The truth about FFA and agriculture education

The truth about FFA and agriculture educationToday an article from the animal rights extremist group PETA has been making the rounds online, calling FFA “lame” and saying all sorts of horrible things about the National FFA Organization (formerly known as the Future Farmers of America).

(I won’t be linking to the PETA article because I’m not going to help them spread their propaganda and slander. If you’re dying to read it for yourself, head to your favorite search engine and I’m sure it won’t be hard to find). 

I have blogged about FFA several times. I’m very open about the fact that FFA changed my life in more positive ways than any other organization or extracurricular activity I participated in. Today, I’m honored to call the Kentucky FFA Association a client and to tell the story of the amazing students who make up their membership.

So today when I read the article from PETA, I was overwhelmed with pity for the author.

Somehow this young lady was so caught up in her own world of extremism that she missed out on all the amazing opportunities FFA and agriculture education provide for students.

Obviously, as someone who raises cattle and show pigs on my family farm, the author and I disagree on the issue of raising animals for human consumption. So we can just agree to disagree on that.

What about the thousands of other aspects of FFA?

Here’s the cold hard truth about FFA and agriculture education:

FFA and agriculture education focus on science-based, hands-on learning.

I have no doubt that some of the greatest teachers in the world are agriculture educators. In a world of standardized tests, they still find a way to make hands-on learning the cornerstone of their classrooms.

Agriculture education students learn about plant science in their school’s greenhouses. They build clay models of the complex digestive system of a cow in animal science class.

They learn how to weld and the science behind different types of welding machines. They learn how small engines work, while building and repairing them.

In FFA competitions, students can conduct science experiments and compete in the Agriscience Fair. During this competition, students are not only evaluated on the merit of their experiment but also on their ability to present their findings to the judges. Which brings me to my next point…

The truth about FFA and agriculture education service

FFA teaches public speaking and advocacy skills.

Ask any former agriculture student and I bet they can still remember the time they had to say the FFA Creed in front of their class. For many students, that was their first taste of public speaking. Their agriculture teacher was the first person who taught them how to stand up straight and present a speech, how to persuade a listener or how to present complex information in a way that the audience could understand.

Through FFA competitions (called Career Development Events) such as prepared public speaking, extemporaneous speaking and agriculture issues, members develop real world experience in public speaking/presentations that will benefit them no matter what career path they choose.

FFA prepares students to run a business.

The author of the PETA article makes reference to Supervised Agriculture Experience (SAE) Programs, often called “projects,” that FFA members must participate in. Basically, every member has to have some sort of project that they work on outside of class time to apply the skills they’re learning in the classroom.

My SAE was raising show pigs. My husband’s SAE was working at his family restaurant.

FFA members keep a record of their income and expenses pertaining to the project. They fill out record books detailing how their money was spent and any profits made. These record books even include short answer sections where members discuss what they learned in the project and how they can improve the next year.

When I was in FFA, I never expected that I would someday be self-employed. The experiences and tough lessons I learned on my small SAE project have proven invaluable today as a small business owner. Not a day goes by that I don’t draw on my FFA experience when running my business.

The truth about FFA and agriculture education sae

My husband and I participating in our FFA Supervised Agriculture Experience Programs.

For many FFA members, SAE’s are the foundation of a future career.

My cousin started his landscaping business when he was an FFA member over 10 years ago. Today his business has grown to one of the most well respected landscaping companies in our area. He is able to provide for his family and create jobs for several other people in our community, all through a business that first started as his SAE.

FFA members give back to their communities.

The last line of the FFA motto is “living to serve” so it should be no surprise that community service is an integral part of the FFA experience.

During my 4 years in FFA, I helped my chapter organize food drives, purchase Christmas gifts for needy children, pick up trash along the highway, raise money for a local non-profit that helps adults with special needs, restore rural cemeteries, participate in Relay for Life, raise awareness for local conservation efforts, support rebuilding efforts after Hurricane Katrina and provide a full day of farm tours and agriculture experiences for 3rd grade students.

That was just one chapter, in one rural community.

Every single one of the 7,757 FFA chapters across the country spends their year giving back to their community in numerous ways.

Through my work with the Kentucky FFA Association, I’ve even been able to cover chapters doing community service in communities far away from home during the annual Day of Service at the Kentucky FFA State Convention.

FFA members load up their buses and travel several hours to attend the state FFA convention but also bring their work boots along so that they can serve the Lexington community during their stay. Have you ever heard of any other group of high schoolers taking time out of their summer vacation to serve a community they don’t even live in?

The truth about FFA and agriculture education service

The author of the PETA article wants you to believe that FFA and agriculture education is only about raising livestock for meat.

That couldn’t be further from the truth.

A favorite saying among today’s agriculture teachers is “FFA isn’t cows, sows and plows anymore.”

Today’s agriculture classroom is about biotechnology, conservation and environmental issues, record keeping, public speaking and business principles.

Today’s FFA member spends just as many hours doing community service as they do practicing for any competition.

Today FFA and agriculture education are cultivating the next generation of agriculture leaders through a commitment to hands on learning, personal growth and living a life of service.

Sorry PETA, nothing about that seems “lame” to me.

DISCLAIMER: The opinions reflected in this post do not reflect the opinions of any of my Celeste Communications clients, past or present. Specifically, this post was not commissioned, compensated for or otherwise influenced in anyway by the Kentucky FFA Association or the National FFA Organization. All opinions expressed in this post are my own as a proud former FFA member.


About Celeste

Celeste grew up on a family beef cattle and show pig farm in Western Kentucky. In addition to farming and life as a restaurant wife, Celeste owns Celeste Communications where she works as a photographer, graphic designer, videographer and consultant. This blog is Celeste's personal soapbox. Any ranting or raving is her own and does not reflect the opinions of any of her clients. All photos and posts are copyrighted property of Celeste Communications.


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  1. The group PETA isn’t extremists, which is an overused cliche and always negative and always used by people and groups with opposite views. They are animal welfare, and very successful. Stop spreading lies to support your own narrow minded lifestyle

  2. That word is only used by people who don’t like the group or any group. It is only used to describe what you dont like. It is meaningless.

  3. Jackie, I feel sorry for you. But yes PETA is an extremist group. And no they do not promote animal welfare. They promote animal rights. There is a difference. PETA wants animals to not be owned or cared for by any person for any reason. PETA kills more animals every year than any other organization in the US. Also they fake their videos and articles for shock vaule. A true animal welfare advocate would be a farmer or a veterinarian. They care for animals, support animals in illness or injury. They speak out about good care of animals. That is welfare. Please I beg of you to open your eyes and find real reliable sources.

  4. Melissa, get a spine and stop spreading lies and regurgitating what other groups post. I have heard the exact same things over and over and over for years, and since I actually do follow what PETA does and all their great work, I know exactly what they do. I dont repost false statements and lies like you. I actually follow the group and know what they do.

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  6. I like my own brand of PETA – People Eating TASTY Animals —- Now let the outcry begin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. That is a juvenile comment and extremely old. Geez, at least come up with something from this century.

  8. Jackie, are you saying that turning animals loose to be hit on the highway and burning down buildings is not extremist? “Animals are better off dead than owned” is not extremist? No one should eat meat or have a pet or use animals for work or pleasure is not extremist? If that is indeed what you’re saying, you need to see a mental professional.

  9. Geez, same regurgitated stuff over and over, year after year. Where is your documented proof? I have heard the same stuff about HSUS, and yet when I ask for documented proof no one can provide it. I hear the same stuff about dog shows, and yet no one can provide proof that horrible things happen at dog shows, yet the same old wives tales and fables get passed down over and over. Provide the original documented proof of these things. Both HSUS and PETA have active Facebook pages and every thing they do is there for all to see. Wayne Pacelle has a daily blog for all to read. Nothing is hidden.

  10. Perhaps someone would invite Jackie to spend a week on a working cattle ranch or a dairy and see how important these animals are to their owners and how much painstaking care is given. Calving season would be great timing.

  11. Jackie,
    First of all, you are entitled to your opinion, as is everyone else who reads this article. Any person would agree animals should be treated ethically, and this is exactly what American farmers do. Yes, animals are bred for human consumption because nobody likes starvation, but this doesn’t mean they are ever mistreated. Secondly, the Facebook page and blog you suggest following are completely biased. They are run by Peta and its affiliates. They have complete control over their content, and may not be as transparent as you think. Finally, please state your opinion in a fair and respectful manor. Many people are offended by the article published by Peta because we have been involved in FFA and know the article contains nothing But lies to shame an entire organization and profession. Telling people to quit being “narrow minded” and to “grow a spine” when they defend something they believe in is simply immature and disrespectful.

  12. Where did you get any ideas that I am questioning what ranchers or farmers do? FYI. I already have a very full life with lot of responsibilities, like anyone else. Spending a week anywhere is not practical and not feasible, but that would take common sense to know that, which is why you might have made the suggestion.

  13. Just because they have Facebook pages and blog does not mean that they are honest. You say “show me the proof” well show me the proof what they seem to be is untrue. Multiple lawsuits have upheld the fact that PETA is an extremist group who murders over 90% of the animals it takes in and falsely claims things to get people to go along with their point of view.

  14. Seriously? You want proof that they are innocent of what you are accusing them of? That is a good one. Got any other bridges for sale?

    Show proof of any lawsuits.

  15. Jackie, I just assumed you were another entitlement nut job with nothing else to do but pick fights while being ignorant of the worlds food needs. I have spent time educating a few folks over the years who were also simply mis/uninformed.

  16. Jackie, I believe I can say this for FFA members and all friends of Agriculture.
    As our southern friends would say: Bless your heart!

  17. Is that your best? Surely, if you had a real argument, you could post it instead of the garbage you choose to post.

  18. In your own words, “everyone is entitled to their opinion,” just as you are to yours, as I am to mine.

  19. I am a proud adult who was shaped in many ways by my years in ffa my oldest son is a freshman and is in ffa he is learning so much more than just raising animals for slaughter, which by the way he already knew because we are big into being surviving and helping our family. He and his brother have chickens for eggs that they not only take care of our family but also try and get eggs to a family of six as often as they can so that they have protein in their diet he slay thought that I was different than most because I feed total strangers out of our garden but after learning the motto and creed this year he understands that ffa taught me more than most learn in a life time. I remember hearing in 1999 the head of peta state that he called a aunts life as much as his own children’s if you don’t think that is a extremist than do be it. I have felt with them on many occasions and when the facts are out there to be looked at they don’t want to take the time to see that they could be wrong. God bless your farmers, ranchers, and our young 4h and ffa members.

  20. Jackie. I will leave my comments there. I am not here to argue but believe me, believe all of us. We will fight when radicals PISS on us! I am the son of a third generation farmer and a farmer myself. My family has raised beef as have I off and on for years. I have 2 proud,active FFA members in my house and a third one in a couple years.

  21. J Phillips is a common TROLL on any animal-related article that puts PeTA (in particular) in a bad light—typical insults and condescending garbage language. Anyone who wants truth from the non-AR side of the argument can look at any of the articles (watch J Phillips attack this group also, as H$U$ does because HW backs up its articles with FACTS–if not, the H$U$ stable of attorneys, funded by donor dollars, would be suing their pants off). Also, LOTS of articles on several web pages at

  22. After I got up off the ground from laughing hysterically from the term “common troll,” as if the comparison is “uncommon troll,” I have this to say. The only time people use the words “troll” or “extremists” is when that person is saying something they don’t like. That is simple. A first grader can comprehend that.

    Second point: Do your research and homework or you will look like a fool. Look into who runs HumaneWatch. A multi-million dollar corporate lobbyist by the name of Rick Berman. He bashes and stalks a long list of great non-profit groups, and his only beef is that these great groups do things that get in the way of his corporate image and corporate profits. Frankly, if I were you, and if you are concerned about your image, I wouldn’t post or recommend anything this jerk says, or you look like you are covering and supporting corporations. But, then again, farmers and ranchers are known to be in bed with large corporations to save their profits at the expense of animal welfare. That is known far and wide.

  23. I do find it quite hilarious and hypocritical and narrow minded that the link to this so-called article couldn’t even be posted for full view. If this so-called slam even exists, which I doubt, then let everyone see it.

    I think it is just another attempt for certain people to have the pleasure of seeing their own words in print. If you have nothing to hide and if you are confident in how your animals are treated, then what are you hiding from?

  24. I just went to stock show this last Friday. I showed because I’m a high schooler an I’m in FFA. I show both a heifer and a goat. I’ve been showing since I was in 8th grade. I have always had compassion for my show animals, No matter how small brained they have been. They are not miss treated. PETA doesn’t understand that there is more than just vegans in the world. That there are Farmers and those farmers like meat. That the farmers have the most compassion for animals. And if it wasn’t for farmers they would wouldn’t have there delicious vegetables. So PETA needs to stop criticizing people who grow there food. Also yes there are people who don’t give a damn if animals die or not. Yes I’m against animal cruelty but not in the extremist ways.

  25. Maybe your post has an edit button. I think you should have done what is called “proofreading” before hitting the send button.

  26. I love this article. I am a high school student and I agree with the content of this article fully. I have been in an active member in FFA for 6 years and 9 years in 4-H so far and I love every minute of it. In my showing career I have shown market and non-market animals including sheep, dairy and beef cattle and I have raised hogs, chickens, rabbits and crops. I have learned so much through these years of experience and have created great bonds with the animals. I am old enough to realize that my animals feed others and I’m proud to raise them. I am a proud farmer!

  27. Proper grammar is definitely an adult matter to be taken seriously, a point that commonly is disagreed upon.

  28. Yeah because pointing out others mistakes is really mature and adult like. Maybe someone should reread her comments and get a mirror.

  29. Like choosing when and where the right time to comment is? I personally disagree with PETA’s practices and there is proof we are good people treating our animals well. The proof is in our lives. No matter what you won’t believe any article you read that supports the fact we are not abusers because you follow the group trying to prove we don’t. Don’t get me wrong there are bad apples that should be stopped but we aren’t all like that. Come see my farm. Come see my dairy cow Firefly, my rabbit Wizzy, my sheep Buttons and all the other animals I own that I promise you I love them more than anything and wouldn’t ever hurt them.

  30. PeTA has NOTHING to do with animal welfare. They actively kill pet animals and advocate for criminal activity in the abandonment of farm animals, as animal abandonment is illegal in many states. If you pay attention to what PeTA, it’s members, and its hangers on say, you realize that PeTA knows nothing about animal care or welfare.

  31. Hi all,
    If you take out all of Jackie ‘ post this thread is really not that bad of a read. Always have a come back don’t ya lol. Anyways for the rest of us not fighting and trying to have a real conversation. Let us get back to the point. Ms. Domac’s article. I’d like to add my two cents and begin with how dare she run the good name of Agricultural Education and FFA through the mud for her own ventures. In all of the “facts” she presented not one FFA member was involved in any crime. I this Ms.Celeste does a wonderful job summing up what we do in Ag Education. I say we because I am an Ag teacher and I feel it is my job to defend what we do because our mission is to simply educate students about the world they live in. PETA in all its misguided ways I’m sure has a few good solid programs but it is a large group. Large groups have spectrums and extremism does happen to be at one end of them. Happy scrolling all. Very interested to see what magical nothingness you will pull out to dazzle us with Ms. Phillips :)

  32. I am still waiting for the proof of what you and others are stating. Again, years and years of hearing the same accusations, no proof is ever given. This author isn’t even willing to post her own proof, yet she is willing to make accusations and lies.

  33. Jackie says she is very busy and does not have time to visit a farm or a ranch. That’s interesting since she does have time to take well over a day repeatedly expressing her opinion.

  34. I am a currant FFA member and the Treasurer of my chapter. I wish not to disclose my name or chapter, because I don’t want to be harassed by PETA members, as I have been harassed before on Facebook, because I had my profile picture a pic of me and my dad trapping. But

  35. I believe in the future of agriculture, with a faith born not of words but of deeds – achievements won by the present and past generations of agriculturists; in the promise of better days through better ways, even as the better things we now enjoy have come to us from the struggles of former years.

    I believe that to live and work on a good farm, or to be engaged in other agricultural pursuits, is pleasant as well as challenging; for I know the joys and discomforts of agricultural life and hold an inborn fondness for those associations which, even in hours of discouragement, I cannot deny.

    I believe in leadership from ourselves and respect from others. I believe in my own ability to work efficiently and think clearly, with such knowledge and skill as I can secure, and in the ability of progressive agriculturists to serve our own and the public interest in producing and marketing the product of our toil.

    I believe in less dependence on begging and more power in bargaining; in the life abundant and enough honest wealth to help make it so–for others as well as myself; in less need for charity and more of it when needed; in being happy myself and playing square with those whose happiness depends upon me.

    I believe that American agriculture can and will hold true to the best traditions of our national life and that I can exert an influence in my home and community which will stand solid for my part in that inspiring task.

    The creed was written by E.M. Tiffany and adopted at the Third National FFA Convention. It was revised at the 38th and 63rd Conventions.

    I know this by heart as this was the first speech I ever gave in public. FFA is so much more about raising animals. I have been to more events based on learning how to be a leader. Also I don’t understand PETA’s obsession with releasing animals in captivity, may I add illegally. I don’t know if they don’t understand the ecosystem or what. Let me give you a brief lesson Jackie. If you let animals go that are not from the area or where never meant to be in that ecosystem, If they don’t die then they will take over a whole ecosystem. It is just like when a bunch of PETA people went and let go a bunch of mink from a mink ranch into the wild. Guess what happened they took over a whole ecosystem which ended up destroying the population of several species in that area. Then the mink ended up dying anyways because there was no food or they branched off into several areas. Also I work on a Wisconsin Dairy Farm. I don’t know any one who loves there animals more than my boss. Heck they live better than he does. Before he even eats breakfast he makes sure that his cattle are all fed. And if one even gets sick he is right there trying to get the animal into better health. And for say that animal dies he is as upset as if he just lost a family member. All i’m trying to say is that I don’t know one FFA member who would want to hurt a animal or miss treat one. Also a question for you Jackie show me evidence that the FFA is miss treating animals, and please tell your PETA people not to call us FFA members Lame.
    And please tell Emily Rohr that she would make a great FFA reporter as long as she doesn’t lie.

  36. That person said a week or a day. FYI: responding to these posts takes a few seconds at a time and doesn’t require travel or any extra work. Is that easier for you? If you dont get it, let me know and I can take a few more seconds and restate it.

  37. Jackie. Your right, it’s obvious most of your comments did not take more then a few seconds of thought. You keep regurgitating the same line of thought over and over again.

  38. Nope. Wrong. A few seconds to post. Not a few seconds to think about. That is totally different. What I have posted is based on years and years and years of thought and experience and practice. Big difference. You ought to try it.

  39. FFA Member: Are you done or do you still have more ranting to do?

    You got a bunch of things wrong, but I highly doubt you really care. You seem more interested in seeing your own words in print. I don’t think you would be considered an authority on anything about anything animal welfare, so, please, don’t try. You look foolish.

  40. Jackie. You keep criticizing and asking others for proof and or documentation of their statements. Ok, that’s fair. Now look in the mirror. You say you have years and years of thought and experience that have predated your posts here. I have not seen one word of proof or documentation for any of your statements. Please document your years of thought,experience and comments here. Having said that I really do not doubt you have years of thought and experience as we all have. I’m just sorry your years have led you to some wrong conclusions (in my opinion)

  41. Nice try, Sherlock. I am not going to post all my websites and blogs and social media sites links here and then be accused of self-promotion. Are you waiting for someone to hold your hand? Do the homework and research yourself if you want to know bad enough.

  42. Jackie, Could you please list what I got wrong in my comment above. I am interested in keeping my FFA organization running proud and strong, as it has been for the last 88 years. FFA is one of the best youth organizations in the world, and I don’t want some narrow minded animal rights extremist to dirty the FFA record of being a magnificent youth organization which deals in teaching Premier Leadership, Personal Growth and Career Success. And yes Extremist is a word for PETA as it is defined in the Marriam Webster dictionary “belief in and support for ideas that are very far from what most people consider correct or reasonable”. And yes I am an authority on speaking about animal welfare as I work with animals everyday, and I’m also a proud FFA member. I still have seen no proof of me or the other 629,367 FFA members out there miss treating animals. And yes I am done RANTING for the time being.

  43. Perfect! That saves me time. Go back and read your last post. You just answered all of your own questions right there.

  44. I still have found nothing wrong with the post that you have criticized me on besides a few grammatical errors. And I’m sorry I didn’t relies that you are my English teacher. As my real English teacher supports the FFA. I have researched on google FFA members abusing animals, and nothing comes up besides Fair/Showing regulations that clearly state animal abuse is not permitted on any animals shown. Also a few stories came up about FFA members who have SAE’s to help and save abused animals. But knowing how you are you will still not be able to comprehend what FFA is about and post some stupid comment.

  45. Since Jackie has made many comments here to not say much of anything or document the little she has said, but states she is an expert, I googled her name to see if I could find any record of her expert status. So far all I have found is her comments regurgitating her comments here (she likes the word regurgitate). [LINK REMOVED BY WEBSITE OWNER] I think maybe she just cuts and pastes her comments from one blog to another.

  46. Ok folks, I think its time for this to simmer down. We can passionately disagree and debate ideas and opinions with facts, personal experiences and anecdotal evidence. We aren’t going to attack people.

    Tim – I removed the links you included in your last comment. Everyone is welcome to share their opinions and their own sources to back up their views but I’m not going to allow personal attacks on specific commenters.

    Jackie – In one of your comments you mentioned “This author isn’t even willing to post her own proof, yet she is willing to make accusations and lies.” Please let me know specifically what in this post is an “accusation and lie” so that I address your questions/concerns.

  47. Time magazine ran an article in November of 2015 about an incident that took place in Virginia in October 2014. A family is suing PETA for stealing their chihuahua from their front porch and then having the family pet euthanized later. This is a documented case in a reliable and respectable news source. PETA was fined for killing the dog. There is also video evidence of a PETA employee taking the dog from he family’s porch. I hope this satisfies as ‘proof’ of PETA killing pets.

  48. This thread has prompted me to do something I have thought about for sometime. I just filled out my FFA Lifetime membership form and will drop in the mail tomorrow.

  49. That is old news. The civil case was thrown out and there was no negligence found. The case was a mistake admitted by the shelter personel and the dog was mistaken for another identical dog also seen running loose in the area that the shelter personnel were called to the area by the property owner of the mobile home park.

  50. Nice try. I never used the word “expert” for anything anywhere. I used another word beginning with “e” which maybe you got confused about.

  51. Celeste, I would like to see a reference to the article that you are referencing in your article. I think that is only fair that if you accuse a group of such-and-such, that you post their official words and allow the official and real text to be shown.

  52. When a stray dog is collected, it can not be euthanized for a specific amount of time. PETA was fined $500 dollars for killing the dog before the allotted time was up. This is in fact negligence. Actually, it’s criminal and PETA was fined according to law. This is documented proof that PETA kills pets. Why would an animal welfare/rights group euthanize a stray pet before the allotted time was up? They should in fact keep the dog alive past the allotted time while fervently looking for its owners. You asked for proof, I have provided proof – documented proof.

  53. Again, old news. The shelter personnel admitted to picking up the wrong dog and euthanizing it by mistake and that is the fine by the state. They are animal control in the area and run a public shelter. Having worked in public shelters, that mistake can occur and does occur and has occurred and will occur again, especially with common dogs and no ID and high volume shelters. Not a unique case. They have made changes to orevent it from happening again. It was ine time case. Move on.

  54. This conversation has been educational. I researched a little deeper. The Huffington Post ran an article April 2, 2013. This article is in depth and lays out how PETA kills pets. The numbers are specific and astonishing. Only 1% of all pets taken to PETA are adopted the rest are killed. An animal shelter in Shelby County, who is not PETA affiliated has an adoption rate above 90%. PETA was investigated. Veterinarians examed the remains of dozens of pets and determined they were perfectly healthy when euthanized. PETA , by law, has to report its numbers to he Virgina Department of Ag. The kill rate at their shelters is staggering. All this is documented at the Virg Dept of Ag and reported to them by PETA themselves. Another news site, reports the entire story of PETA stealing this dog in Virgina. The site includes the entire story complete with pictures of a PETA van parked in the drive way of the house. Virgina state legislature passed three specific bills trying remove PETA’s power to euthanize animals. PETA fought this with high-dollar lobbyists. The bills still passed. The people of Virgina spoke. In California, PETA lost the ‘happy cow’ lawsuit’ . A judge specifically said PETA did not have credible evidence, a polite way to say ‘lying’. Once actually research is done, there is a plethora of information and documentation against PETA.

  55. This conversation has been educational. I researched a little deeper. The Huffington Post ran an article April 2, 2013. This article is in depth and lays out how PETA kills pets. The numbers are specific and astonishing. Only 1% of all pets taken to PETA are adopted the rest are killed. An animal shelter in Shelby County, who is not PETA affiliated has an adoption rate above 90%. PETA was investigated. Veterinarians examed the remains of dozens of pets and determined they were perfectly healthy when euthanized. PETA , by law, has to report its numbers to he Virgina Department of Ag. The kill rate at their shelters is staggering. All this is documented at the Virg Dept of Ag and reported to them by PETA themselves. Another news site, reports the entire story of PETA stealing this dog in Virgina. The site includes the entire story complete with pictures of a PETA van parked in the drive way of the house. Virgina state legislature passed three specific bills trying remove PETA’s power to euthanize animals. PETA fought this with high-dollar lobbyists. The bills still passed. The people of Virgina spoke.

  56. Why don’t you post the link so others can decide for themselves about what the article says or doesn’t say? Honestly, I wouldn’t expect people from this group to accurately post anything about PETA or any other animal welfare group.

  57. I ma a former FFA member and current alumni. I am not going to comment other than to say GOD BLESS ALL MY FFA BROTHERS AND SISTERS!!!! I also notice that since Steven posted his information, Jackie has disappeared. For now. I guess the proof was too much for him to bear.

  58. What? And I am female. Did you have a question? By the way, that was a great non-comment comment.

  59. I love the FFA and all it has done for me. Due to the numerous activities and opportunities presented to me through this amazing organization, I know that I will be able to help secure a future for myself! The networks and skills I have gained growing with the FFA are invaluable. I had no social skills before FFA and now I am able to win speech contests and present in front of large groups without fear! I love my SAE project very much! The production of market and breeding sheep has taught me so much about my animal: how to care for it when it is sick, the right amounts of feed, vitamins and exercise to keep it healthy, and my sheep are some of my best friends, I cry every year when I send a ewe back to the farm to be bred because I had such a strong bond with them. I am a leader within my chapter and community and I am proud to dedicate all of my successes to my chapter and my fellow members-my FFAmily. Bless this organization and all of its supporters. You have forever impacted my life and will continue to impact millions of others. While this may be my last year to wear my national blue jacket: well, as cheesy as it may sound: you may take the girl out of the corduroy, but you can’t take the corduroy out of the girl…

    This is an article detailing PETA’s adoption and kill numbers as reported by the Virgina Department of Agriculture. Included is PETA’s fiscal report for 2014. It shows that PETA took in over $50 million that year. By contrast 100’s of actual pet shelters across America rescue pets and have adoption rates over 90% on only $30,000. All of these operate independent of PETA. A prime example is the Lynchburg Humane Society in Virginia. They saved about the same number of animals on 1/20 of 1% of PETA’s budget. The proof is in the articles. Why isn’t PETA actually saving pets and what are they doing with their $51 million dollars?

  61. Winograd is never to be trusted with anything he writes or publishes. He has a long list of groups he regularly bashes only to make himself look better.

  62. That is old news and was cleared up a long time ago. Dont you have anything current?

  63. Gosh, that one was too easy. Let’s see. A website called “petakills animals.” I wonder how unbiased that one is. Probably not much. Look into who publishes those sites and why. There primary goal is only to bash and not tell any truths. Hardly investigative hard core unbiased journalism.

  64. Thanks Steven for all the good research. Looks to me Jackie keeps making excuses for PETA and has a severe case of denial.

  65. You are free to believe what you want, be it truth or lies. Your choice. Fill your head with garbage or a clear conscience. I already know that answer.

  66. You can join the lemmings jumping off the cliff or you can stand on the edge and watch the fools fall over the edge. I know where I am standing and I will be filming the entire event and laughing.

  67. In the animal welfare world, Winograd is considered a kook and he has zero credibility in what he preaches. He has no standing with any national groups since he regularly bashes everyone who disagrees with his narrow views.

  68. Jackie, you are defending your beliefs with the same remarks and comments over and over again. I am a current FFA member and I have been tough many lesson I would have otherwise never learned. We do NOT believe in hurting animals in any way shape or form. The FFA Motto is “Learning to Do” Doing to Learn” “Earning to Live” “Living to Serve”. This motto has played great importance on so many lives. The article of FFA is Lame AF is so wrong in so many ways. For starters every video clip is just fragments of the whole process. Number two is that many of the statements in the article are wrong, Example: In order to keep milk constantly flowing, cows are artificially inseminated over and over, often on devices called “rape racks.” There is nothing “courteous” or “fair” about forcibly impregnating someone and then dragging her baby away, This was a pice of the article, in the picture above the veterinarian is A I ing the cow, which is checking is she is pregnant and when the approximately the calf will be born so the farmer can be around in case the calf needs help being born In order to keep milk constantly flowing, cows are artificially inseminated over and over, often on devices called “rape racks.” There is nothing “courteous” or “fair” about forcibly impregnating someone and then dragging her baby away. This a statement made by PETA, but the real truth was they were A I ing the cow for due date on when the calf would be born so the farmer could be there if the were any problem with the delivery of the calf. Here is the link so you gus can read the article and decide for yourselves what it means.

  69. There is free speech and freedom of the press in this country by the first amendment. If this is what this person believes, that is their right to publish it. It doesn’t mean you or anyone else has to agree, but they can publish. I am not interested in seeing double standards anywhere, so people feel the right to bash and say all kinds of things, but when the tables are turned, suddenly everyone is calling foul. Too bad.

  70. Kitten almost dies after being force-fed vegan diet
    TUESDAY, JULY 23, 2013

    An animal hospital in Melbourne has reported a kitten force-fed a vegan diet was on the verge of death after its ideologically-driven owners bought the emaciated creature in wondering what might be wrong with it.

    Sydney’s Daily Telegraph reports that the kitten’s vegan owners had made the feline also turn vegan and after feeding it a continual diet of potatoes, rice milk and pasta, it became critically ill.

    “It was extremely weak and collapsed when it came in. It was almost non-responsive,” Dr Leanne Pinfold from the Lort Smith animal hospital said.

    The hospital was forced to make the kitten take fluids via a drip, place it on a heat pad and feed it meat. It remained in hospital for three days after which the kitten’s owners were given meat to feed their pet at home.

    Dr Pinfold said as obligate or true carnivores, cats needed meat to survive. She said people who wanted a pet that did not eat meat should consider other animals, such as rabbits.

    “Concern for animal welfare has to include a biologically-appropriate diet,” she said. “You can’t force your ideology on the cat.

    “Carnivores will seek out meat and your cat is possibly more likely to go hunting and kill local native fauna if you deprive it of meat.”

    Dr Pinfold said she had not come across a similar case in her 11 years as a veterinarian.

    Explain to me how PETA is not an extremist group? If you are force feeding a small kitten vegan meals.

  71. well the good thing about PETA followrs is that they are vgan and thy will die sooner than most people because of the lack of meat which humans have to have in order to live since we are omnivores and meat is the only food that has this nutrient that you ned to live

  72. Whoops! Wrong, my confused friend. Remember the difference between vegan and vegetarian.

  73. Look, I don’t want to get involved anymore than I need to about this subject. I’m the Chapter Sentinel in our FFA and have been active for 3 years now, but that’s just for everyone to know a little about me. The only question I have for Jackie Philips is this….Jackie, were you ever active in the FFA? When I say active, I mean participating in CDE’s and wearing a blue jacket, not just being in it so you can put it down on a college application. I don’t think anyone has asked this question, but I’ve just skimmed through the comments. Also, the article that PETA wrote talked about the Meat Evaluation CDE that I have participated in for the past three years now. Every year, we travel to a high school where they have prepared pre-sliced meat in individual wrapping for us to judge. After we judge them, we travel to the meat locker that prepared the meat we just judged to judge more meat. The LOCKER, not slaughterhouse (as PETA said), has cows hanging upside down, ready for judging…peta did get that part correct…but the cows have been de-hided and all that fun stuff like the ones in the movie, Rocky. That part, Peta’s article writer was wrong along with the other things she continued to say about that. Maybe other chapters do go to slaughter houses to judge, but the workers would never show kids my age that kind of “slaughter” that the article describes, but even if they do it that way…which they don’t, they would be shut down. I don’t really want to get into this anymore than I need to…like I said earlier…but before I get off my soapbox I’ll ask the question again: Jackie, were you active in the FFA, because if you weren’t, you don’t have proof (I read a lot about the proof factor in the comments) that the peta article is intirely true. I hope the supporters of the FFA who commented on this will back me up the same way they did Dennis, the first commenter against peta. Thanks again for supporting FFA!!!

  74. Your question is completely irrelevant and pointless.

    PS. I think you need a refresher course in writing proper English grammar.

  75. I agree with Jackie Philips 100%… that the FFA is a great organization and peta is lame AF..

  76. I Believe that the “peta” program is a stupid organization. FFA is a much better organization because at least we don’t do any cruel punishment to our animals.

  77. so Jackie were you in the FFA? And the names not Sherlock its Thomas Paine…And why do you believe every thing that you read or seen on the internet.

  78. I would like commend Celeste on her article. I apologize if I contributed to getting ‘off point’. This article by Celeste is professional and well written. It gives the reader a perspective from someone who has been in FFA and specifically outlines all of the advantages of participating in FFA. I was in FFA and was state officer as well. No other youth organization offers so much in the way of preparing people for adulthood. The vast range of opportunities in FFA are incredible. I would like to credit Celeste for being positive in her ‘riposte’ of the PETA article. That person felt the need to have a very unprofessional title that included short-hand for swearing. The agricultural community, as usual, remains united as well positive.

  79. I don’t usually respond to these kind of things, but I really feel I must this time. Jackie, I am sure that I am not quite as educated as you are, you have made that very clear to me. I also don’t portray myself to have all the facts; however, I am a little confused. You seem to keep putting people down for their comments and requesting people to post proof of what they are saying, but I have not seen the comments with your proof in them. I see where you say to visit the PETA website to get all the facts. But I think that may be just a little bit biased toward the PETA people. Maybe you could offer a little bit more proof that PETA is correct from an unbiased website. And another tip might be that if you would like for people to listen to what you have to say, maybe you should speak respectful and not talk down to people and insult them. I understand you disagree with everyone here, but you can disagree and be respectful. When someone else asked you for proof, you told them you were not going to hold their hand, they needed to go and do their own research. I understand that you have done some research yourself; however, if you have, then you need to stop telling people to prove themselves if you are not willing to prove yourself. I do not feel the need to prove myself. You have done your research, and I have done mine. Apparently your research involved second hand knowledge from what others have done. My research is first hand. I have lived the life that we are talking about. Our animals have never been mistreated. When they are sick, we take care of them. We have had calves born where their mothers died. We brought them into our basement and put them up in the warmth and nursed them until they were well. Most all farmers are good people trying to provide food for their country, and their world. I am very sorry you think we are horrible people because we like meat. We disagree on this. I am not calling you names, nor am I putting you down for your beliefs. I personally would rather worry about children being abused, the trafficking of girls and boys for unspeakable things, and a number of other more important issues than whether we should be eating meat. I am sure that my grammar is not up to your standards, but it is not bad. I am sure that you will pick my comments to pieces, that is your right. I am not repeating anything that has been taught to me to be said in circumstances like this. I am simply commenting on the facts that I know. The research I have done, is first hand. I want to thank the FFA organization for all of its benefits. They do not teach about killing, or abusing animals. They teach about the raising, the welfare, and the business of agriculture. They do not only teach about meat production, but they do teach about grain, fruit, and vegetable production as well. You are literally bashing the organization that helps to promote the agriculture that young farmers need to know in producing your food as well as mine. And yes, the FFA also teaches respect. Thank you for your time.

  80. I never thought that someone could be so well educated and still be a complete idiot, thanks Jackie for making me lose all faith in humanity! I’m gonna go drink bleach now!

  81. Take responsibility for your own actions and your own feelings. Don’t blame me for your inadequacies and ignorant thoughts. Grow up and join the adult world.

  82. Now there is a unbiased voice of reason.
    Interesting how they found their way here.
    Anyone who hides behind an alias is afraid of showing their face. Their opinion is meaningless until they show their real face.

  83. Pingback: A thank you to my FFA friends - Celeste Harned

  84. I find Jackie amusing. Let her have her fun. It is abundantly clear she is one of the 3 million supporters PETA claims to have world wide. So if I do the math she represents the beliefs of .04% of the population. Defend them until your little heart is content.

    This article talks about what the FFA has done for many of us. I certainly credit it for big portion of my success. So Jackie let’s look at it from a stand point of what your organization has done to make you successful vs what the FFA has done for many of us. I will start. Others please feel free to add your own.

    I am a high school graduate. I did not have the desire to attend college. However, the skills I learned and developed in the FFA through public speaking, leadership conferences and team building exercise has propelled me into many wonderful areas of service and career. I am currently a senior buyer for a large automobile manufacturer responsible for $500,000,000 in purchases a year negotiating with Presidents of The largest companies in the world. I have served my community as a Mayor of a small town for 8 years, 8 years as a councilman and served 6 years on a local board of education. I have been President of 4 local nonprofit organization in our community as well as donating thousands of hours of time to youth organizations like the FFA And 4h. This is what the FFA has done for me and why we will defend it from all those who threaten it.

    So tell us what has PETA done for your life other than soliciting money?

  85. You are wrong to call PETA my organization, so don’t even try that nonsense. There is no need for attempts at personal attacks and directing any criticism towards me. You don’t need to attack me if you disagree with what PETA says. It isn’t my organization and there is no need to alter the conversation to that direction. If you have disagreements with what PETA is saying then state your comments in that manner and not towards me directly.

  86. It was a simple question what has PETA done to enhance your life or help you be successful?

    Many of us have described what the FFA has done for our lives. I would hope that if this organization has done something to enhance your life in order for you to hold them in such high regard. If You could share those experiences so that we might think of them as something more than an extremist group as stated earlier representing the views of a small minority group. PETA made the mistake of attacking our organization. An organization we all cherish and hold in very high standing. So please demonstrate to us the worth of PETA and why anyone should consider it as valuable to our lives as the FFA

  87. PA-leez, dude. Get serious now. You know you don’t really want to know those things, even if they did exists. You only want an argument and to attack me. You have zero regard for what I think or anyone else with an opposing view.

    If you want to learn anything there are plenty of places to do that. This ain’t that place. I will not tolerate any personal attacks and I don’t play your games.

  88. Jackie As I expected deflection and no substance. Seems that MC and Tim were correct. In my many years of negotiations and debating that is the first red flag. In all of your posts you have said nothing of value or provided support for your position. Yet you have degraded everyone that has opposed your view and provided examples of how the FFA is an organization dedicated to developing the next generations leaders. Celeste great article. Keep up the good work. Jackie I am sure there are other sites you can troll and actually stand a chance. In the words of Paul Harvey “Good Day”

  89. Is that all you have to offer is a weak attempt at a personal attack? Don’t you have a crowd to bore to death somewhere?
    Your comments are all wrong and full of disillusion. Don’t quit your day job and become a psychic.
    Again, if you truly want to learn, as you state you desire, there are plenty of places to do that. Do your homework and stop trying to change the subject.

  90. I guess it’s better than swindling money out of people for say a find your pet detective service in California.

  91. I am a sophmore (almost junior, yay summer!) in highschool, and am enrolled in my school’s FFA program. I have californian rabbits and I have learned so much. My goal when joining FFA was to learn how to humanely raise rabbita for human consumption, and I think I have a pretty good idea of how to do that now. While there are certainly improvements that my school can make in the way it runs things, the organization as a whole is quite amazing. I specifically joined FFA to see what actual participants in agriculture had to say about modern farming practices, because animal welfare is something I have always been concerned about. I still have a few issues with the way things are done, but overall, it is not as bad as it’s made out to be. A lot of the stuff propogated by animal rights groups are rare cases or simply out of date information. I watched several videos by Dr. Temple Grandlin on my own time, outlining the slaughter process for various animals and it is nothing like many animal rights activists say it is. Those animals did not feel a thing, didn’t even see it coming, and were treated with respect throughout the entire process. I want to have a small farm to support myswlf in the future, and FFA is helping me get there! PETA doesn’t know what they’re talking about. Have a nice day everyone! :D

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  94. It’s been several months since Miss. Jackie last commented and I must say, it’s been an amusing and informative read. I just finished out my greenhand year in the FFA and a haven’t had to face much criticism from anti-agriculturists. In fact, the only vegan I know actually raises chickens for FFA. Go figure. Reading this article and the comments have invigorated my love for this organization and for advocating for agriculture and I’m excited for the next 3 years of FFA I have. I applaud the author of the article, and everyone who tried to advocate to Jackie in the comments. Ya’ll taught this 15 year old a couple new facts. Thanks and God bless you all!

  95. Love this blog it has given me ideas to write on for my research paper! I was in 4-H an been in FFA since my 8th grade year. I am an officer of my FFA an have done CDE’s and LDE’s since my freshman year. I love being apart of this organization a nd if anyone wants to know what we are about I would so refer them to this blog!!

  96. Thank you, Jackie. For inspiring me to find the truth and evidence of it. Also, thank you for showing me what not to do when it comes to hypocrisy, respect, how to present an argument, making assumptions, and stereotyping.
    I will proudly continue to Learn to Do, Do to Learn, Earn to Live and Live to Serve!

  97. FFA is shit but so is PETA. ffa as a whole not so bad but my ag/ffa teacher has ruined it for me so i don’t hat ffa, ffa groups or even chapters i hate our chapter and our teacher. don’t get me wrong shes a great person as long as we are not in school but if i am everybody starts getting their thongs in a wod. If you don’t participate in ffa activities, trips, competions or love ffa you can bet the history, future of not only you but the rest of humanity.

  98. I think you need took up the meaning of those words since you seem to fall a little short of their proper uses. But, go ahead. Make a fool of yourself in public. It just makes the rest of us look better.

  99. Let’s see if you’re still saying that when its members are feeding you, your family, and the growing world in the future.

  100. Also, whatever happened to those vaunted shields that in the television show always protected the ship from harm? In this movie the shields are about as effective as paper-mache as the Enterprise is strafed, bombed, rocketed, smashed, tossed, toppled, and shaken like a baby’s toy. facebook

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