Unsinkable – Fundraiser for Louisiana Flood Victims

Over the past 5 days, my home state of Louisiana has been devastated by record breaking floods.pinterest image

(If you haven’t heard about this disaster, this article can fill you in on what has happened).

To be quite honest, its hard for me to put the devastation into words.

My dad’s hometown is underwater. My grandmother was evacuated from her home in a boat.

Three generations of my family are trying to figure out how to pick up the pieces.

Their friends and neighbors are all facing the exact same situation, multiple generations of families whose homes were all flooded in this disaster.

And I’m 12 hours away, heartbroken and helpless as the waters recede and they begin to see just how much damage the flood has done.

It feels like there is nothing I can do.

I can’t rip the drywall out of my grandmother’s house. I can’t replace my aunt’s carpet.

I can’t help my cousins blow dry family photographs and try to sort through the years of memories that the flood tried to wash away.

I can’t even give my Mawmaw a hug and tell her how proud I am of her for staying so strong through all of this.

But I can create. I can pour my heart and my tears and my worries into my art.

All weekend my husband and I have prayed over how we can use these talents and this blog that God has given me to help the flood victims.

This is where He led us.

I’ve designed a t-shirt that you can order through Booster. 100% of the proceeds will be donated to flood victims.

The shirts will be available in two colors and can be purchased until August 31, 2016. After the campaign ends, Booster will print and ship the shirts directly to you.

The Booster campaign also gives you the option to make a donation in addition to your shirt purchase. So if you want to donate $100 but you only want one shirt, you can add the rest as a donation.

You can purchase t-shirts here: www.booster.com/unsinkable

unsinkable shirts for Louisiana flood victims

If t-shirts aren’t really your thing or you’re on a budget, I’ve also added the same design as an 8×10 inch printable to the Celeste Comm Etsy Shop.

Our instant download printables are only $5 and 100% of those proceeds will be donated as well.

You can purchase the printable here: http://etsy.me/2bay6hR

unsinkable printables for Louisiana flood victims

Please understand, this is NOT about exposure for my business or my blog. I’m even going to donate any ad revenue this post generates. I’m not going to pocket a dime from this.

This is about using the avenues that God has helped us to establish to do His work and help others.

Most of all, we ask that you pray for everyone in Louisiana who has been devastated by this record setting flood.

They have a very, very long road ahead of them.

Photos by Tyler Bicknell Photography.

Photos by Tyler Bicknell Photography.

(A very big thank you to Tyler Bicknell Photography in Lafayette, LA for graciously providing photos of the flooding). 

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Unsinkable – Fundraiser for Louisiana Flood Victims — 2 Comments

  1. Love the designs and how you’re helping out those in need. It is crazy to think they’ve received as much rain in a couple weeks as I have at my home since the beginning of the year. Prayers for strength, trust and peace to your family and all involved with the flooding.

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