The Farm Girl’s Wedding

Aaron and I are two weeks into what our best man called “a pig raising, bar-b-q making life together.”

We were married on May 28, in the big, Southern wedding of my dreams.

It was an amazing feeling to see our year of planning, crafting and hard work come together into a day we’ll never forget.

I still haven’t gotten photos back from my photographer but I am going to share some of the ones that my friends and bridesmaids have posted on facebook.

Thank you to all my readers, facebook friends and twitter followers for the well wishes and congratulations. Your kind words really meant a lot to me.


My wonderful photographer sent me a link to some “teaser” shots today and agreed to send me copies of my favorites so that I could share them with you!

Ever since seeing a photo like this on a wedding blog, I knew I wanted one just like it. My wonderful photographer made it more beautiful than I ever imagined. Photo by Promozzi

We have such an obsession with diet coke that our FFA friends have been known to say "drinking diet coke like a Harned." Of course we shot our own diet coke ad. Photo by Promozzi

I absolutely adore all the “teasers” my photographers sent and can’t wait to see all the proofs. They were a dream to work with and took so much stress out of my wedding day.

I would recommend them without reservation to any bride!

For more information on them, check out

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The Farm Girl’s Wedding — 4 Comments

  1. Thanks for posting some pics. It was a beautiful day and lots of memories made.

  2. So glad to be there to share in you and Aaron’s happiness. Love ya’ll both, it was a loverly wedding :)

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