What’s your farm doing for Earth Day?

On April 22, people around the world will take time out of their day to think about environmental stewardship.

For American farmers, however, everyday is Earth Day.

Share your story as a farmer and everyday environmentalist like Ky Beef Council's Molly Beeler did with a radio message.

Farmers know that a healthy earth will yield healthy food.

They work tirelessly to ensure that their animals and crops are not hurting the environment, but are an asset to it.

In fact, according to the Environmental Protection Agency, the entire U.S. agricultural sector accounts for only 6.4% of total U.S. greenhouse gas emissions.

As an agriculture community, we work together to care for the earth 365 days a year.

The question is: do consumers know this?

When was the last time you told your friends about your farm’s environmentally friendly practices? Have you ever referred to yourself as a “environmental steward”?

Never? Then Earth Day as a perfect opportunity for you to begin.

Many commodity groups, facebook and twitter friends have supplied ideas for how to begin telling your story as an everyday environmentalist. Here’s some of my favorites:

  • Change your email signature so that under your name it reads “Beef Producer and Everyday Environmentalist.”
  • Take out an Earth Day advertisement in your local paper on behalf of your farm.
  • Dedicate your facebook or twitter statuses to sharing what your farm does to care for the earth.
  • Invite your environmentally conscious friends to tour your farm and learn about your stewardship practices.
  • Volunteer to visit a local school and give a presentation about Earth Day.
  • Celebrate the bounty of environmentally safe food farmers produce by having an Earth Day cookout and inviting your non-farm friends
  • Get your kids in on the celebration by taking them and a camera along to do farm chores. Share the photos on facebook in an album titled “Earth Day on our farm.” (The cute kid factor always helps!)

With only a week left before the Earth Day, now’s the time to start planning your celebrations. What is your farm doing for Earth Day?

About Celeste

Celeste grew up on a family beef cattle and show pig farm in Western Kentucky. In addition to farming and life as a restaurant wife, Celeste owns Celeste Communications where she works as a photographer, graphic designer, videographer and consultant. This blog is Celeste's personal soapbox. Any ranting or raving is her own and does not reflect the opinions of any of her clients. All photos and posts are copyrighted property of Celeste Communications.


What’s your farm doing for Earth Day? — 1 Comment

  1. Thanks for the great post Celeste.

    Farmers tend to be humble people so talking to neighbours and urban friends about our environmental efforts isn’t an idea that often crosses our minds. But you’re right, Earth Day is a great time to start!

    A Canadian Earth Day group includes “eat less meat” on their list of things to do to help the environment… If there aren’t farmers speaking up about our environmental stewardship, this could happen!

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