Sometimes prayers are all we can offer

When hard times hit, farm families pull together and help each other.

Usually that means helping care for a friend’s farm, babysitting their kids or preparing meals for their family.

Sometimes it means praying because that’s all you can do to help.

On January 9, life dealt one of my dear friends was a tough hand.

My old pig showing friend, Hope, and her husband, Sam, were blessed with beautiful twin girls.

Hope and Sam's beautiful baby girl, Reagan.

Reagan Kyle was born at 12:36 a.m. She weighed 4 lb 8 oz and was 16.5 inches long. Her sister Reese Marie weighed 3 lbs, 14 oz and was 17 inches long.

Sadly, God was ready for Reese to be his angel sooner than we were.

Since Reagan was born premature she needed extra care for her lungs and was transferred to Kosair Children’s Hospital in Louisville.

So far, Reagan is continuing to improve but there’s still a long way to go before she’ll get to head home and meet her big brother, Ryder.

I can’t even fathom what Hope and Sam are going through but they’re staying strong and Reagan is continuing to get stronger.

Being farm folks, everyone is offering their help.

One of our show friends is now an OB-GYN nurse practitioner so she’s been offering her expertise and advice.

Several of our families have had infants at Kosairs before, Hope knows we’re only a phone call away.

I knew there wasn’t much I could do besides pray. That’s when I thought about you, my readers.

Hope’s been reading and commenting on my blog since it started. She’s been supporting me as I chase my dreams and now its time to return the favor.

Please keep Hope, Sam and baby Reagan in your prayers.

Feel free to comment and share your encouraging words, personal experiences and anything that can help them through this tough time.

Sometimes prayers are all we can offer but sometimes that’s more than enough.

UPDATE: January 28, 2011

Reagan is doing great!

The goal for newborns is to be at or above birthweight at 2 weeks.

Her birth weight was 4 lbs 8 oz and she was discharged from Kosairs on her two week birthday 4 lbs 11 oz. She is 17 3/4 inches long.

Reagan’s pediatrician said everything looks great!

Developmentally she is equivalent to a full term two week old baby.

Ryder loves her! He wants to give her kisses and tries to help.

Hopefully the only follow up at Kosairs we will have is her opthamology screen on February 14.

We appreciate all the prayers!

We still have a ways to go before she’s big and strong. Lucky for Reagan she has a guardian angel making her progress quickly…most preemies remain in Kosairs until their due date.

-Hope Ballman-Coffey

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Sometimes prayers are all we can offer — 8 Comments

  1. This is the sweetest thing I have read all day. We really are a family and I love all of you! All of the prayers we have received are working! Thank you so much for thinking of wriing about us. Every prayer helps, whether it’s from friends or strangers!

  2. Thanks so much celeste! Everyone keep the prayers going, we can tell that prayer in number is working. Reagan is getting stronger everyday!

  3. Wow, does this hit home. Just found out my daughter will have twins in July/Aug time frame. You all are in my prayers, Hope, Sam, Reagan and all their friends and family being there to support and help where needed. Prayer is a wonderful way for us all to help.

  4. Celeste, My family went through this with my little sister, tell Hope and Sam I’m praying hard for them! :)

  5. My sis in law had her twins early – they were suppose to be born around Mem Day but because of life threatening complications were born via emergency c-section on St. Patrick’s Day. They weighted in at 2lbs 1 oz and 2 lbs 4 oz. NICU for a month but came home and are now at the age of 6 driving mom and dad crazy as normal, active kids!

    Hugs for all!

  6. UPDATE: Reagan is doing great. She is still off oxygen and is now taking 21mL per feeding every 3hours. Keep the prayers coming, We can tell they are working.

  7. Celeste, thanks so much for updating your blog about Sam and Hope. As a dear show friend that is currently out of the country, I found out late, but am now up to date, and am praying for them.

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