This Farm Girl has a lot to be thankful for

Every November we gather with our families, cook extravagant meals and reflect on all we have to be thankful for in life.

There’s something special about a holiday devoted to appreciating the unappreciated.

To me, the most under appreciated people in the world are parents and farmers. I was blessed with two remarkable role models who embraced the challenges of both.

I’m so thankful to have been born to parents who farmed.

My Dad and I heading out to do farm chores, 1991.

I know my parents could have spent their hard earned money on other material things but instead they embraced the challenges of investing in the farm because they knew that was an investment in their kids.

How so? Because all the work on our farm is done as a family.

When we were younger, it would have been much faster for my mom and dad to feed the cows by themselves but instead they always found a way to include us.

My siblings and I became Daddy’s “go-fers,” stacking empty feed buckets, carrying his fencing pliers, counting the cows to make sure they all came up.

Mom would pack a lunch and we’d all have a picnic in the back of the old brown farm truck, take a short break to throw rocks in the pond and then head back to work.

As a child, I often complained about farm chores and all the early mornings and long days spent caring for our cattle.

Now, I realize that my parents were teaching me hard work, responsibility and to be a part of something bigger than myself.

I can’t think of a more noble task than feeding the world.

I’m so thankful for my parents and the thousands of other farm families who are dedicated to passing that tradition onto their children.

This Thanksgiving, I challenge you to say thank you to the under appreciated folks in your life.

Don’t stop with your parents, thank the farmers and everyone behind your food on Thanksgiving and every other day of the year.

The #AgChat Foundation has set up a “Food Thanks” initiative to use social media to thank the people who produce the safe and wholesome food products we take for granted.

Share your thankfulness on your facebook, twitter or with a kind word to a local farmer.

Each American farmer will feed 155 people this year. Now that’s something to be thankful for!

About Celeste

Celeste grew up on a family beef cattle and show pig farm in Western Kentucky. In addition to farming and life as a restaurant wife, Celeste owns Celeste Communications where she works as a photographer, graphic designer, videographer and consultant. This blog is Celeste's personal soapbox. Any ranting or raving is her own and does not reflect the opinions of any of her clients. All photos and posts are copyrighted property of Celeste Communications.


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  2. So much to be thankful for as a farm kid! I agree Celeste. Thanks for sharing. I am thankful to have connected with you and many others around the world via social media. And to have met you in person. The future is bright in agriculture because of the next generation leaders like yourself. Happy Thanksgiving!

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