My Sister the Pork Movie Star

On this blog, I often write about complex aspects of food and farming and interact with my predominately adult readers.

Renee with one of our piglets at a school assembly in March of 2011.

My sister Renee, on the other hand, has always preferred to teach children about our farm.

She’s brought our pigs to local schools and throughout high school provided the pigs for the local 3rd grade farm field trip.

Renee knows that its important that kids today learn the basics of where their food comes from.

I’m very proud of her for being a part of a the Kentucky Farms Feed Me virtual field trip series to help students across Kentucky learn just that!

The camera crew met up with Renee at one of her favorite places – a hog show!

A screenshot of Renee talking about caring for pigs at the North American International Livestock Expo.

In the video, you’ll hear her discuss what showing pigs is all about and some basics of caring for pigs.

The virtual field trip wraps up with a trip to Purnell’s “Old Folks” Sausage Company in Simpsonville, Ky. to see how it goes from pig to pork.

If you’re a teacher interested in using these videos and their coordinating lesson plans in your classroom, you can find more information on the Kentucky Farms Feed Me website. (Note: Not all of the content is up yet but according to the site it will all be ready to go by August 1, 2012).

From Pig to Pork from Kentucky Farms Feed Me on Vimeo.


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