Till Sundown: The story behind my AgChat photo contest entry

When I was in college at WKU, my friends and I were active in the animal science club Block and Bridle.

The star of my photo contest entry, Wes Korthaus. (Photo courtesy of Sara Funk)

Block and Bridle’s biggest event of the year was the Little North American livestock show.

Basically, members were assigned animals from the university farm that had never been shown before.

We had about a month to get the animals used to us and prepare them for the show ring.

Many of our members had never shown before, so experienced showmen helped them out and taught them what to do.

At the cattle barn, my friend Wes was always there to help a new showman.

During the summer, Wes’ world revolves around his shorthorn show cattle.

He probably spends more time with his cattle than his own family!

So when we started working with the Little North American cattle each Spring, Wes was usually the first one to the barn and the last one to leave.

One evening, I happened to have my camera with me when I went to the beef barn.

Wes had just turned some of the heifers out to their pasture for the night and was sitting on the fence watching them head out into the field.

As a farmer, I knew that feeling all to well. After a long day of work, sometimes you just have to sit back and take it all in.

As a photographer, I was moved by the beautiful light of the setting sun.

So I snuck up behind Wes and snapped away until I captured this shot:

I called the photo “Till Sundown” because it depicts something all farmers have experienced, when the setting sun finally convinces them that the work day is over.

When the AgChat Foundation announced they were having a photo contest, I searched through hundreds of my farm photos to select my entry but I kept coming back to this one.

Maybe I just love the lighting.

Maybe I’m a sucker for that classic cowboy-like sillouette.

Or maybe its the fact that this photo captures a moment that takes place on farms across the country but few people ever see.

The winner of the AgChat Foundation photo contest wins a free trip to their annual conference. You can vote for my entry once each day by clicking here. Thanks!


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