The next big step…

Its been a long time since I’ve posted an adoption update on the blog.

If you follow me on IG, you’ve probably kept up with how things are going but taking the time to truly write out a whole blog post has been more than I really had the emotional capacity to do.

Since we “passed court” in February, we’ve been waiting on all of the kids’ documents to be translated into English so that we could file them with their i600 form from the US government. 

Receiving i600 approval means that the U.S. will classify the kids as our family members and allow us to bring them into the country.

This is our biggest step on the U.S. immigration side of things and the one we expect to take the longest.

Its no secret that immigration is a hot button issue these days so we have been eager (impatient… freaking out… whatever you want to call it) to get this filed as soon as possible!

On Tuesday, almost 4 months after passing court, we finally received our translations!

I borrowed a folding table from my in-laws and set it up in my office to sort through all the papers.

After some extremely thorough proofreading (thank you journalism degree!) and very late night of printing, sorting and paper clipping 100 pages of paperwork for each child- we were ready to file our i-600!

Today our forms arrived at the immigration office and will soon be assigned to an “officer.”

Please pray over our case and the officer that will be working it. Pray for wisdom, empathy, efficiency and timeliness.

Pray that the documents we submitted provide all the information that they need to approve us.

Pray for our hearts as we wait for news. We will not be provided with updates at all along the way and there is no definite timeline for how long it takes them to decide on a case.

Most importantly, please pray for the kids that they will continue to thrive in their foster home. We know they are eager to come home but we are so thankful they are healthy and happy with our foster family.

Thank you for all of your support and prayers, we are so blessed by y’all!

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