My best friends’ wedding

While the rest of the world was watching Will and Kate’s wedding, Aaron and I were helping set up for our best friends’ to tie the knot.

Our "school family"

The bride, Leann, and I first met when we were young 4-Hers showing livestock. When we got into FFA, our chapters went to FFA camp together and we eventually served as Camp Council teammates.

We met the groom, Trent, when we all joined Block and Bridle. Trent hates to do anything by himself so he was the one who always organized the group gatherings and hosted our annual New Year’s Eve party.

During college, Molly, Aaron, Trent, Leann and I were inseparable.

We tailgated, showed livestock, took roadtrips and sold hundreds of Block and Bridle pork chops.

Trent and Leann were the first ones there to celebrate with Aaron and I when we got engaged. Molly and I distracted Leann while Trent and Aaron shopped for her engagement ring.

During our four years of college, we became more than just friends. We became a family.

Trent and Leann tied the knot on April 30th. It was the first wedding in our “family.”

After weeks of relentless rain, the clouds parted for a couple of days so that Leann could get married on her family’s farm like she’d always dreamed.

We had wonderful weather, a beautiful bride and a groom who couldn’t stop smiling. It was perfect.

While waiting for the ceremony, Leann posed so I could snap some photos of my own. She's such a Southern belle in this one!



The entire wedding party. (Photo by Megan Beeler)


Their first dance as Mr. & Mrs. Martin


Aaron and I took our turns with the bride and groom during the Dollar Dance. (Photos by Audrey Harned)


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