Tracking the West Kentucky flooding via social media

My thoughts and prayers are with everyone in West Kentucky, Southern Illinois and Southeast Missouri.

Flooding photo courtesy of WPSD-TV

The rain just won’t stop.

The rivers are getting higher and each storm brings with it devastating tornadoes and hail.

There’s already been failed levees. Paducah is bracing for the flood walls to fail and the Governor fears the dams won’t be able to withstand the added water.

Many of us college students feel helpless knowing that our families at home are dealing with this impending natural disaster and there’s nothing we can do to help.

Thanks to social media, even if we can’t watch our local news we can still keep track of what’s going on.

Here’s where I’ve been getting my news:

WPSD-TV on Facebook

WPSD has a rather unique social media strategy. They have half a dozen pages just for their station and one for nearly every anchor. Its a lot to sort through but I’ve found that the best pages to go to are the main page (WPSD-TV) and the weather page (WPSD Local 6 The Weather Authority).

Both of these pages are being updated constantly with every tornado watch and warning.

A lot of people are using these pages to post personal experiences and ask for help in areas that need it most. I’ve been able to stay well informed by following this message board-like dialogue.

#NWSPAH on Twitter

If you’re on twitter, the hashtag #NWSPAH is a huge help. NWSPAH stands for “National Weather Service of Paducah.” WPSD, local radio stations and storm trackers are all tweeting links and photos of current conditions.

West Kentucky Star

Facebook and twitter are great for breaking news bites but when I wanted more I’ve been really happy with what I’ve found on West Kentucky Star.

This site is affiliated with many of the local radio stations so it covers the area well. There’s a news drop down menu that lets you choose a specific region so you can get news just about West Kentucky or Southern Illinois.

As the situation continues, I’ll try to keep this post updated with any news sources that rise to the occasion.

Feel free to leave your suggestions for how you’re keeping up to date in the comments below.

Most importantly, keep the folks on my end of the state in your prayers.

Pray that the rain stops. Pray that the flood walls, levees and dams hold.

Most importantly, pray that no matter what happens, our communities will pull together and help each other through these tough times.

Reader submitted flood resources:

West Kentucky Flood 2011 – This blog has some great photos of the flooding and communities coming together to help each other.


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