseases and cancer than ever before in human history? Process foods. Do yourself and your kids a favor and do some basic research about what that does to a body over a lifetime.
    you only have your health at the end of the day. It should be your biggest priority.

  204. Sandy
    You are the typical person on here who twists words to push your own personal agenda. You tell her if she thinks it is right to keep to herself. Well if you think you are right, then do us a favor and keep to yourself. She has done her research and provided links of which you failed to do. Most people have limited knowledge of food production to the extent of a grocery store. Or to the extent of what The Kardashians say is healthy. She has researched it for herself. I also like how so many irresponsible people blame disease and obesity on Process Foods! Wake up, exercise, get off the couch, and take responsibility for your own health. Don’t blame it on processed foods or gluten or whatever Michelle Obama says.

  205. You don’t think processed foods contribute to obesity??? Wow. Talk to a nutritionist or dietician. Most would say to a diabetic or obese patient to not eat processed foods. I know this from many years working in the medical field, majoring in nursing, and minoring in nutrition. Not to mention if one is not informed more than to the extent of a grocery store that is extremely sad.

  206. Your premise is the same as saying television contributes to obesity. Anything is bad in excess. What I am saying is that the mentality of many people today is to play the blame game, point at someone else for their problems. Never take responsibility for their own lives. It isn’t me…it is the processed foods or the gluten or whatever trend of the year. Society has left the blue collar and agrarian days and now people are so distant from agriculture that all they know is by word of mouth. I think we should eat more whole fruits and vegetables. But to choose and worship organic over conventional fruits and vegetables is a flawed choice merits no credibility. Eat more fruits and vegetables. But don’t give into the organic myth. Eat what fruits and veggies you can. They are the same.

  207. This blog post deeply saddens me. Under the disguise of “don’t mommy shame” you are thusly mommy shaming yourself. Sure you shared one anecdote but the one you did choose to share doesn’t show mommy shaming from the organic purchasing mama at all. Just from you and your assumptions. And I’ve wasted much of my precious, oh so precious naptime solitude reading through the comments and articles shared and you’ve yet to respond to the questions raised against the very sources you posted? The ones that show a positive difference in organic food? I feel dumb for wasting so much of my time, I hope for my sake, consider all that I could’ve done with these precious few hours away from 3 children, that you’ll actually see how you mommy shamed and assumed the hell out of the anecdote you choose to prove your point.

  208. THANK YOU! I just want to thank you for writing this article. So often we feel like failures as a mom simply because we choose to do things our own way instead of following the current fad. It’s important to remember that if your kids are happy and healthy that is what is important!

  209. I don’t think processed foods create obesity, I also don’t agree with the fact that “no one dies of natural causes anymore” or that we suddenly have hundreds of thousands more cases of allergies and other diseases and that it is “obviously food related”. The plain and simple fact is that our quality of life has increased dramatically over the centuries, we used to only live to 40 ‘ s or 50 ‘ s now we see 70 ‘ and 80 ‘ s routinely. Our food and Medicine have gotten better not worse. We see more allergies partly because we have gotten better at diagnosing them, not because they happen more but because we have better testing to figure out what is happening. Cancer is on the rise? It’s always been there, we’ve just gotten better at detecting it! We used to say someone died of “natural causes” when we didn’t know what happened, now we have tests that tell us hey his heart stopped working, or she had a brain aneurysm or cancer (pick your illness). Doctors years ago couldn’t tell what it was, just because it wasn’t documented doesn’t mean it wasn’t happening. As for children starting puberty earlier you all do realize that back in the 12th, 13th 14th century that girls were often married of at the ages of 11, 12 or 13 right after they started their periods, because they were then thought to be women. Let’s be real here and have some common sense vs jumping on these paranoid bandwagon where everyone blames everything for bad stuff that happens. Guess what no matter how “healthy” you love your life your going to die of something just like me and everyone else. And I eat whatever so do my kids and not a single person in my household is overweight, it’s the portion sizes and variety you eat that really matters.

  210. Give me a break! Congrats on being a lazy mom/parent/spouse/human. It’s called planning and being responsible. If you can’t devote time and effort into having a child and raising it the best way possible then don’t do it. Its not shaming, its being honest about calling out people who are content with mediocrity if they’re able to attain even that much less strive for something better.

  211. Some of you need some serious education on nutrition. If you don’t think processed foods and “crap food” leads to obesity and countless health problems….you are very misinformed. Exactly the problem in this country. Do reaearch on GMO’s and why other counties have banned them. Inform yourself. For the sake of your children’s Heath at the very least.

  212. I think this link sums it up wisely.
    88% of AAAS scientist agree the GMO foods ARE completely safe to eat.
    Too many people are falling victim to the organic movement money making machine. People are too easily swayed and intimidated by scare tactics of extreme organic groups and special interest groups that force their agenda and opinion on all. Organic industry is based on unsound science and special interest studies. Research and scientists show that GMO foods are just as nutrituous/safe as “organic”

  213. Anyone claiming processed foods, GMO’s and NON-organic foods aren’t having an effect, then GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT! Read the links below if you don’t believe! I doubt if any of you however will take the time to read FACTUAL information because it’s easier to come up with your own un-scientific answer and not have to make changes to your lifestyle. I’m sure none of you even know what a “xeno-estrogen” is….. And no, food allergies aren’t just diagnosed more readily, as someone above commented. They are on the rise, and so are many other conditions including autism. Get your facts straight and educate yourself. These attitudes, in my opinion are another reflection of laziness in our country! Not taking the measures to educate yourself and become informed!

    Autism Increase:

    Food Allergy Increase: food allergies among children increased approximately 50% between 1997 and 2011

    Obesity in the US: You don’t think America’s obesity has risen over the years, and it’s NOT just because people are “couch potatoes”. Besides people in the 50s and 60s were a lot more slim before GMO’s and processed foods. They surely weren’t running to the gym 4 days a week! Read here:

    Puberty in girls: How about the decreasing age of puberty in girls? It’s hormones in our meat and dairy! Of particular concern are endocrine-disrupters, like “xeno-estrogens” or estrogen mimics. These compounds behave like steroid hormones and can alter puberty timing.

  214. Celeste I have to strongly and wholeheartedly disagree with every single thing you have written in this article. I was raised on unorganic meats, dairy, and veggies, processed crap (like goldfish) and gluten laden food my entire life. I now have 3 chronic pain conditions and a few autoimmune disorders that I absolutely contribute to consuming unwholesome preservative filled foods that come in a box for so many years. It is not real food!!! Nobody, especially children, should be eating this crap!! In my interstitial cystitis (the incurable and debilitating condition I live with) newsletters I receive, it says REPEATEDLY to not consume food that is not organic (filled with PESTICIDES) or processed because it will cause flares and worsen the pain I am already in daily! That’s not coming from an organic promoting source either. They are looking out for the health and well-being of everyone who looks to them for advice. If the numerous pesticides found in non-organic foods have the capability of doing that to IC patients, it sure as heck has the capability of doing horrible things to everyone’s body. I know a great deal of other women my age that contribute their ill health to the poor diet they were fed as children as well. I don’t need asinine statistics promoted by the FDA (fuled by the dairy and beef industry) to tell me that GMO food is safe to eat, BECAUSE IT IS NOT. Do your research a little more thoroughly before you start giving crappy advice to parents who are actually gullible enough to think you’re right. SMH

  215. Just wow, I’m not even going to comment or debate the topic you chose of organic vs non-organic. You are using this topic to gain support by bullying and doing on to this woman exactly what you claim she is doing, with the caveat that she never actually did it. You are the worst kind of bully. You justify it by throwing this woman into a category that you feel makes your actions acceptable. Shame on you.

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  217. There have been tests done in europe proving GMO’s cause cancer and other disease they were only argued by monsantos scientist to make them look invalid and plus you have monsantos upper level employees who are in the fda and make decsions on what is deemed healthy in our food. organic isnt even fully organic they just have so much money that no one can stop them

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  219. IMHO, the debate around any correlation (and correlation is NOT causation, despite how the media tries to spin such things) between current health ailments and GMOs is the secondary fact that as our use of GMOs increased so did our intake of sugar and salt via processed foods while at the same time decreasing our activity levels, overall, as a society. If we were to create a Hierarchy of the modern conveniences that are killing us, where do the GMOs fall? Who knows? We couldn’t do a controlled, randomized, experiment on the subject very well.

  220. Thank you for writing this. I have often felt the same way the mom with the wrapper felt.

    I have many friends who feed their kids organic food, grass-fed beef, etc. I’d like to do the same (not because I think the food is healthier, but because I’d like to better support local farming). However, it’s not financially practical for my family. We live on a tight budget, largely because I chose to postpone my career and stay at home with my kids. We simply can’t afford to spend twice as much on groceries as we do now. I try to give my kids a healthy, balanced diet and hate feeling somehow like less of a mother because I can’t afford to do all my shopping at the co-op or farmer’s market.

    Lastly, I’ve seen many people I care about struggle with eating disorders. I’m also raising daughters. I don’t want to place some sort of moral value on the food they eat. I want to provide healthy choices, model healthy, BALANCED eating, and regular exercise but it would break my heart to hear either of them say that they don’t want that donut because it’ll make them fat.

  221. Celeste, I have to applaud you for how diplomatically you respond to the negative comments on this thread. I know that when you receive negative feedback on an article, it is hard to read them and not let it get to you.

    I have read about the studies that say organic food is the same, nutritionally, as conventional foods. But I must point out that I do not buy organic food because of what it contains, but because of what it doesn’t contain. And that is the big difference for me and for many other moms.

    Please also let me tell you about a change I made in my home that has made an enormous difference in my and my family’s health! I used to stock my kitchen with treats from pepperidge farm, fruit snacks, etc. I wish my kids and I could practice temperance with those items but it ends up that every time I brought them home, they were gone in one day and then I was back at the store, buying more because “that’s the only thing I could give them in order for them to behave at church, in a long line” etc.

    Then I started only having fresh produce available in my home for the kids to eat as snacks. Now, I no longer have to watch what they are eating because I don’t care if they are chewing on carrot sticks, celery, cherry tomatoes and apples. They can eat that all they want! And I do not forbid those treats I mentioned above, I just don’t stock them at home. It’s a treat to have at other places and they are very special.

    In addition to them eating better, this entire winter, our family has only had ONE illness! In years past, my kids would get colds, ear infections, etc. all winter long. This is all the proof I need that this works.

    Celeste, thank you for your article affirming other moms. I am so tired of mom-shaming. I hope that we all love our kids and do our best. I have to ask myself if I want another parent to leave my company feeling affirmed or feeling judged and bashed. Other moms may have a different opinion but I would rather the former.

  222. You know what Celeste, you feed your kids and spouse whatever crap you want. You look at documentaries ( another good one for you would be “Bought”) and just scream ‘lies!’. You are a disgrace to promote big food corporation agenda’s under the veil of ‘stop mom shaming!’
    Good luck to you and your family.

  223. Why my son eats mostly organic: Chemicals!! Plain and simple. I am pretty sure my organic spinach is just as nutritious as non-organic spinach. Its the chemicals that have been sprayed on the non-organic that scare me. I don’t buy 100% organic, but I try. Your article bothers me because there is NO mention of pesticides, hormones, and artificial ingredients. It is not about the nutrient density, its about the things being added to our food. Organic is expensive! Organic is a pain in the butt! I am a single mother on a teacher salary with ZERO child support and my son eats organic, natural, real food. The rule for me is I need to be able to pronounce all of the ingredients and likely to cook with them in my kitchen.

  224. Actually Celeste, I want to apologize. I took some time to reflect and it wasn’t fair to call you a disgrace. Most of us ‘organic food lovers’ have spent hours and hours of doing research and we know the devastating effects of non organic and gmo foods and that is why we sometimes get so passionate and we feel that when people disregard our findings we need to push back hard.
    However, everyone is entitled to their opinion and if you truly feel that non organic is just as good as organic and gmo’s are no big deal, that is your right. I think your blog post shows how passionate we all are but that is never an excuse to be mean. Hopefully this all teaches us a think or two about communication as well as good nutrition. I do really hope that you will continue to research food and gmo’s. All the best.

  225. It is nearly a consensus that all scientists agree that GMO food is just as safe as organic food. Many Organic followers claim that studies, which show conventional is as safe/nutrituous as organic, are funded by “evil” food giants like Monsanto. Truth is it is a consensus that GMO food is perfectly fine. Backed by studies and near consensus of scientists. Don’t be a victim to the organic money machine. Profiting off hard working America and based on misleading facts to bring in the $$$

  226. Great article! my Mom was a single mom working 3 jobs just to support and care for my sister and I.. we were never fed organic, gluten free or any other fancy food.. And guess what my sister and I are both still alive and healthy and guess what we both have two beautiful, happy and healthy children of which eat conventional food. and guess what else my mom loves my sister and I and we love our children with all of our hearts.. but I guess not as much as someone who feeds organic food to their kids.. so I guess if my kid wears second hand or Wal-Mart clothes I love them even less?!? Lol

  227. I am appalled by some of the comments left, just because she spoke her thoughts and switched points here and there doesn’t mean she needs a journalism class, she’s just a mom trying to help other moms feel less ashamed if they feed their kids the food they grew up on. If it’s organic or not it’s no one else’s business what anyone should feed their kids. Let alone make someone feel bad for not buying the same products, it’s like making fun of a kid who doesn’t have a name brand shirt on. It’s a choice and everyone has their own to make no one on this site is perfect nutritionist or journalist you are not better than the woman who wrote this article if anything you’re worse what did you ever write to help other mothers feel ok without pushing your belief on to them!

  228. I find many key points about this humorous.

    -There is absolutely NO WAY you can tell what kind of string cheese wrapper this woman “shoved in her pocket” from across the room. I currently have Organic string cheese in my fridge. same clear package. that would be lie #1

    -You could tell the kids had non-organic drinks because they had cups? really? I find this to be quite a stretch. Lie #2

    -You could tell this woman fed her kids a balanced diet of non organic foods by looking at her and witnessing these afore mentioned bullet points? Lie #3

    It seems to me in the process of writing this blog about “shaming” (i.e. judging) you are judging those who choose to buy organic foods. I am not surprised by this as it is, after all, the good christian thing to do.. you know, judging. “food is food” “just a label” these are your answers backed by your extensive credentials and your ag degree?

    It seems to me (unless this story was fabricated so you could stand on your high and mighty soap box) you placed yourself in the middle of a conversation and made some (probably incorrect) assumptions. If this woman believes that GMO is, in fact, “crap” is she not entitled to her opinion of how to raise her kids as you are to yours?

    Whether you believe Organic is healthier than Non or not, the fact of the matter is it all boils down to personal belief. You violated someone elses personal beliefs which makes this whole blog post hypocritical trash. Some of us believe in “the basics.” If it is possible to grow my food without chemicals or modification, that is MY choice. it isn’t just a label. There is a difference. Saying there is no difference does not put much stock in your Ag degree. If I want apples that turn brown after they are cut, that is my choice. Those apples aren’t “different” from the new GM apples that no longer turn brown? Then why did they spend Millions making them? Sure, 1 may not have more nutritional value than the other. That is not the point. The point is, as long as I have the ability to choose 1 or the other I VOTE with my money. MY VOTE goes to the same food my grandparents ate.

    You are fully entitled to your opinion. This is, after all, YOUR blog. I will give you that. Just know, that those of us who do believe that food is the most important thing one can spend money on and CHOOSE to buy the best and most simple foods we can…. are offended by your “shaming” The words you chose in the end of your post insinuated we are idiots for buying organic because it is “just a label” “go right ahead”

    In the end, it is all 100% perspective. As a farmer, you could understand that to raise livestock you want to give them the best feed and conditions you possibly can. There is no difference with my child. In another perspective, How are we crazy for paying a little extra for organic or non GMO, yet it is not deemed crazy to buy a couple cases of Diet Coke a week?? or starbucks? or beer? wine? candy? or hell, even video games? cars we can barely afford? yet spending $3.99 on antibiotic free free-range chicken eggs instead of $2 on mega farm crap is out of the question. wow… this coming from a small independent farmer.

    Keep it coming… you really have this all figured out. Kudos to your “shaming” free way of life. I bet that woman would have been so relieved had you rushed over to give her a big hug because you had her all figured out. What a joke…

  229. Dear Celeste, I suppose my comment that I left on Saturday that was “awaiting moderation” until today, was decided it wasn’t worthy of posting to your “unbiased” blog replies? I guess I must have struck a nerve. Or perhaps, the mere fact that my pro-organic and non-GMO stance could be backed up with links to factual and credible findings that I chose to share in my reply, was hitting upon the truth? I pride myself with doing my research if I choose to get involved in dialogue or a reply, and am very careful about not making false claims or speaking of something about which I am uninformed. If it’s only you who decide to read this reply and don’t post it, then that’s fine too. I gave the benefit of the doubt that your blog was open to both sides. And maybe, just maybe, YOU should be a little bit more open-minded about reading the links on both sides of this topic as well. I can tell you, that the movement and momentum is building and more people are going to be demanding different farming and food industry practices. Sooner or later, even farmers like yourself will have to be making some changes. I would love nothing more than to support ALL those in farming, including YOU! I just wish that the FDA didn’t have dollars and cents first and foremost on their priority list, and did more to publish ALL of the studies done on GMO’s synthetic chemicals, etc…. instead publishing a very limited quantity of all the studies out there. In closing, I don’t care if you post this or not. That wasn’t the point. My point was to say that if you open yourself up to public opinion, you should really have the decency to share both sides. Especially if people are taking the time to intelligently reply. Not just the replies that agree with your opinion. I wish you all the best.

  230. I LOVE this article! I am a stay-at-home dad so don’t leave us out of the conversation either!!! I am so tired of being food shamed because I don’t buy everything GMO free or organic. Just the mere fact that we are able to get our kids to eat vegetables in much larger quantities than when we were kids is a miracle itself. My daughter eats carrots and hummus as a snack. When I was 4 I didn’t even know what the crap hummus was! Even the “unhealthy” snacks available for kids still has less sugar and preservatives than snack foods from previous generations. In the 80’s no one seemed to be bothered by high fructose corn syrup but now it’s slowly being phased out of foods. To all of the parents out there(organic or not) that choose to pay attention to what your kids eat and show love to your kids….kudos to you!

  231. First of all, I do appreciate the article and understand where you were coming from. We shouldn’t be judgmental to others and be more supportive. And I agree, that sometimes, it’s ok to let the kid have candy and ice cream. And if you had a heck of a day, as long as they are fed and happy that’s all that matters.
    However, I think the problem that a lot of the PRO-Organic moms (including myself) have with this article is that it seemed a bit biased. And the message I got from it was: hey, whatever they eat it’s fine as long as they eat. And some of the studies you mentioned about organic foods are a few years old. And there are a lot more studies out there that came out after that are complete opposite.
    Just an example. This one is from The American Academy of Pediatrics
    This one if from British Journal of Nutrition that mentions the Stanford study and how new 343 independent studies show opposite results.
    And you did mention the Mayo clinic. This is a paragraph : “Conventional vs. organic farming. The word “organic” refers to the way farmers grow and process agricultural products, such as fruits, vegetables, grains, dairy products and meat. Organic farming practices are designed to encourage soil and water conservation and reduce pollution.
    Farmers who grow organic produce don’t use conventional methods to fertilize and control weeds. Examples of organic farming practices include using natural fertilizers to feed soil and plants, and using crop rotation or mulch to manage weeds.”
    I believe that’s a good reason to buy organic when you can.

    I’m not saying I’m perfect, and by no means I go crazy looking for Organic ONLY 100% of the time. I’m not going to run around town to find organic spinach or not get any if there is only conventional.
    But when there is an option, I will absolutely opt for Organic.

    We should be teaching our kids how to treat the planet better, they are going to be here long after us, and I’d love for this world to have less disease and for our kids and grandkids to have the best start in life possible.

  232. Jamie – I feel very confident in the food choices I make because I am a family farmer and I know exactly what goes into producing food. Not all moms have that background and experience to give them peace of mind. This post was aimed at moms who DO feel insecure and judged by their food choices to give them a a little pep talk.

    James Hunter – I am not and never have been an employee of Monsanto and this blog has never affiliated with them in any way.

    NS – I focused on differences in nutrition alone because that is how I make food buying decisions for my family. If you prefer to use other criteria then you should feel free to do so.

    Organic Sally – I appreciate you coming back and commenting again. The internet is a big place full of passionate people. Its always better when we play nicely with each other ;)

    Andy – Since you are so concerned with the anecdote I started this post with, let me clarify. I DO know that she had Kroger brand string cheese because it does have obvious branding on the wrapper. Since I buy the same string cheese regularly, I know exactly what it looks like. I do not know what was in her children’s cups. I included that detail to illustrate the difference between her and her friend. Yes, I did make assumptions based on what I observed but I did so because this was just one of many instances that I have witnessed of parents being food shamed, even in subtle ways. Not everyone feels as confident in their food buying choices as you and I do.

  233. Missy – Thanks for bringing that to my attention. Turns out that your comment (left under the name “Non-GMO gal,” correct?) contained so many links that my spam filter caught it. I’ve found it and will publish it momentarily.
    For what it is worth, the only comments that I do NOT allow to remain published are those that use profanity, hate speech or threaten violence against myself, any other farm family or commenter.

  234. Unless your Kroger is the only Kroger in the US to have special individual packaging you aren’t fooling anyone. If the photo used in your post is a reflection of what you are talking about, My 365 Brand wrapper looks identical. if it were possible to post a photo I would. Since that is all you gathered from my comment I will assume arguing with you is futile. The point I was making was clearly not received. YOU, by conjuring this backstory in your head, were doing exactly what you are preaching against. Judging. The end. As far as the remainder of my original comment… not worth diving back into. I can see from about 85-90% of the response to this blog post reflects my initial reaction and thoughts. I am glad to know I am not alone in thinking this was absolutely ridiculous.

    Fear is a funny thing. Fear of not making the right choices for our children will make us justify just about anything. Fear of your own choices makes you judge others. This will never go away. This is the nature of the human ego. Once we slip into a comfortable habit of feeding ourselves AND our children the “cheap and easy way” of course it is the nature of EGO to defend it to the bitter end. The “tired, weary, overworked parent” the “underpaid/underprivilaged parent who can’t afford wholesome foods but CAN afford a $500/month car note, a 50″ TV, an X box, and starbucks 4 times a week”. Travel the world and you will see these are excuses. For most, food is the ONLY necessity. We are at an advantage to pick from the cream of the crop. heaven forbid it isn’t on sale…

  235. Andy – The string cheese in my photo is Kroger brand but it was purchased as part of a larger pack. My Kroger also sells individual string cheeses, which are individually packaged and branded. Sometimes those are on sale and are a better deal than buying the larger package, which is why I sometimes purchase them myself.

    As for the rest of your comment, the point of this post was to encourage parents who ARE trying to feed their children the most nutritious food possible but are being made to feel like they are failing just because it isn’t labelled organic, free-range or some other specialty label.
    Insinuating that people who don’t make the same food buying choices as you are just looking for the “cheap and easy way” to feed their children is exactly the type of judgement that I wrote this post to fight against.
    If you prefer to use other criteria beyond just nutritional value to make your food choices, then you have every right to do so.

  236. Right, I am the one passing judgement here.

    Not you… the one who paints us all as mindless minions to the organic movement or the overprivelaged over-spenders following the trend herd.

    There are far better ways to show your support for moms (shout out to all the dads) who feed their kids great balanced meals regardless of the labels (because it’s definitely just a label and a higher price) than pointing out how foolish the mom who buys organic is. That is why you hit a sour note for the majority of the people sharing comments. In that respect, you failed. I won’t hold my breath for the admition or apology.

    I realize you weren’t talking about the moms who feed their kids chicken nuggets, TV dinners, fast food, and candy everyday. That is what “cheap and easy” referred to. So considering you were only trying to ease the minds of non organic shoppers, that comment was just thrown into the feedback mix. There is a huge difference between passing judgement and pointing out reality.

  237. I believe this whole issue can be avoided by not taking everything people say personally. The mom involved was commenting on feeding her own family and her own personal distress due to not finding organic spinach, not the other mom’s choices. Why take it personally when nothing personal was said? How many conflicts could be avoided if we didn’t always assume everything said that doesn’t agree with our personal choices is some kind of judgment?

  238. Thanks for posting my reply from Saturday, Celeste. – It seems as though the good thing happening here is that your article/blog really initiated some dialogue about a very important topic. I may be pro organic and non GMO but I am open-minded and have open-mindedly read most of the contributors in this thread. What I failed to see however are credible articles and links to sites that are referenced by many of those who do not believe that organic and non GMO are just a fad or the latest marketing trend to line the pockets of the organic food industry. I will go out on a limb and make the statement that those of us who have chosen organic have had to do our own research because it’s not yet mainstream, and sadly there’s a lack of “evidence” by those who are not pro organic/non GMO. A general comment for example made by Greg above is completely lacking any kind of credible and specific information to back up his quote: “it’s nearly a consensus that ALL scientists agree that GMO food is just as safe as organic food.” C’mon, if you’re going to make such a lame and general statement then at least provide some backing!!! At least the majority of Non GMO and Organic lifestyle contributors are supplying valid information. On another note – I do commend all of the parents here, organic or not, for being the best parent you know how to be. None of us should be shaming one another, but rather try to provide information that might be of benefit to moms, dads, and people who aren’t even parents, but those looking to improve their own health.

  239. 88% of AAAS scientist say that GMO foods are safe to eat.
    37% of US adults think that GMO foods are safe.
    This demonstrates the skewed understanding of the public. These are probably victims of the organic movement. The movement that paints “GMO” red. The movement that uses scare tactics and special interest studies to feed the money making machine. This survey plainly shows how easily society is mislead when it comes to food. How easily swayed by the opinion of Kim Kardashian.

    I’d like to share a few other links

    Many pro-organic people post the British Journal of Nutrition review. Which is an analysis of previous studies and data. It concludes with the benefit of organic foods. Come to find out, “The study was funded by the European Union and the Sheepdrove Trust, a British charity that funds research in support of organic farming–in other words, it’s in part an organic industry funded study.”
    Go figure. Once again.

    One last study.
    OSU did a food survery. Roughly 80% want GMO labeling to be mandatory. Okay. And roughly the same 80% want foods contain DNA to be labeled as well. Well ya, lets but a DNA label on every food item in the grocery store. Once again the less than optimum understanding of food by the public. Organic industry has painted “GMO” as such an evil thing that all people have turned into ZOMBIES when it comes to food. Unable to escaped the tidal wave of organic propaganda. Whenever GMO comes to mind it immediately has a horrific connotation. The same people that have been brain washed by the organic industry immediately look at another acronym, DNA, and think that must be evil as well. People are so easily swayed by special interest groups and celebrities like Miley Cyrus. Once again, the misunderstanding and gullible character of society.

    Organic has become such a money machine that has exploded to $50+ billion. They will say anything to brainwash and scare people to a point where people are terrified of DNA in their food! Autism, cancer, obesity, heart failure, birth defects, a bad hair day, chipped toe nail,allergies. Yes, yes all of these must have been caused by GMO’s and gluten.

    I’m tired of people using two extremes. Based on misleading studies and uniformed opinions. There is the celestial organic and the pesticide pumping conventional. Very rarely if ever do farmers even use the maximum allowed use of pesticides on a crop. Even if they do it is still safe for consumption. GMO’s are safe. Many organic producers pass with the bare minimum just to receive the “certification” that inherently profits them another 200 to 300%. People only find problems with GMO’s because the want to. Its called confirmation bias. I do not have a problem with organic food. But I do when it comes to the autocratic view of extreme followers. There is no proof. Unless it comes from a flawed UK or British study. Both organic and conventional/gmo are perfectly nutritious and safe as the other.

  240. First, Jackie, just because you are a writer does not make you an expert. I am a published writer but I don’t go around pointing out other’s writing styles. You are trying to hard to prove yourself. My nine year old wrote his first book at 5 years old. It was perfect and he was only in Kindergarten. So get off your high horse.
    Second, I’m from a family of farmers and very proud of the “non-organic” beef and wheat they produce. Farmers work harder than any other profession I know of, and that is after being married to an ER physician who works the same hours as farmers.
    I was raised on home grown beef and fresh milk and I’m just as healthy as anyone.
    I do not buy organic for two reasons: The price is outrages and I want to know that my beef has had medications to keep them healthy (just like us humans take.) I’m guessing all the organic eaters do not medicate their children when they are sick because medication is “toxic.” And they don’t spray their homes for ants, spiders or other insects giving rise to an infestation of an assorted number of bugs in their homes.
    If people want to over-pay for special foods grown from special seeds, eat free-range chickens because the chickens are “happier” which makes them taste better (I’ve never witnessed a happy chicken but my aunt and uncles nonfree-ranged chickens certainly never needed antidepressants,) and actually think they will escape every cancer, syndrome or disease… By all means, do what makes you happy.
    I prefer to eat veggies without bugs, healthy cows, and chickens that may or may not be happy.

  241. In the end, anyone can manipulate the data they put out. As a statistician, I KNOW, I’ve SEEN it many times.
    You just have to use COMMON SENSE. My common sense combined with all of my observations of the delicate balance of the world and the numerous ways it is reflected in human health dictates that GMOs are BAD. I HOPE to God they are HARMLESS… but no matter how I try to believe that, I feel as if I pull the wool over my eyes.
    You do what is best, and get down on your knees and pray you never lead anyone and their families astray. Because that will be on you, your shame and burden.

  242. Greg- or maybe you, like millions of others, have been brainwashed by the media and the food giants all your life? Open your eyes people, don’t just follow blindly, think for yourselves without being influenced by mainstream media. Any studies on the safety of GMOs have been conducted by Monsanto “scientists”, and every other attempt at an independent study has been shut down. They have too much money and power to do whatever they want, sadly. They don’t allow anybody else to conduct a long term study. The organic industry is not a fad, it’s just real food that has been around for thousands of years, before everything started being man made just a few decades ago. Do research and get educated! It amazes me how people have no common sense at all.

  243. What we feed our children does matter to them – and to all of us citizens of the world. We need more helpful sharing and less harmful shaming, as you said, Celeste. Let’s encourage each other to eat the healthiest food we can afford, for healthier people and a healthier planet, as it does affect all of us. It is my business what others eat, as we all pay the price of increased health costs and environmental effects of food production and consumer choices. I applaud you, Celeste, for encouraging parents to do the best they can to choose healthy diets, and encourage them to read the links in the responses above, from Terri on March 11, 2015 at 8:21 pm, and HOLO on March 12, 2015 at 1:06 am.

  244. Scorpio, I can say I am that mother that feeds her kids goldfish. Goldfish along with plenty of fruits and vegetables and good lean proteins. I buy organic if it’s on sale. My budget just doesn’t allow for organic all the time. So I cook all the time and give stuff like goldfish in moderation. My children love it and see it as a treat. I love my children. Feeding your kids with love isn’t just about organic/non gmo foods. It’s feeding your kids the best food your budget will allow and know you are doing your best. Knowing your kids aren’t starving like the thousands of children across America that are. Everyone is on the blog article trying to prove who is right and who is wrong. It seems trivial don’t you think? When you think about the starving or those who live below the poverty line and could careless about all of this.

  245. I think some people clicked on this blog post just to argue which is unfortunate :(

    What I took away from this article is that you should do the best that you can for your child/family and that no one should judge you for that. In my family we buy both and I read the labels and I buy what I think is best. We also eat junk food on occasion. My mom did the same and I turned out perfectly okay.

    We are all truly blessed to even have the option to choose what we eat.

    Good article Celeste!

  246. Tiffanie, kudos to you for doing the best you can, as I think we all do. However, this matter is not “trivial” by any means. The way food has been produced in the last 3-4 decades is affecting our health, the environment and our planet, the life of millions of animals, etc. As someone who was born and raised in a 3rd world country, seeing the extreme poverty every day, I still am able to look at this objectively. Everyone, including people who live in poverty, needs proper nutrition, instead of a regular intake of junk food. It is sad that processed food is so cheap, but that’s because the government only supports the conventional food giants, and doesn’t subsidize organic farmers, sadly. Hopefully someday with the growing demand, that will change..

  247. Scorpio’s comment has been deleted due to profanity. I normally don’t acknowledge comments that must be removed but since Tiffanie directly responded I wanted to clarify why the Scorpio post was no longer visible.

  248. Actually, Greg, it seems that at least 26 countries have complete or partial bans on GMO’s and another 60 countries with significant restrictions. I guess all those other countries must be victim of the “scare tactics” you mention, or probably listening to “Kim Kardashian” as you quoted, right??? Please, give us a break!
    There is already a lot of speculation about the numbers from the AAAS that you quoted and the timing when they have released certain findings over the years. It seems to correlate with various political agendas.
    I find it humorous that you cite the “organic money machine”. That’s completely hilarious!!! If you’re talking about a money machine, let’s be honest and call it like it is….It’s Monsanto and other large food, pharm and chemical conglomerates that are money machines and have almost complete control of our food and industry!!! If anyone is being brainwashed, it’s not the people who support non GMO and organic. I correlate this organic/non GMO issue with the way cigarettes were supposedly “safe” back in the day and numerous studies were with held longer than necessary about their safety because of the almighty dollar! Not all of the health issues have been uncovered yet but in 10 or 20 years, GMO will be the new cigarette issue!

  249. Celeste,

    Of course ALL mothers are doing their best! We are all here to support and uplift each other. Not everyone is equally educated and when information is put out there that is in correct it should be corrected don’t you think? Your opinion is your opinion but people who are less educated are believing your statements. It is your choice to ignore the corruption in this country. My choice is not to and I don’t want to make any Mom feel bad about their choices! The bottom line is they are misinformed. We all need to stand up TOGETHER as Moms and fight against this corrupt monster called MONSANTO! If your not with us that’s fine but don’t hate on those who don’t just go with the majority. No Mom who feeds their kid organic food thinks they are a better parents.. just the more educated parents.

    You can feed your children anything you’d like but your wrong if you are blind to the problems BIG businesses does in this country.

    Maybe the issue is that not everyone is equally educated. Its not about who is doing it best.

  250. Well said Jill! Couldn’t have said it better myself. It is however disappointing to see Celeste only support her side of the story, and not respond to sensible posts such as Jill’s…

  251. Completely agree with Missy. Greg I hope you read her response to you, because she hit the nail on the head.

  252. Vivian- I find it laughable that you tie GMO’s with mainstream media. That is a joke right. All mainstream media, celebrities and pop culture all bluntly support the organic movement. If you support conventional or GMO you are going “against the grain” and will surely face scrutiny. I have found many studies on GMO’s. Truth is if you want to find it you will. Take this good fellow’s website who has taken time to compile numerous studies from the GENERA webiste. Funding sources are mentioned in each study as well as details. Hundreds conclude with the safety of GMO’s.

    It is illogical to think the FDA, EPA, and USDA do not extensively test GMO’S before they are released. GE crops must conform to many standards and regulations before commerical release.

    Organic farming has not been around for 1000s of years. It is relatively new practice that has evolved over several decade. It includes mineral fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides. Stuff that was never even thought of hundreds of years ago. If you are talking paleo, you must be talking about hunter gatherers and crops that were susceptible to every thing that came their way.

  253. Unless I’m utterly confused, I think Greg, you were the one quoting mainstream media and mentioned the Kardashians and Miley Cirus!?!? Why and how these names even came up in this discussion is beyond me. I don’t know about anyone else here, but I sure as heck don’t use the tabloids a credible source to derive an opinion about what I consume!
    Greg-regardless of “supposedly” doing extensive testing on GMO’s before their release, that’s only half the problem. You see, many problems are just now coming to surface. How many medications do you know that were “extensively” tested before release of the FDA, then later were found to have significant health damaging effects? Did they keep those drugs on the market just because they were “previously tested”??? NO, they pulled them. Sometimes effects are not fully evident until some time after the release. Initially, GMO’s may not have been found to be damaging but the problem is long-term consumption and exposure. There are NUMEROUS reports that show trends in health conditions. You can’t deny that. But when all is said and done, you go right ahead and keep eating those GMO’s and non-organic food. I guarantee when I’m 90, I’ll be living a much better quality of life as a result of my choices early in life! PS: Did you still agree that at least 60 other countries who have either banned GMO’s or had significant restrictions are just “hopping on the mainstream bandwagon”??????

  254. Missy-
    I find your website that declares 26 countries “ban” GMO’s to be inconclusive and incorrect. In most cases GMOs have not been banned. They simply haven’t passed the necessary regulations to become available. Which come people conclude as a “ban.” Such as the EU does not allow GMO farming but does allow GMO imports. But this must be considered a ban. I do not know for sure but I think countries that have complete bans on GMOs must tally up to 2?? Saying that all those 26 countries have bans on GMOs is like saying the US has a ban on GMOs. Yeah the US has disapproved of some GMOs but we wont say it is a country that has banned GMOs. The United States has always been ahead of the curve with other countries to follow.

    Of course the AAAS survey has some speculation. Of course the fingers point to Monsanto. It had to of had some back door into this survey. Because everyone has their hands in Monsanto’s pockets. If the AAAS survery had come out 180 degrees opposite then it would not receive speculation. It would solely be verifying widespread consensus.

    I disagree with your prediction of GMO’s. With what has been done with GMOs in 15 years I can only imagine in the next 20 years. Genetic Engineering of crops will allow us to arrive at a point where we can select fruits and vegetables with unprecedented nutrient value. Never before achieved yields and hearty crops that will feed 10 billion by 2050.

    I’m glad you drive a BMW. But don’t force me to buy one as well. I’m fine with my Ford.

  255. Greg- Maybe I didn’t mean mainstream media (English is my 2nd language) but you can understand the context of what I mean within my post. What I mean is that, many media outlets are paid off or controlled in some way by the food giants, and are able to suppress information they don’t want exposed via the media. That is why so many Americans blindly trust what they are told by the media, by the USDA, FDA, etc. If you notice when it comes to this topic it is fairly one sided! (except maybe on blogs such as these and on the Internet). Like Missy said, these institutions (which frankly, are a joke) have been wrong before, and the health of the American public is NOT what they are about, wake up! They are about $ and power, and that is it. Think for yourself, is all I’m saying, without the influence from these institutions. Because they do not care about the long term health effects of GMOs, and if you believe that the “safety” standards they have are in your best interest you are very naive, because GMOs are money makers and they don’t care if they are safe in the long term. I mean, ex Monsanto officials pretty much run the FDA! And again, why are so many countries banning GMOs then? Are they all fools as well? What I meant about organic foods being consumed before a few decades ago, is that food was naturally organic by then, before chemicals, pesticides, and man made processed junk was introduced. Organic food, if you think about it, is real food our grandparents and great grandparents used to eat. So to your last paragraph starting with “Organic farming has not been around for 1000s of years”, I say it is the exact opposite-conventional farming or GMO’s have not been around for more than 3 or 4 decades! We do not really know how this affect us, it may very well be that we are slowly being poisoned, hence the very high incidence of cancer and number of of diseases out there nowadays.

  256. The US has not disapproved of GMO’s. There are grass root movements that are growing in strength, and a couple states now in favor of GMO “labeling”, but the US and the FDA are in bed with Monsanto and they are in favor of GMO’s. Other countries, I have read many articles (forgive me, but I have to get back to work and have no time for citations) but I know that many European countries are strongly opposing GMO’s and have banned the use of it in farming. GMOs are definitely not a positive thing, and one day, if long term studies are allowed to happen by independent sources, I really do think the truth will come out.

  257. Missy
    Kim Kardashian is a big organic promoter. What I am saying is that American audiences are too easily persuaded and swayed by the opinions of celebrities. Most mainstream media is organic or bust.
    And as far as medicines having bad health effects on people…The FDA has very different guidelines for dietary and other supplements that have nothing to do with GMO crops. On many dietary supplements it clearly states that the FDA has not evaluated that products. Medicine/supplements and crops are apples and oranges.
    It seems that there are numerous reports showing the decreasing health conditions. But saying this is caused by GMOs is like saying that cows’ farts cause global warming. I do not think there can be a blanket statement and we know it is a lot more complicated than that. A simple logical fallacy.
    I personally think that as agriculture has evolved so rapidly over the past century so has the American lifestyle. As Americans have left the agrarian age and entered in the technology age, there is much more television watching, idleness, white-collar jobs, sitting for prolonged periods of time, increased use of alcohol and drugs, and decreased physical activity. A century ago, kids were much more involved in outdoor games, technology advances that allowed people to do nothing with their bodies and everything with their eyes did not exist, physical labor and exercise was common.
    What I am trying to say is that as agriculture has evolved, including GMO’s, so has the lifestyle of the American become more relaxed and idle. As the American has lead a more lazy and care-free lifestyle so has the health declined. Very easy to point out a correlation that somehow ties in with GMOs. GMO production up, Poor health conditions up.

    I do agree that Americans need to cut back on processed foods. I do not agree that GMO foods are somehow dangerous or inferior to organic food. Or that they cause harm. I do not see a difference in nutrition or safety between organic and GMO.

  258. Seriously, Jackie Phillips? As an accomplished journalist or student of the written word as you proclaim, you feel the need to criticize someone else’s writing style? To what end? The original message was based on someone’s observation and desire to reassure mothers that their food choices for their child/children are not tantamount to the level or quality of love these moms have for these young ones. Celeste’s point was not trying to share her journalistic writing skills to be judged by others but instead she hoped to slow down the amount of judging we do to one another as we walk this journey together through life. Moms are judged by moms daily about things that are really nothing more than personal choices. Along comes someone who “gets it” and is trying to boost the confidence of those moms who feel ‘less than’ by relaying to them that their choices in all probability will not harm their offspring in anyway. Kudos to Celeste for caring and for understanding human nature and the need to raise one another up rather than put one another down. A good lesson even an accomplished journalist should be able to comprehend.

  259. Greg – I appreciate the information and am thankful that we live in a country where we can agree to disagree! I’m sure we could go back and forth forever and neither of us are going to bend on our point of view, which is ok. I think Vivian and I are on the same page, as are many other contributors here. Believe me, it’s not my desire to have to think the worst about the current state of our food and drug industry, but I’ve been sadly disappointed with everything I’ve learned over the years. Capitalism has its benefits but the flip side unfortunately is sometimes greed.
    -As for Kim Kardashian, I can proudly say that I have absolutely NO idea which side of the fence she’s on when it comes to organic, because I could care less about her or anything she and her family stand for! I don’t listen to her nor do I watch or read anything about her. Perhaps her view on organic is the only thing I’d have in common with her! I wish you well, Greg!

  260. I get what the author is trying to do and that’s very kind. I don’t agree with the message though. Going organic is about providing a sustainable product and environment for everyone. And not giving our organic bodies artificial food. These non organic snacks and juices contain unnecessary dyes, sugars, chemicals that are posions causing sickness and irregularities in our bodies! We need more people discussing how easy it is to make this change and we should be more supportive of it. The author’s from Kentucky, which has a food stamp usage of high numbers. Did she or they know they can use their benefits to buy organic?? Yes it may be more expensive in their neighborhood because it isn’t really encouraged to purchase organic. If it was encouraged or added in incriminates to their diets you’d see that buying organic is more affordable and beneficial to communities. In my community, in Texas of all places, we’ve seen a complete turn around and buying organic is more affordable. Our organic spinach is a dollar cheaper than the competition and others!! Growing an in home garden is so easy and affordable it only takes a few pinterest searches to learn more. Can you imagine what your children will be learning with food growing in their home?!! Please encourage that while this may seem tough, it really isn’t and it’s important for our future generations!!!

  261. This is an article that needed writing! Thank you! I am a conventional (gasp!) farmer and mother of two. I don’t buy much organic food for all the reasons you mentioned- and a few of my own-the nutritional value is the same, the prices are ridiculous, and the hype drives me crazy. I don’t trust the government very much, but I do believe that the FDA and USDA have the consumer’s best interest at the forefront of all the rules regarding pesticide and herbicide use. Furthermore, we have a family farm, but it is large by standards here in the northeast. And we take great care of our cows. Even though they aren’t organic. I had a cow deliver a healthy set of twins yesterday, but she didn’t drop her placenta. I had a month old calf develop pneumonia because of the roller coaster ride Mother Nature has had us on. I can give them both antibiotics today to save their lives. I also have very strict standards with which I must adhere about dosage and when their milk or meat can enter the food supply. The mothers out there who are quick to judge, think about the well being of these animals in your choices, too.

  262. Celeste, you ROCK! Don’t let the science denialists and organic snobby mommies get to you. Science and facts are useful only to those open minded enough to read them. YOU ARE A GREAT MOM!!!

  263. I don’t see that any of these comments have touched on the bigger picture. Yes, it’s up for debate as to how much more “nutritious” organically-grown produce might be. And it’s also up for debate just how much pesticide is found in conventionally-grown produce. But if the levels in the latter are indeed trivial, it’s most likely because of the nearly 10,000,000,000 pounds of pesticides that are dumped on America’s farmland EACH YEAR, less than 5% actually makes it onto the produce. The rest goes into the ground. And the ground water. And disperses through the air. So one way or another, it’s getting into your kids. Into all of us.

    Should people be shamed for what they feed their kids? I dunno. Is a slap to the thyroid or liver any different than a slap to the face? But even if that Walmart apple isn’t going to put your kid in the hospital tomorrow, reductionist statements like “food is food”, and the false security of thinking that real and true organic agricultural practices are no big deal just means that it’s more likely that next year it’s 11,000,000,000 pounds of poison into the environment. And that’s not ok. Pre-teen puberty is not ok. Skyrocketing levels of childhood obesity and illness of all kinds is not ok.

    When it comes to the future of the planet and those who will inherit it, we’re actually NOT doing that great of a job.

  264. Ugh. Such a first world, privileged mom debate. We are really so concerned with what fellow stay at home moms with time to take their kids to play dates and to read mommy blogs think or do? Believe me, I’m one of you, the blessed, and I don’t honestly care what you say or do with your kids. If you have internet access, time to post on a blog, and the ability to make choices about your food, you are doing pretty damn good. I know I am.

    How about those of you preaching one side or the other shut off your computers and get out into the world and make a difference? How about those moms who don’t have internet access, much less time to read a bunch of white women argue on the internet, who don’t have a car and have to shop at corner grocery stores where the products are overpriced and sometimes expired? Don’t tell then the hours and hours and hours you jab spent researching organic versus conventional produce, because they can’t even GET any fruits or vegetables at the stores where they shop.

    In out community we are working with local grocery stores and farmers to get a mobile food truck, much like a bookmobile, to deliver fruits and vegetables to these undeserved areas. Do we prefer local, farm to table products, but hell, we aren’t turning away any donations. You can start small-volunteer to bring fruits and vegetables to a women’s and children’s shelter, or school. Do something. Just stop pointlessly preaching and arguing. Please. No one cares anymore.

  265. I have not read all the comments above. But Celeste your position in your article assumes that parents are feeding their kids real food. Cocoa puffs and cheese balls don’t count. Neither does whipped oil and chemicals make a cheese stick. Which is what many kids eat on a daily basis. The only study that is meaningful to me is what I have experienced in my own life. Here I am at 61 trying to fight back from the decades of eating over processed foods and what the government has labeled good food. Have cut out sugar, gluten and dairy and eat organic as much as possible for almost 6 months. I eat real food. Back to basics. Nothing that comes in a box or can. The change in my health is astronomical. I spent 100s on drugs per month and now I take Tylenol only occasionally. You may not be feeling the adverse effects now at your young age but I believe when you turn 50 it will make a difference.

  266. I foolishly keep checking back every few days to see if Celeste actually addresses the amazing hypocrisy of this whole post. Or if she addresses any number of excellent, pointed comments and questions. Nope.

  267. All of our food is not safe. I agree every mom should do what she is capable to keep her children safe. I’m sure our food supply is not the only reason why our cancer rates are skyrocketing, but it is one of them for sure. If I can eliminate just one of those risks for my kids, than I famn well will. If there was nothing wrong with all the chemicals and GMO’s in our food supply than our food would not be banned, or at very least, labeled in almost ALL civilized countries including the European Union. This article is just plain ridiculous, and I hope moms do their own research and find all the toxic chemicals in our food and the damage they cause. My son was sick for years before we coincidentally cut out GMO’s…..Now he is totally cured. Not all kids digestive systems can handle being bombarded with our chemical laden “food,” if you can even call it that. Look at the ingredients for God’d sake…..when you cannot pronounce over half of them, then do not buy it!

  268. Chris R. pointed out one of the most important issues here. The fact is, we are contaminating the entire earth with chemicals that are increasing the occurance of cancers, changing our body chemistry, contributing to a nationwide obesity epidemic, and causing harm we don’t even fully comprehend. We have a moral obligation to change our practices as a nation.

    Another point that I have not seen made yet is that organic whole foods are relatively VERY affordable and very much within reach of most incomes. Pepperidge Farm Goldfish, processed cookies, cereals, chips, prepared frozen meals full of preservatives are all very very expensive. My family eats organic, I am a busy working mom, but I avoid the convenience of conventional processed foods, and probably spend less in the process. It requires preparation of meals from simple ingredients.

  269. First, I wish Jackie would stop berating people for their writing. The blog has gotten so far off course. Don’t judge or shame! It really is that simple. Make your own decision with confidence! If I want to poison my children with chemically treated foods, well so be it. The more processed the better. If I want to feed my children only food grown in my back yard,more power to me! After reading all the hateful comments, (at first it was entertaining) I started to feel annoyed at how mean people are to each other over something that is a personal choice. Can’t we all just get along? I know Jackie, I have errors in my writing, I don’t make sense, blah blah blah. I prefer you just ignore my comments and leave me out of your hate speach.

  270. As your teachers used to say, “Grammar counts.” People need to get used to being judged not only on what they say but how they say it.

  271. Elisabeth, you raised a good point that I happen to agree with whole-heartedly and mentioned in one of my previous comments. On the subject of “organic and non GMO food being SO MUCH more expensive than the conventional food”, this is certainly not always true!!! Eating whole, non processed foods that are organic does not have to be expensive! You can feed a family breakfast of organic oats for under 6 dollars a week! How much ARE those goldfish crackers, Oreo’s, Poptarts and other junk-processed foods? NOT cheap at all! Sadly, it seems that a lot of people are more concerned about the grade of fuel they put in their cars, vs what they choose to fuel their bodies! To me, it boils down to common sense….When someone tells me I am consuming more “chemicals, artificial fertilizer, hormones and antibiotics” in my food, WHY do you need to even study to know it’s just not healthy and will result in short-term or long-term health problems? Are they going to kill you tomorrow? Probably not…but neither is the pack of cigarettes people smoke everyday. It may take years, but we all know that cigarette smoking causes or least contributes to lung cancer and a host of other cancers! Studies have also shown that there are higher incidents of certain cancers among people in the farming industry due to chemical exposure. This is not made up, folks. And lastly, I don’t think that anyone is pointing fingers to say that all farmers conduct the exact same practices or that Celeste’s farm is unethical. We should not stereotype. Again, follow the money chain and you see where the studies are funded and what gets published. Big corporations have money first and foremost as an agenda, NOT the health and well-being of people. Sickness is a business, and far too many big pharm companies would rather have a majority of chronic sick people who rely on regular symptom-reducing medication (not cures) vs. PREVENTION. Like it or not, the FDA really doesn’t have the best interest of the public, they are in cahoots with Monsanto thick as thieves!!! Who funds the university curriculum? Why don’t doctors get educated in nutrition? Because of the benefactors who have supported the universities. Before the early 1900’s functional medicine which focuses on nutrition, was taught in schools. It was replaced by a western medicine approach due to the companies who supported universities who were founding fathers of Pharmaceuticals and big business. A sad truth about America but look into the history.

  272. I think this can go both ways. You should see the looks I get when I say I don’t want to give my boys a hot dog or goldfish because of the ingredients in them. I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve heard, “your being overly paranoid” or “yea, you hippie lady”. I’ve been shamed for trying to do what I think is best for my kids and I always have to defend myself and my choices.

  273. I also think it goes both ways. The food we have today is full of stuff that is horrible for our kids. Just look around and that is common sense. But not all food has to be organic. But it should be cooked not heated up from a box or bag. And making a homemade treat is much different than store bought ones! If you don’t Bellerive me then check the ingredients. You also can’t tell me that a field of strawberries that is sprayed with pesticides is just as healthy as ones that are grown with natural bug repellents.

  274. I think the point here is that there is no studies showing that eating organic or non-GMO foods vs. the alternative equates to a longer or shorter life span. Cigarettes have been proven to shorten lifespan, so comparing those would be foolish. If I’m getting 300% of my Vitamin C through various sources, does it really matter that my GMO veggie has less Vitamin C than a non-GMO veggie? Not to me. I’m indifferent to the whole deal if I’m honest. Do what’s best for your family, and be proud of it. I believe that is the point the author was trying to make.

  275. I like the fact this article is written to encourage moms. I think every mom should also be encouraged to get informed. For me this is simple “Organic food” equals = free of chemicals and poisons. “Non-organic food” equals = full of chemicals and poisons. If I can choose to not feed my kids poison and chemicals that are gonna be extremelly harmful to their bodies I will. NOW, if I don’t have a choice, than they’ll eat what we have and I wouldn’t beat myself up over it.

  276. I am a teacher and live in a rural, agricultural community. Children walk into my classroom everyday who do not get enough to eat at home. We send home food bags with the kids so they will have food to eat over the weekend. I am certain that their parents don’t debate over organic or non GMO. Maybe those of you how are bashing this article should consider that there might be a bigger problem than you and your Herizons organic string cheese. I’m not judging but some of these opinions seem terribly narrow minded. The authors point is that as mothers we should not feel ashamed of our choices. We all do the best we can with the resources available.

  277. I absolutely agree, organic or non-organic moms should feel free to buy the food they feel is the best fit for their family without being judged or shamed!

  278. Hi Celeste,

    I am complete agreement that we should never shame eachother. We need to raise eachother up so that we can feel more supported and able.

    Thanks for that sentiment. ????

    I wanted to share my personal experience in healing from an aggressive and chronic autoimmune disease.

    I reformed my eating habits to only eat organic vegetables and fruit, locally raised (pesticide and additive free) meats. Complimented by rice and other grains.

    My gut has been rapidly healing for 4 months. It has been extraordinary. All of my autoimmune related symptoms have gone away. Inflammation throughout my intestinal tract and rectum is healed. Daily blood in stool is gone.

    The effect of cutting out any food that is processed or non-organic has been profound and healed my disease. It’s remarkable.

    I have never felt happier and healthier in my life.

    It wasn’t easy to break old habits. But it was what made the difference in my health and lifestyle.

    If I would eaten this way as a child, I never would have developed this disease. I love my mom and know she did her absolute best, but that doesn’t mean that she fed me food that kept me healthy.

    Moms and dads, stop feeding your children processed sugar. Period. Stop feeding your kids processed food. And eat as much organic, pesticide and additive free food as you can afford.

    Or else they will pay for it later. I guarantee it.

  279. Jill – To answer your 3-24 comment: In this post I shared the facts that I base my family’s food choices on. The fact is, organic food has NEVER been found to be more nutritious than non-organic food. That is the criteria most important to me. If you choose to use other factors in your food buying then that is your choice, but it does not make the facts that my post is based on incorrect.
    My intention in this post was not to “hate on” people who choose to buy different food than me. It was to defend the moms who are made to feel like they are failing their families because they are making different food choices than others. If you are feeding your child nutritious food, you are not failing.

    To answer your 3-25 comment: This is why cancer rates are increasing.
    Notice this article does not mention the food supply or GMOs as a cause for cancer. It alludes to the use of chemicals in industry, but says “Surprisingly, only a small percentage of cancers have been traced to the thousands of synthetic chemicals that industry has added to the environment.”
    I also think that its a dramatic jump to assume that all moms feeding their kids non-organic food are also only feeding them processed foods. That definitely isn’t the case in my house, and I’m sure it isn’t in many other families. Plus, there are plenty of organic processed foods too!

  280. Karena – Again, I think its a big jump to assume that not buying organic means only buying processed foods. That certainly isn’t the case in my house. The point of this article was to compare the same foods with different labels, traditional apples to organic apples, traditional bananas to organic bananas, etc…(For what its worth, there are plenty of organic processed foods as well).

    My family does not participate in government food stamp programs. This article has enough hot button issues in it already, let’s not drag this one into it too.

  281. Cheryl – You’re right, I do assume that parents are feeding their kids whole foods. The organic vs conventional debate can be extended to processed foods as well. There is a major misconception that an organic label means a food product is healthy. Neither Lays potato chips nor organic potato chips are good for you.
    I know many people who, like you, have returned to eating a diet without processed foods and their health improved too. They don’t buy into the organic label, but they are still enjoying the health benefits of a nutritious diet.

  282. Angelina – I’m not sure what you find hypocrytical about this post? What is hypocritical about giving moms a pep talk and sharing scientific facts about the food they are buying?

    Stacy – I’m sorry you’ve encountered that kind of criticism. For the record, I’m sure you’re doing a good job feeding, caring for and loving your kids. :)

    Sophie – I know many people who, like you, have returned to eating a diet without processed foods and their health improved too. They don’t buy into the organic label, but they are still enjoying the health benefits of a nutritious diet.

    For the record, pesticides are applied to crops, not animals. Occasionally we put fly tags on our cattle that are coated in a repellant keep the flies out of their eyes because flies carry diseases like pinkeye. That’s the ONLY example of a pesticide use in livestock I can think of. You really shouldn’t worry about pesticides in meats.

  283. Celeste you keep on repeating your statement that non-organic foods are just as nutritious as organic food.
    But you fail to address that non-organic foods
    are generally treated with herbicides and pesticides, hormones and antibiotics, irradiation, and contaminated sewer sludge.

    Most of these things are extremely toxic, and are banned in countries outside of the U.S.

    I factor in whether or not there are toxins that are added to my nutrients.

    Another dimension of this that you haven’t addressed is how non-organic farming practices are ruining our ecosystem.

    Many of your sources like the USDA are actually just agencies that are run by former executives and lobbyists of Ag Corporations that perpetuate these practices of putting chemicals into our food supply.

    I just don’t understand why your being so stubborn on this?

    Blessings, Sophie

  284. Sophie – Contaminated sewer sludge? Are you referring to the use of animal waste as natural fertilizer for crops?

    I realize that us arguing back and forth about what we “believe” is pointless. Since we don’t grow crops on our family farm, I’ve reached out to some friends who do and asked for their expertise. I’ll share any links they send me addressing your concerns as soon as possible.

    As for the USDA employees being former employees of ag corporations, that’s a point that people commonly make but I don’t see how it makes any difference.
    Agriculture is a vast industry but only 2% of the US population make their career in it. So the people qualified to work for the USDA are generally people who have held other jobs in agriculture in the private sector. I don’t understand why that automatically means they aren’t qualified for their jobs at the USDA? Or that they don’t have the best interest of the average American family at heart?
    Its the same as saying that you shouldn’t hire a college basketball coach if he ever coached or played for a different team. That’s just illogical.

  285. Dear Celeste,
    – and others who are not convinced there is a correlation between the change in our food and the health of our children and population these days. Please see the link below. I’m just wondering why those of you who read supporting information regarding hormones in animals/dairy, artificial additives and preservatives in our processed foods, and toxic, fertilizers and pesticides on our produce, don’t believe there is any danger, despite the upward trends in our declining health? Are you waiting for some statement from one of the “reputable” agencies such as the FDA to make a bold claim before you will agree that any of these other articles hold any type of credibility? I’m just curious why dozens of articles have been posted here in this thread but those of you who hold steady on your opinion that certain food practices and chemicals don’t pose a health threat, are not even willing to be open that there MAY be some truth in this? What kind of “credible” information are you waiting for? Why is everyone saying that the links provided have “lacked credible evidence”? This is a very scary apathetic approach that is disturbing to me. Again, I am not pointing fingers are YOUR farm practices, Celeste, I’m just bringing up this point because I’m really curious. What will it take for people to change their point of view? Not one person commented about being open to changing their view if they learned something new that opposes their current stance.

  286. Well said! I too, am curious as to why there seems to be no open mindedness in this thread, regarding the dangers of toxic chemicals in our food. Heck, the links that were posted haven’t even been acknowledged!

    Celeste- do you really believe that toxic chemicals such as herbicides and pesticides that are added to our crops (especially in the massive quantities that they are being added nowadays) are not detrimental to our health? You keep saying how you don’t consider anything but the nutrition in the fruits and vegetables we eat. Why ignore the things that are potentially very harmful to our health? I understand that many people are unable to buy everything organic, not everyone can afford to, but we can at least still be informed and not in denial only because we can’t afford to do something. Even getting some things organic is better than nothing.

    It is just frustrating to see this being completely dismissed. It shows clear ignorance, and people who eat processed food (I’m not saying you, Celeste, as you’ve established you feed your family whole foods) but many people who are used to feeding junk to their families, will latch on to the information presented in this article as another “excuse” to keep doing it. This article is irresponsible, I wish you could just own up to that.

  287. As a registered dietitian nutritionist with over 30 years experience and two degrees in the subject, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for this amazing blog. You are so right on with your advice. Good nutrition is not about an agricultural method or a claim on a label. You can eat a nutritiously in many ways. For time-pressed and money-short parents, using canned, packaged and frozen foods can provide just as much nutrition as made-from-scratch, fresh from the farmers’ market meals. As my friend and colleague, Melissa Dobbins (aka The Guilt-Free RD), says, “Because food shouldn’t make you feel bad!”(TM)

  288. Hey Celeste – here is a synopsis of the sewer sludge issue,

    “However, what is happening is that human waste is mixed with industrial waste and toxic chemicals and sent to waste treatment plants. One of the by-products of these waste treatment plants is toxic sludge with as much as 60,000 different toxic chemicals (e.g., PCBs, DDT, asbestos, dioxins, toxic heavy metals, etc.).

    Instead of safer, more expensive ways to deal with the 28 million pounds of sewage sludge per year, the EPA chose the financially inexpensive course of using this highly contaminated sludge as “plant fertilizer”. The EPA ignores research and independent statements pointing to disasterous consequences of using contaminate sludge and instead support primarily “beneficial use” research. As more and more non-organic crops are grown with contaminated sewage sludge, this will translate to major chronic health problems … unless there is a continued strong trend to the use of organic foods.”

  289. Corporations have more influence with government than the people, unfortunately.

    Most elected officials in our government are kept by their corporate funders and appoint officials from the private sector who have directly influenced their success. This often comes at the expense of the needs of the people.

    Corporate cronyism has ruined much of our government. it’s no secret.

    The last though I’ll leave you with is this.

    Would you feed your kids the pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, sewer sludge, etc if it was a separate entity from the food?

    Like the guy from Monsanto who was in that recent video interview saying you could drink a whole glass of some contaminants from Round Up. The interviewer asked him if he would and he said, “Yes!”

    He then told the Monsanto official that they had a glass waiting and asked him to drink it and he says, “well, no. C’mon, I’m not an idiot”.

    He then walked out on the interview.

    Of course none of us would feed those things separately. It’s toxic.

    But when they put it in our non-organic food, so many people start defending it as if it’s safe.

    This is insanity. Why aren’t we working together as moms to rid our food supply of the practices? Just because it’s been goin on for so long and we are used to it?

    Our energy should be put in voting with our dollars for a clean food supply and healthy, sustainable farming practices.

    Bless you all. Co

  290. Here is the excellent presentation, “Engineered Food and your Health: the Nutritional Status of GMO’s” by COG (Canadian Organic Growers).

    As pointed out, all GMO’s in the US and Canada are RoundUp ready crops.

    This presentation walks you through the science and effect of glyphosate on our bodies.

    Please, for the sake of your health and your family’s health, take an hour of your life to learn why GMO’s need to be banned immediately.

  291. Sophie- It doesn’t seem that anyone posting on this thread who had an opposing view regarding GMO’s and organics, seems to be taking the time to read the plethora of credible evidence in the posts you and the rest of us have shared. Or the posts we share are just brushed off as “non-substantial” because they don’t have the FDA’s seal of approval. LOL… There doesn’t seem to be a very open-minded attitude among those who claim there is “no difference in the foods we eat”…. I don’t care what kind of “credentials” some may hold, whether it be in AG or a nutritionist/dietician. It truly depends on what your schooling taught. And let’s be realistic – what was taught 15-20+ years ago is certainly WAY outdated, as new and more up-to-date studies have come out. (remember when Margarine was supposed to be healthy because it had zero cholesterol? We now know that margarine is loaded with hydrogenated oil and is MUCH worse than the cholesterol!!!) So, credentialed or not, the truth is in the current information and findings. It’s really sad there is such a close-minded approach to health and well-being! But then again, that seems to be the American attitude a lot of people hold on to. “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it”…The thing is, most don’t realize how “broke” things have gotten these days! But keeping one’s eyes closed is just easier I guess.
    And lastly, I re-read Celeste’s original post again…and it is glaringly obvious that the ONLY example of shaming comes from her expectation/insinuation that we “organic-minded people” were judging the mom who stuck the wrapper in her pocket! There was absolutely no evidence of mom shaming that occurred in her experience.

  292. I must say my children are very happy. I am a single mom and sometimes we even have an ice cream for dinner night. Not often but it’s something they enjoy, and so do I. Trust me your kids are not going to be saying when they are older “oh I loved the organic green beans that my mom fed me all the time”. Instead they are going to remember “hey mom, do you remember when we had ice cream for dinner?” Those are the best memories I have as a kid, and I hope my kids remember all the fun silly things we do as a family! We are here to help our children grow and be good adults… Trust me, you can’t put a label on happiness!

  293. I spent some time going from store to store looking into their organic sections. I spent a few months switching as much as I could over to organic… After a few months of eating a much more organic filled diet, all I noticed was that my bank account had that much less money in it. Every time I went shopping I spent at least $150 extra to attempt to purchase as much organic as possible…. But after researching organic labels, I learned most were a lie… and that extra $150 wasn’t even actually buying me, what I or other mothers would consider organic…. something can only be truly organic if you grow it yourself. Every label has its “catch 22”. My child is loved, fed, clothed, cleaned and educated more and more everyday… That $150 can be spent on some pretty awesome activities and cute clothes, and fun family dinners out to eat… then a bunch of labels that are just lies anyway. Maybe some day more things will truly be organic, but its to delicate of a market and to expensive on the farmer to be completely organic and they will go under.
    This is a great article…. Thank you!

  294. I am a stay at home mom. I make home cooked meals 5 to 6 times a week. We are organic, raw milk, grass fed meat, locally grown advocates. We feel it’s better. We choose this not because of any scientific study but it’s what we choose. I’m “that” mom that cuts fruit and veggies and I make my kids their own snacks because simply, sometimes I have too much time on my hands. I guess I need a new hobby. BUT if I go to my local grocery store and they don’t have organic spinach, am I going to get frantic about it? Hell no, I’m grabbing the next best thing “non-organic” spinach. We eat Krispy Kreme doughnuts, Frito-Lay potato,chips (the plain ones so I can put some hot sauce on them), In-n-Out Burgers, hot dogs wrapped in Farmer John bacon and my husband and I sneak out for the occasional McDonald fries and Coke because we don’t want to share with my 3 boys who have terrorized me all week. All with moderation of course. The whole family is very active and we are all healthy. Stop this mommy bashing and enjoy your life and let your kids be kids. It’s ok to drink from the hose once in a while!

    Kristan… I will have to try ice cream for dinner one of these days. Does it count if I make my own vanilla ice cream topped with Hershey’s fudge (LOL)

  295. I do believe organic is healthier and I try to always buy it if it’s available at a reasonable price. But, honestly I can not afford to buy everything organic. So, for some people it comes down to eating non-organic or starve. We choose not to starve lol.

  296. I agree with the premise but what about the ‘dirty dozen’. I don’t believe, on a whole, that organic contains different nutritional value but doesn’t it contain lower levels of some pesticides (the dirty dozen ones at least)?

  297. I am so glad to read this article. Moms get so much crap for every little thing we do that isn’t “perfect.” Don’t breastfeed? OMG horrible mom! Let your kids have ice cream and chips? OMG horrible mom! You use a stroller instead of carrying your baby on you like a sack of potatoes strapped to your chest? OMG horrible mom! It’s exhausting.

  298. It’s not about nutritional value as to why we feed our children organic and non-gmo foods. It is about making sure my child does not develop allergies due to leaky gut syndrome because BT toxin has put holes in my child’s intestines. It is about keeping my child as chemical free as possible so that we don’t have to be on medications to mask symptoms caused by these lab made foods.
    Yes, we should not give other moms crap for being uninformed, but as mothers we should also not be so close-minded because we think we have it all together.
    Organic does not have to be expensive if you buy at places that have a demand to meet the supply…places like Kroger only have a small section of organic produce, therefore it is more expensive, unlike Whole Foods who buy in larger quantities and will have more affordable prices. I feed my family of 4 organically on about $150 per week and we are lower middle class–it can be done!

  299. Oh This person must be such a genius!! yeah mom’s!! Don’t feel bad about feeding your kids bottom of the barrel garbage!! Keep shoveling GMOs and corn syrup down their throats! After all GMOS and artificial hormones don’t lead to disease. Lol please! This is such a lame article to make lazy unhealth continuous mom’s feel better.I can understand not being able to afford Organic, but to say it’s not a better option is BS. I literally cured my Endometriosis by eating all organic. I sure didn’t cure it with conventionally grown food.

  300. Melissa – Here are some resources that might answer your questions about the “Dirty Dozen.”
    Forbes: “Cleaning Up The EWG’s Dirty Dozen”
    Nurse Loves Farmer (one of my family farmer blogging friends from Canada): “Perspective on the Dirty Dozen”

    Informed – Hopefully this answers your questions about leaky gut and bt corn.
    The most important takeaway from my post, however, is that if you are concerned about consuming bt corn or any other GMO, then you have every right to purchase the food that you’d prefer. Just don’t shame another parent for making a different choice.

  301. I don’t have the time to read all of the comments but I will say this.

    No one should be shaming others for what they feed their kids – you have no rights over your neighbors.

    I believe I am qualified to speak to the science of the issue as I took Masters courses on this exact subject at Yale. Here are the facts.

    Organic produce is not more nutritious.
    Organic produce should have less poison on and in it. This is important, more so for children.

    Use of pesticides has no bearing on nutrition – the fact is pesticides used in conventional farming are proven to cause cancer, birth defects and other problems. Fact.

    In the US the burden of proof is on the opposers to prove they are unhealthy (and they do this slowly, and then new pesticides are introduced, that the manufactures again no are unhealthy but will take decades to be shutdown due to US law.) Everyone knows the pesticides are bad – workers have to protect themselves when spraying them. They like to say the small amounts in our food are not bad. And this is probably true. But what about a life time of small amounts accumulating in your body (half of the flame retardants you sucked up through your pajamas as a kid were given to your first born in your breast milk). Its too hard to run a study and prove that science, so we’re fucked.

    And another point – organic is relevant because of pesticides – organic milk and meat – doesn’t mean much.

  302. OMG! I love this! I was recently peanut butter shamed by a friend because she noted that I was feeding my son Skippy. The funny part about it is that I actually had bought all the ingredients to try making homemade peanut butter because I wanted to give it a try. In the meantime, Skippy is what I had on hand. It was ridiculous how I felt the shame and embarrassment and sudden need to defend myself. I needed this blog post today!!!!

  303. I completely agree that mothers should not shame other mothers when it comes to differences in the way that they choose to parent their children however there are some issues I feel are black and white. There is a good way to do it and there is not a good way to do it.

    I think it’s irresponsible to commend mothers for feeding their children crap simply for the fact that they are feeding their child. So is M&Ms for breakfast okay? They’re fed right. Do they eat nothing but chicken nuggets and hot dogs for lunch and dinner? Feeding your child isn’t synonymous with taking care of them.

    Furthermore there have been PLENTY of studies that prove that organic is healthier. It’s not about mothers being superficial about special labels. Thats them trying to take the best care of their children like you are doing.

    I’m incredibly confused about your whole point with this article. The way that you are trying to make it sound is that you support all mothers and how they choose to raise their children yet your tone from the start has been rude and condescending to mothers who do choose to feed their kids organic food. By all means if you feel comfortable feeding your child food that is heavily sprayed with pesticides or pumped full of hormones you have every right to do so but don’t berate mothers who choose to make healthier decisions for their families.

    We stay away from GMOs and buy organic as much as possible but we also let our children have treats every once in awhile. We’re human just like you.

  304. I think the point that was trying to be made is do your best. Don’t feel ashamed if you give your kid a snack of goldfish and cheese and juice. Make the best decision you can that will work with your budget. Too often there is mom shaming for everything. Mom’s can’t just parent without making each other feel awful for decision you make. I see all the time in forums shaming for not homeschooling, formula feeding, organic or non organic and the list goes on. I give my kids goldfish as a snack but I also cook daily or every other day if we have left overs. My meals are made from whole foods. Do I pick up organic, no not all the time. Anyway, I think maybe her point didn’t come across well but that is pretty much what I got out of it. Parent your kids, do your best because once they leave you it is all up to them to follow your teachings or carve their own path.

  305. Heather – As a family farmer, I know exactly how pesticides are used on my friend’s farms and how hormones are administered on my own. I don’t consider a couple of small, pea sized implants under the skin on my calf’s ear months before it reaches the food chain “pumped full of hormones.” Nor do I consider farmers who mix the equivalent of 1 solo cup of pesticide to every football field of crops(again, months before that food enters the food chain) “heavily sprayed with pesticides.” (If you’d like to learn more about how pesticides are applied, this is a fantastic resource from family farmers just like me: or )
    If you feel differently, you have every right to make different food choices for your family.
    The point of this post was that no parent knows what goes into the food buying decisions of another. There is no reason to shame another parent for making a decision that they feel is best for their family.

  306. Ha, Kevin Folta is a puppet of Monsanto. Do a little more research before you link to a swayed website like

  307. The issue is not as much about nutritional value as it is about toxins and GMOs. These are real issues and there are real health problems related to them. This article is so misguided and it exemplifies the fact that the food industries’ propaganda is still working in brainwashing us parents in believing that processed, man-made, food is good for our kids, when in fact they are poisoning all of us! I understand that there are so many parents out there who are struggling to make ends meet, but there are so many things we can do to feed our children truly healthy foods. We should definitely not be cheering them on to feed them processed, sugary foods that are full of toxins and chemicals. Do your research before you write your next article.

  308. I think the point she was trying to make (it don’t think it came across well) was we shouldn’t shame parents who do feed their kids the way you do. We should shame parents who decide to feed their kids something cheap and process because that maybe all they can afford. You don’t go into an impoverished neighborhood and shame those parents for giving their kids Ramen noodles. I live in a small town where people work to grow their own food. I give my kids majority fresh homemade food. However, I have days where I am totally fine with my kids having goldfish and cheese sticks.

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  310. Nutrition and pesticides are two different issues. Something can be as nutritious, but have more pesticides….

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  312. Fascinating. Advocating feeding your kids pesticides. Is this some sort of attempt at curbing overpopulation?

  313. Fascinating: organic production also uses pesticides. Hate to burst your bubble. The thing is, the rates of application for organic production is not tracked or regulated. However, through voluntary disclosure, organic farms use substantially MORE pesticides than conventional production.

  314. Organjzations like Autism Speaks warm pregnant women to avoid dirty dozen foods (when conventionally grown) and to thoroughly wash produce to try and reduce exposure to toxins. Toxic exposure (cumulative) increases autism risk (among other problems and diseases, like cancer). We definitely have proof that the pesticides used can cause serious harm – to both the consumer and the farmers. Washing produce does not even come close to getting rid of pesticides. This article is so far off base that I would avoid this blog entirely – the information is defibately not credible. I understand the need to tell mommas they’re doing great. I understand that many people think they can’t afford to eat organic. But, the fact is that we cannot afford to eat conventional food with the medical implications as they are. You say there’s ‘no evidebce’, but have you done an actual review of the literature (professional journal articles, academic search engines, primary source documents)? No… I didn’t think so. Quit misinforming the general population in order to feed your own agenda and feel better about yourself,

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  316. Shane on on for advocating the use of. Non-organic products. Do your research and ask God for wisdom. The artificial chemicals used in “convention” food and the Non-organic chemicals used in pesticides and other house hold products are very toxic and do cause cancer and pollute our bodies and this planet. There is scientific proof if u are wise to do accurate research from wise and honest scientists.

  317. All she is really trying to say is dont feel ashamed for what you feed your kids. If you feed your kids all organic then rock on. If you feed your kids all process then so be it. If you feed your kids a balanced diet then so be it. Whatever you do, dont let anyone make you feel guilty about it. We live in a society where parent shaming has become the new normal. Everyone has an opinion. But you know what they say about opinions.

  318. WOW! well said. i am very touched by this and proud that u are putting this out their so important. I never comment on anyones blogs etc..But this one really touched me thank you for sharing this. :)

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  320. Thank you, I was just shamed by my daycare provider for not giving my child organic milk. People need to let parents do their own parenting and mind their own business.

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